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Geek Squad provides an outstanding extended warranty to all the devices and products to increase their functionality and life span. The customers can claim the Geek Squad Warranty and the Geek Squad executives will take care of that device properly. In addition, it will make your device run like a new one. It is the choice of the customer to purchase the warranty plan for any device and cover up its services for the long-lasting working of the device. The customer can make Geek Squad Warranty Claim anytime it may face a fault or failure in its functioning. It covers the maintenance, protection, and other aspects for the device to work properly.

Why Choose Best Buy Geek Squad Warranty?

The Warranty acts as a protection plan for your device that protects the device from various faults and failures in the future. During this period, you can get priority services for your product from the company’s expert technicians and assistants. It will help to resolve all the faults and failures that you may face while using the product. It covers any accidental damages, wear and tear, hardware faults, and software failures.

To subscribe to and activate Geek Squad Warranty and protection services, then you must purchase and apply for it within thirty days of the purchase of the device. After that, the product is unavailable for the Geek Squad Warranty Claim. Moreover, you can also transfer these plans with the product to the other party in case you wish to sell or gift the product.

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How to Apply For Geek Squad Warranty Claim?

To apply for the warranty of the device, the customers can call the Geek Squad agent on the official toll-free phone number, 1800 433 5778. The assistant team will be there for help 24X7. In addition, you can also claim it online by chatting with the agent on a live chat.

For Geek Squad Warranty Claim on calling the agent, dial its toll-free number 1-800-433-5778. You need to first follow a quick series of automated steps before talking to the agent. You can ask for any service or troubleshoot any issue you are facing with the device under the warranty period. Likewise, the customers can also approach the agent on the live chat and discuss any query on the chat. The technician will help you directly to get the solution instantly.

Geek Squad Warranty Phone Number1800 433 5778
Call Pick By Real personYes
Call back AvailableYes
DepartmentGeek Squad Customer Service
Quality of Communication84%
Quality of Help82%
Alternative MethodsWeb, social media, In-store, Live Chat

In addition, the customers can connect with the Geek Squad team members on various social media sites for the help and services of the product under the Geek Squad Warranty. You can post the query on the wall or text the executive personally for any service or help regarding your claims and warranty. Also, the customers can directly visit the store near their place to apply for the Geek Squad Warranty and activate their protection plans.

How to Return and Replace the Product Under Geek Squad Warranty Claim?

In case of any claim that ends up with the product’s return and replacement, follow the steps below:

  1. In-Store Return and Replacement

The customers can directly reach the Geek Squad Store nearby their place. After that, you need to meet the executive for any assistance regarding your claim. You must take the product with you along with its original packaging, documents, and other accessories. Also, carry the billing receipt for the claiming process. Here, the expert assistant will handle your request as soon as you reach the store, and provide on-spot Geek Squad Warranty services.

  • Return and Replace By Mail

Also, you can mail the product back to the Geek Squad address if you have purchased it online. You must include the receipt in your package and then mail the product to the desired address.

 What Does Geek Squad Warranty Covers?

Geek Squad Warranty covers solutions to all the damages and defects that the product may face under the warranty period. In addition, there are other services that you may enjoy under your warranty period such as:

  • Repairing services for new and old parts
  • Free replacement services
  • Installation and setups
  • Misuse and abuse of the product
  • Handling cosmetic damages
  • Negligence
  • Weather damages
  • Accidental damages
  • Liquid damage
  • Static damages
  • Burns
  • Incorrect handling damages
  • Loss and theft

So, these are the services that the Geek Squad Warranty covers for your device’s health and maintenance. Under the warranty period, you will always feel your device’s functionality as a new one since there are expert and skilled professionals handling your device.

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How Do I Claim the Best Buy Warranty?

To claim the Best Buy warranty, you can go to any store that is near to your place. Talk to the agent, and submit your receipt. Also, submit the product and its accessories to the agent for further process. The agent will handle your request accordingly and provide the new device by competing with all the requirements and following up entirely with the claim procedure.

How long Is Geek Squad Warranty?

The warranty period for your device initiates from the purchasing date of the plan and ends up after a year. So, the warranty lasts for the whole year after purchasing. Furthermore, you can also extend it later wards when it is time for maturation to enjoy uninterrupted services. To claim the warranty, you can go online and submit your email address.

How To Claim to Geek Squad Warranty Refunds?

In case the customers apply for the can cancellation of the plan within thirty days and apply for refunds, then they will get full refunds on the product’s warranty. But, after completing 30 days, Geek Squad will deduct their service charges and other additional charges. It will then refund the rest of the amount on your credit card or account.


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