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Geek Squad is a team of professionals that are dedicated to handling the entire tech support services. The expert team is also dedicated to handling smart home products, electronic and electrical appliances, and other office and home devices. You can demand any service at any time. Geek Squad offers all these services with flexible terms and conditions. You can get the desired services at budget prices depending upon your suitability. You can apply for the various protection plans that match your products and services. To apply for the protection plans, follow up with the steps at protected. You can then enjoy the priority and quick services at reasonable fares. The main features of these protection plans are as follows:

  • Expert repairs and other services
  • Free setup and installation services
  • Low prices guaranteed
  • On-site availability of services
  • No added extra cost for any service
  • Priority handling of services
  • Service warranty
  • Easy Cancellations
  • Automatic renewal of plans
  • Easy transferable of policy
  • On-Spot In-Store Services

Products and Accessories Covered under Geek Squad Protection at protected

Geek Squad offers various protection plans to apply online and enjoy the protection of different devices. It entirely covers the entire products and devices at your home or office. You can apply for the protection of one or more devices at a time. The geek squad protection plans are available on a monthly, and annually basis. The plans at protected covers up the entire products and devices that you use personally, family, household, professionally, outdoor, etc. The wide ranges of these products are as follows:

  • Computers and Tablets
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Networking devices
  • Routers and Modems
  • TV and home theatre
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electronic devices
  • Cell phones
  • Cameras and Camcorders
  • Drones
  • Automobiles
  • Wearable tech devices
  • Portable audio and video devices
  • Games and Gaming consoles

You can manage the setup, installation, security, maintenance, protection, repair and restore, anti-theft, and other services for all these products and devices under your protection plan. You need to follow a quick and easy process of subscription to start the protection services under your plan at protected.

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List of Geek Squad Protection Plans – Visit online at protected

There are various plans the Company offers depending upon the products and services you wish. You can choose any plan depending upon your needs and convenience.

  1. Service Replacement and Total Plans

The plan covers up the entire services of the product for the time it is in the warranty period. The plan also ensures the replacement of the device if the issue is unrepairable. It deals with the overall protection of the device with timely and hassle-free service. Also, if there is a repair of the device more than three times, then you can demand the free replacement of the product. The expert professionals provide both in-store and in-home service depending on this plan. The user will get the extra plan benefits and offers timely.

  1. Geek Squad Total Protection Plan

It covers the total protection of the device. You can demand any service including, setup and installation, repair, restore, maintenance and other protection services. You may choose any device under this plan with full supportability. There is a free cancellation service in case you are not satisfied with the services. The protection plan at protected stays that you can apply for the monthly or annual subscription and pay in instalments for your convenience.

  1. Geek Squad Protection for Wireless Products

The Geek Squad Protection for Wireless plan includes the protection subscription for the devices that work wirelessly. You may use wireless products in your daily routine. These products are more prone to theft attacks and other connection failures. To maintain the integrity of the device and to work it like a new one every time you face an issue, you can apply for this plan and enjoy free services till the maturity of the protection plan. All the wireless products and network operating products are valid for this protection plan.

  1. Geek Squad Home Membership

You can also apply for the Geek Squad Home Membership to secure the entire products of your home. The Geek Squad experts will run a checkup and maintenance of all the products at your home. It is the best plan to live in a smart home that requires regular maintenance. The Geek Squad experts will also handle the repair of various devices that are not working properly at your home. There are timely offers, gift cards and other benefits under this plan.

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How To Purchase Geek Squad Protection Plan?

The customers can check the list of Geek Squad protection plans online at protected and apply for the one that is suitable for their product or device. You can get the entire details of the plan online. There is also the flexibility to choose the plan based on the time, payment and service. You can apply for the monthly subscription or the annual subscription.

The first option to purchase the plan is by visiting the Geek Squad store nearby your place. Talk to the agent directly and it will help you apply for the plan under proper guidelines. You have to submit the documents and your personal information for a subscription to the plan. The files and documents are kept secure and authorized by the expert agents.

Secondly, you can also call the agent and schedule a meet at your place. The agent will come to your place directly at the date and time of your choice. Ask the agent to help you with the subscription of the plan of your choice.

Lastly, you can also purchase and apply for the subscription online at protected. Read out the terms and the conditions and follow up with the registration and payment process.


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