Geek Squad Renewal Is Easy And Beneficial For Your Pocket

The Geek Squad Protection plans offer you a number of benefits that increase the warranty of the manufacturer. For either a one-time charge a purchase or a periodic monthly charge, the well-known Geek Squad Protection Plan covers suitable repairs and, under specific conditions, even replacement of computers, cell phones, dryers, washers, and other appliances.

The protection plan covers an extensive range of electronics, internet-abled devices, home appliances, and smart home gadgets. One of the main benefits of this plan is the easy Geek Squad Renewal procedure. Geek Squad Protection plans is the best way to protect your devices against repair cost and increase their lifespan.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing the plan or expand your current plan, knowledge of the Geek Squad Renewal procedure can help you out. Here, we’ve mentioned everything important, from the Protection plan’s basic information to frequently asked questions, to clear your confusion.

What is Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Headquartered at Richfield, Minnesota, Geek Squad offers quality services and support for a range of products including cellphones, camcorders, cameras, home theater, laptops, PCs, and all sorts of everyday appliances of home and office. With Geek Squad Protection Plan, you can get the best services at best prices including installation, repair, and renovate. As a vital addition to these services, the protection plan increases the warranty of manufactures’ products as well. However, you need to complete the Geek Squad Renewal procedure on time to continue the benefits.

Although Geek Squad offers a great service if consumers want to cancel the service at any time, for any reason, they can contact customer support to receive a pro-rated refund.

Geek Squad Protection and Manufacturer’s warranty

Geek Squad Protection Plan does not cover the parts and coverage available under the warranty of the manufacturer. You can directly file a claim with the product’s manufacturer. If the manufacturer replaces your products, the plan will continue to cover your replacement. But, it’s important for the consumer to contact the customer support first to provide the serial number and any other required details. It will help the team to identify the new device as the covered product.

In other situations, if you come first to Geek Squad or Best Buy for issues covered by the warranty of the manufacturer, we will try to help you depending on the current arrangement with the product’s manufacturer and type of product.

For instance- In some specific conditions, we are allowed by the manufacturer to do repair and even allow the return of the products.

In few cases, we are only allowed to repair or return the product, if you agree to cancel your current protection plan, in such a situation, all responsibilities mentioned in the plan will be considered fulfilled.

In other cases, the only way to resolve your issues is to contact the product’s manufacturer to make your claim during the warranty period.

In any situation, it’s important to complete the Geek Squad Renewal procedure on time to continue the benefits.

What is covered under the Geek Squad Protection Plan?

The coverage will vary depending on which Geek Squad Protection Plan and product you purchased and when you purchased it. If you purchased a protection plan, you will get coverage for these categories below:

  • Appliances
  • TV & Home Theater
  • Cell Phones
  • Wearable Technology
  • Computers & Tablets
  • Portable Audio
  • Video Games
  • Car Electronics
  • Smart Home
  • Car Electronics
  • Cameras & Camcorders
  • Drones
  • Loss and Theft Protection (available for cell phones)
  • Music Equipment

Furthermore, replacement coverage is also available for computer accessories, headphones, printers, wireless speakers, monitors, small appliances, smart home products, video game accessories, and more. For detailed information, you can read the terms and conditions or contact the customer service for assistance.

What is the duration of the Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Generally, Geek Squad protection plans provide one year or longer extensions terms protection on most covered products. Usually, Best buy sends you’re a notice of Geek Squad renewal by email or postal mail when your protection plan is about to expire. These protection plans are only available to purchase online, not at the store. Geek Squad change or edit their terms and condition after some times or dates, so it’s advised to check the latest ones as per the dates you purchased the protection plan.

Usually, most of the protection plan of the Geek Squad covers labor and parts of the purchased product. All protection plans are carefully designed to guarantee performance with additional benefits that go beyond the warranty of the manufacturer.

When your protection plans expiries, you can take the best help of customer service for Geek Squad Renewal.

Where Geek Squad offer its protection plans?

Geek Squad protection plan is available for all consumers living throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, and Puerto Rico. The protection plan covers the installation, repairing, and renovating services to bring your dead and faulty electronics back to life. The team of Geek Squad is highly-skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to delivering high-quality service and support for all types’ electronics no matter where you might have bought them. For instant help or Geek Squad Renewal, contact customer support.

Benefits of Geek Squad Renewal

The Geek Squad Protection Plans comes with lots of benefits; it acts as an additional layer of protection for your product purchase. So, extending the current plan can increase these benefits.

  • Expert Team- You can get the assistance of certified and trained professionals for your product free of cost under the plan.
  • Quality Services: All Geek Squad Renewal plans continue the same quality services that you receive with the original one.
  • 24×7 Availability: You can contact the team for assistance any hour of day or night for instant solutions, for any query, or schedule a home or store appointments.
  • Easy Claims- Geek Squad Renewal does not affect the original claim procedure. To file a claim, all you need to contact the customer support through online support, or over the phone call. You can also send your question or query through email.

FAQs Related to Geek Squad Renewal

Here, we’ve mentioned some of the most frequently asked question related to Protection Plan and Geek Squad Renewal:

Do I need to buy a product from Best Buy to qualify for Geek Squad Protection?

Yes, it’s important to purchase both the product and the certain Geek Squad Protection Plan from Best Buy. For Geek Squad Renewal of the same product you buy from Best Buy, contact the customer care.

Is it possible to purchase Geek Squad Protection after I have bought my product?

Yes, you can add the Geek Squad Protection within 45 days starting from your purchase day, including standard Protection Plans, Product Replacement Plans, and Plans includes Accidental Damage from Handling. Visit your Purchase history page to add the applicable Plan. To add a Product Replacement Plan or a Plan includes Accidental Damage from Handling or, you need to bring your product into a Best Buy store.

Please note- Mobile Devices Protection Plans must be purchased within 14 days. Its important to complete Geek Squad Renewal before expiring date.

When does the Geek Squad Protection plan coverage start?

The protection plan coverage starts on the date the plan is purchased or the date you get the product, whichever is later. If you want to extend the plan, it’s vital to do the Geek Squad renewal before the expiry day.

How to find my existing Geek Squad Protection Plans details?

You can find the existing Geek Squad Protection Plans or Geek Squad Renewal plan details easily on your Protection Plans, Subscriptions, and Memberships page.

How do I file a claim?

If your product begins to give your technical issues during the manufacturer’s warranty, follow these steps to file a claim:

For claims under the Geek Squad Protection plan, make an appointment via online support or over the phone. For larger electronics, including main appliances like refrigerator and TVs 42″ and larger, our team will come at the doorstep to provide service. But, in the case of smaller products, you will need to bring them into our local store.

In-home claims include large fitness equipment, large appliances, networking devices, TVs 42″ class, and larger and home theater systems. Schedule an in-home appointment.

In-store claims include digital imaging, small appliances, car electronics, computers, tablets, cell phones, gaming, portable audio, music equipment, wireless audio, headphones, TVs 41″ class and smaller, and wearable technology. Schedule an in-store appointment.

For stolen or lost cell phones, you can make a claim online.

Please note- If you’ve an active subscription plan, for Geek Squad Renewal contact the customer support.

How do I make a claim for a food spoilage claim for a freezer or refrigerator?

If your stand-alone freezer or refrigerator fails or undergoes a mechanical breakdown, then the amount of the spoiled food and medication will be covered under the protection plan. From cheese to milk to frozen foods and fresh produce, you can file a claim of worth is $300 per food and medication spoilage incident if your Plan was bought within 6 months from the event happened.

The holders of older plans are eligible to get a claim up to $200 per food spoilage incident (medication is not covered).

Note: The food and medication spoiled because of a power outage do not cover unless the outage causes a serviceable, technical breakdown that needs repair after power is restored.

How to identify my product eligible for product replacement?

If you bought a Product Replacement Plan, you are eligible for replacement, not repair. Under a standard protection plan, you may also replace your product, if you want. However, if you do not choose to repair your product or we’re unable to repair it or otherwise provide you with store credit. We will also replace your product or provide a store credit under a standard Geek Protection Plan if you’ve had several repair attempts regarding the same issue and it eligible for replacement under the benefit of Plan’s No Lemon.

If my device is replaced, will I get a refurbished or new product?

Any replaced device under the plan is either a refurbished or new product that will be like type and quality and of similar performance to your original products. Replacement products and prates that are refurbished will meet the specifications of the original product manufacturer. 

What is the procedure of Geek Squad Renewal?

For Geek Squad Renewal, you need to contact our customer support team. You can contact them through various methods include:

  • Toll-free helpline
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Fast and quick responsive Live Chat and Emails

How to change the billing details for my monthly Plan?

Whether you want to switch to a card for better rewards or your card has expired, you can easily change your billing information online or over the phone call. Please make sure that you have the new payment information ad Geek Squad Protection Plan number ready if you happen to have it.

Can someone else receive service under my Plan?

Any person that you sell or gift the covered product will get the service under the Protection Plan. However, we need to ask a few questions to verify that the person trying to get the service is in legal possession of the device and whether the device’s serial number matches our records.

How do I transfer my Geek Squad Protection plan to someone else?

If or the responsibility of the plan or/and ownership of the product has changed, we will update the information in our records to reflect the handover of responsibility or/ and ownership of the Plan/product. However, a Protection Plan cannot be moved from one device to another, except for circumstances in which you get a replacement product from the manufacturer.

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