As a service subsidiary of Best Buy, Geek Squad provides repairs and support to its customers over the Internet, on-site, or within its store. Geek Squad provides its quality services for a range of consumer products based on a one-time charge or a monthly or yearly subscription via its various Geek Squad Protection Plans. The Geek Squad Yearly Plan, branded as the Total Tech Support program, includes unlimited tech support from the Geek Squad team at exclusive membership prices. The program runs on an annual subscription of $199.99 and a further discounted rate for customers who have their retailer’s credit cards to offer.

This Best Buy program is tailored to the product of tech. Customers who avail of the membership plan get tech support, round-the-clock concierge service, exclusive member prices on merchandise, as well as free installation of many products and appliances. Further, they also get 2-year warranties on many purchases, which include Apple products like iPhones on this Geek Squad Yearly Plan.

Total Tech Support Yearly Plan Benefits

geek squad yearly plan

Placed at a $199.99 yearly membership, Total Tech Support is a subscription-based service dedicated to supporting all things of tech in your home, no matter when or where you buy them. It offers instant, unmatched, and reliable tech support services from certified technicians for most of the technical devices you have.

Besides availing of the support services with the Geek Squad Yearly Plan, users can also get assistance from specialists for most of the in-store and doorstep services. All in all, it allows reliable assistance for products such as desktops, printers appliances and other connected devices that you use at home or your workplace.

Total Tech Support Yearly Membership – Features

Total Tech Support membership is dedicated to supporting all the appliances and tech with you. Get help over the phone, in-store as well as online 24/7.

Total Tech Support includes various computer and car services at no extra cost. It provides you perfect savings on standard in-home repairs, services, and on most AppleCare programs as well as Geek Squad Protection plans on this Geek Squad Yearly Plan.

The plan includes safeguarding you against ransomware, viruses, malware, and cyberattacks. This incorporated application is good for up to 10 devices at your home.

  • Support for all your devices

The core of the Total Tech Support plan provides you unlimited assistance for all your tech and appliances. This is despite where or when you might have purchased them. Help is ready in-store, over the phone, and 24/7 online.

  • We have the answers

New tech devices may pose a puzzle regarding their best utility? Total tech specialists are here to answer your questions and assist you to use all your devices. We can help with home theatre, computers, connected cars, smart homes, appliances, and much more on Geek Squad Yearly Plan.

  • Computer Services

They charge no extra cost for many popular computer services that include data transfer & backup, PC virus removal, and computer setup, whether these services are performed remotely or in-store.

  • Connected Car Services

Again, there is no extra cost for many installations within your car that includes backup camera install, remote start install, or in-dash stereo install.

  • $49.99 for In-Home Services

Geek Squad technicians will arrive at your doorstep for only $49.99 per service. Choose from standard installation and services like dishwasher install, home Wi-Fi setup, TV mounting, fitness install, smart doorbell install, and many others.

  • 20% Off Repairs Services

They take care of all the tricky stuff that includes wiring your security cameras, major appliance repairs, and mounting your TV near a fireplace on Geek Squad Yearly Plan.

  • 20% Off on Geek Squad Protection

You can save up to 20% when you need to add protection to your latest products that include accidental damage from handling coverage for many products and appliances.

  • Best Buy App and Membership Dashboard

With a membership dashboard, you will have a one-touch reach to a Geek Squad representative. Get quick access to your appointments, benefits, warranty plans, list of devices, and more for your Geek Squad Yearly Plan.

Geek Squad Technicians Can Be Contacted Through Various means

Online and phone

Have questions or need anything fixed as soon as possible? Total Tech technicians are available round-the-clock. Call +1-805-251-1594 or Chat with an Agent.

In case, you have a code from our agent, you can enter it to begin a remote repair or consultation session.


Visit your neighborhood Best Buy store with your product and speak with an agent in person to avail the benefits of the Geek Squad Yearly Plan.

Make a reservation

Create a new account with Best Buy or sign in to an existing one to make a reservation for accomplishing the work that you desire from a Geek Squad technician.

They can set up your products, diagnose any issues or help you use them. Call geek squad phone number 1-888-237-8289 for help.

Geek Squad Total Tech Support Yearly Plan Faqs

Is Total Tech Support a Protection Plan?   

Total Tech Support is not a Protection Plan or an extended warranty plan such as for AppleCare Products or the Geek Squad Protection plan. It does provide discounts on repairs. This Geek Squad Yearly Plan membership will not cover your devices for fail or break.

Why do we need a credit card to activate a Total Tech Support subscription?   

Total Tech Support membership renews by itself which necessitates the use of a credit card for your support benefits to remain uninterrupted. Auto-renewing features on your Total Tech Support membership can be canceled anytime. No charge is incurred on your credit card without first dispatching a reminder to your email address on record.

Does this membership cover multiple addresses?   

The Geek Squad Yearly Plan membership for $199.99 covers only one service address. However, you can purchase a tech support Second Residence Membership for $349.99 to cover up to 2 service addresses. The Second Residence Membership can only be bought in-store.

Are all remote support or in-store services included in the membership without extra cost?   

Not all but many geek squad remote support and in-store services are included in the subscription plan. Here is a glimpse of some of the many that are included within the services:

  • Advanced Services and Protection
  • Appliances
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Mobile Phones
  • Home Theatre
  • Tablets & Devices
  • Computer Support
  • Connected Home
  • Car Electronics

This is with 24/7 online support, in-store support as well as in-home support for the products.

Does $49.99 Geek Squad Yearly Plan cover more than one in-home service?   

No, you need to pay $49.99 for every standard in-home service that comes with your membership. This is despite multiple services that are performed during the same visit. Charges for any additional accessories, parts or permits are charged over the $49.99 for each standard in-home service.

Moreover, advanced repairs and services are set at a 20% discount with your Total Tech Support plan. This markdown applies to the labour cost with Geek Squad Yearly Plan.

Is there a way to purchase Total Tech Support as a gift?

Yes, the Total Tech plan can be subscribed to as a gift package. It is available at any Best Buy store, online, or by calling +1-805-251-1594.

With the Total Tech plan as a gift, you have 3 delivery options:


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