Knowhow is a dedicated team of professionals that are entitled to provide unbounded protection to your device. It helps to protect your device from wear and tear, accidental damage, water damage, and much more. It provides various support and protection plans, for which you can subscribe online at to avail of expert protection services for your device. You can demand these services for any product at your home or office. The experts will take care of the safety and privacy of your device and hence provide the best solutions.

Team Knowhow Protection plans apply to various appliances including,

  • Computing Devices
  • TVs
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Networking Devices
  • Home and Outdoor Devices
  • Smart Gadgets
  • Audio/Video Devices
  • Other Electronics and Electrical Products

Maintain and Protect Your Product with Professional Agents at

Knowhow agents help you to maintain the integrity of your product and protect it from all external and internal factors. The highly skilled team of professionals put forward the best suitable technologies to protect your device from damage, virus, theft, and other faults. It thereby increases the lifetime of your product. Team Knowhow does it all for you when you apply for the protection plans at

  1. Protection of device from Breakdown or any miss-happening
  2. Replacement of a device with a new one when the repair is not possible
  3. Protection for three years of warranty
  4. 24 hours support over call
  5. Free help and advice of an expert
  6. Protection of device from theft
  7. Protection against Phishing
  8. Protection from viruses and other malicious activities
  9. Protection from accidental damage and water damage

Following up with the latest standards and measures, Team Knowhow helps the customers to increase the life span of their device and use it like a pro. They provide clear instructions to the customers on how they will control and protect their device before handling it. The agent will also tell you the time boundaries it will take to repair your device and protect it. If it fails to provide you with the required services in that time slot, it will replace the product with the new one without any additional cost.


List of Team Knowhow Protection Plans

Team Knowhow covers all the devices in any one of its protection plans. You can choose the plan at, according to the device which you want to secure and protect. The skilled professionals work with the best suitable tools and technologies to maintain your product and provide optimum services. All the technicians work in an authorized way and maintain the security and integrity of your device. There is no unauthorized access to your personal information and data by any of the agents working on your device. It will handle all the sensitive information to you with full security. There are various Protection plans that you can apply for:

  1. Computing Care Plan
  2. Television Care Plan
  3. Tablet and Gadgets Care Plan
  4. Kitchen Appliance Care Plan

How to Add a Protection Plan to Your Team Knowhow Account

Team Knowhow works simply, and reliably. It focuses on customer-oriented services and provides flexible solutions to the customers. The customers can add the plans to their account depending upon their suitability. You can go online at to add the protection plan and enjoy fast and efficient protection services. You have to define the details of the product before subscribing to a plan. Also, it requires you to submit the documents associated with the device. Here is a step-by-step procedure to subscribe and add the protection plan.

  1. Open your system, computer, PC, or desktop.
  2. Connect it with a high-speed internet connection.
  3. Now, go online at the official Team Knowhow website at
  4. Go to the ‘My Plans’ section
  5. Locate and click on the ‘Add a Plan’ button.
  6. Now select the period for which you want the subscription to continue.
  7. Select the method for the Payment.
  8. Click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  9. Now, the screen will direct you to a new page showing all the details of your plan. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button after the confirmation of the terms and policies.
  10. Enter your card details to pay for your protection plan.
  11. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  12. Now, go back to the ‘My Plans’ section, and check for the existence of the currently added protection plan.
  13. Enjoy the protection services with the Team Knowhow professional approach.

After subscribing to the plan successfully, you can call the agent anytime you face any issue with your device. The professional agent will treat your device with high protocols and protect it from damage. It helps to maintain the integrity and reliability of the product. You can also cancel the plan anytime you are not satisfied with the services, and get your money back. There is a full refund of your plan if you cancel within forty-five days of subscription with no service.

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When Will My Product Be Listed online at

If you make any recent purchase of your protection plan and it is not visible in your online account at, try to wait for a minimum of twenty-four hours to reflect it in your account. You can also check by refreshing the system and checking the proper functioning of the internet connection. There are three main factors that you will be able to see your protection plan in your account list. These are:

  • If the product is in the manufacturer’s guarantee period of twelve months
  • It is currently supported by any of the protection plans
  • The subscription is not at the maturity period of the plan

You can also face this issue if your detail does not match. There can be a miss-match between the information you provided at the time of purchase with that at the time of registration. You can call the Team Knowhow agent and clear your information issue to continue with the listing of your plan at The assistance is present twenty-four hours for your service. It will help you and advise you on the proper procedure to follow and deal with the situation.  


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