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What is the Best Buy Geek Squad Extended Warranty?

The protection plan under Geek Squad acts as an extended warranty for the device. It is optional for the customer to purchase the warranty plan. But it is always better to purchase it as it adds value to the product and protects your device against any power surges, damages, and other failures. The customers can apply for the extended warranty within 30 days of the product purchase.  

What are Various Geek Squad Protection Plans for Extended Warranty?

There are a lot of Geek Squad Extended Warranty Plans from which the user can choose as per its choice and the demand of the device. These are as follows:

  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Wireless Device
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Major Appliances
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Televisions
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Laptops
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Desktop Computers
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Carry-In
  • Geek Squad Home Membership
  • Geek Squad Protection Replacement Plans 

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What Does Geek Squad Extended Warranty Covers?

There are a lot of services that the Geek Squad covers up in their warranty and protection plan. It covers various damages, wears and tear, and other failures of the product. The experts handle the product’s diagnosis and troubleshooting of various issues under the Best Buy Extended Warranty period. Check the list below for the warranty coverage services

Geek Squad Warranty IncludesGeek Squad Warranty Does Not Include
Repair of old or new partsCosmetic damages
Free replacement services in case of frequent repairsMisusing of Product
Rebuild using new partsWeather Damages
Accidental and Other DamagesAbuses
Wear and TearDamage due to Incorrect Use
 Loss or theft

How To Submit the Request For Any Service Under Geek Squad Extended Warranty?

There is a quick and simple process online to apply for any service under your plan. The customers can apply online for this process at the official website. The three steps process includes:

  1. Product details: firstly, arrange the details of the product for which you need to apply for the Geek Squad Extended Warranty. The expert technician will ask for the entire details of the product, including the model, functionality, and other essential details.
  • Problem with Product: Secondly, you need to mention the problem which the product is facing. You need to provide a detailed description of the problem for the executive to diagnose the problem perfectly and troubleshoot it.
  • Verification of Contact: Lastly, you need to verify and confirm your contact details and your information.

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Geek Squad Extended Warranty Customer Service Phone Number

To avail of the Geek Squad Warranty services, you can call the assistance and support team member at 1800 433 5778. The team members are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the services. Customers can call for subscribing to the protection plans, demanding any service for the product under warranty, cancellation of the plans, refunds, and other enquires relating to the warranty. Here are the complete details for the Geek Squad Phone number.

Geek Squad Extended Warranty Phone Number1800 433 5778
Call Pick By Real personYes
Call back AvailableYes
DepartmentGeek Squad Customer Service
Quality of Communication84%
Quality of Help82%
Alternative MethodsWeb, social media, In-store, Live Chat

Benefits of Geek Squad Protection Plan – Extended Warranty

There are various benefits that you can get by applying for the extended warranty of your device. All in all, you can increase the life span of your device and make it run like a new one. In addition, the customers can work with more functionality of the device and avail of its services under the budget. So, here are some of the benefits:

  • Coverage of any accidental damage to the product under the expert and skilled professionals.
  • Coverage of in-box accessories of the product such as charger, earbuds, mouse, cables, etc.
  • One-time replacement of the battery in case it is not charging.
  • Repairing of the screen in the case at least three of its pixels are not working or are bad.
  • Repair of the device from normal wear and tear.
  • Handling failures and errors of the device
  • Transferring the Geek Squad Plans.
  • 24X7 support services for any problem

Service Cost For Geek Squad Extended Warranty – How Much Does it Cost?

Geek Squad provides budget plans so that it is reachable to every customer. You can apply for the Geek Squad Extended Warranty for the products depending on 1 year and 2 year plan. Check the list below for the service fees:

Device Cost1 Year Plan2 Year PlanService Fees
$0 – $49.99$15.99$24.99$9.99
$50 – $99.99$19.99$39.99$19.99
$100 – $149.99$29.99$79.99$29.99
$150 – $199.99$39.99$79.99$39.99
$200 – $249.99$49.99$84.99$49.99
$250 – $299.99$59.99$89.99$69.99
$300 – $349.99$69.99$109.99$79.99
$350 – $399.99$79.99$119.99$89.99
$400 – $449.99$89.99$129.99$109.99
$450 – $499.99$99.99$149.99$119.99
$500 – $799.98NA$169.99$149.99
$799.99 – $1199.99NA$169.99$199.99
$1200 and UpNA$219.99$199.99

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How Do I Check My Geek Squad Warranty?

To check the Geek Squad Extended Warranty you can call the executive at the phone number 1 888 237 8289. The agent will help you and provide the details of the warranty plan which you are using. You can check the availability of the plan by calling the agent. Also, you can chat with the agent on a live chat box available on the official Geek Squad website. The customers can chat with the agent on the chatbox to get the details of the plan and check its warranty period.

Can We Cancel Best Buy Extended Warranty?

The customer can cancel the warranty anytime after the purchase. Any cancellations within thirty days may result in a full refund of the plan. After that, the refund varies depending on the device and the services you avail yourself of. 


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