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From the well-known blockbusters to the classics that are timeless and great, Vudu provides on-demand video viewing to its users with excellence in streaming services. This applies to an ever-growing list of connected devices across an equally good range of major platforms anywhere. Vudu services deliver limitless TV and movie programs to more and more people across various devices with industry-leading HDR and 4K+ quality day after day. Come to the link and experience how easy and fast it is to start Vudu services on your viewing device.

Watch Vudu help you with this video services on any of the digital platforms online or on over 150,000 types and models of streaming devices, TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, mobile devices and more. This is also done with easy-to-use Vudu app that makes it easy to watch your favorite TV and movies & anytime and anywhere as well as on any device. Start Vudu to join us in making this viewing magic possible. Perform steps on your device, make an account or login to sign up for running the Vudu service on your device.

How do I activate a device on Vudu?

When you install the Vudu application on your device, you will come across the log in screen, that first of all, prompts you to key in a valid email address. In case you have not created any Vudu account yet, you can make one by typing in your email address with carefully entering every letter to ensure correctness. This sends an email to that address. You may then go to your inbox to check your email for a Vudu activation key or code. Next, click directly on the link in the email and go on following the instructions to accomplish setting up your Vudu account.

In the scenario that you are already having a Vudu account, install the Vudu application on your device, and enter your email and password at the log in screen. This doesn’t require the need to any activation email to be sent. This way, you can Start Vudu on your device and have instant access to all its streaming and enabling content with ease.


To Activate Vudu on your TV Box:

  • Press on the remote control, choose Apps, and press on ok.
  • Select Vudu on the Apps page and press ok.
  • In case you already hold a Vudu account, choose log in and press ok.
  • In case you do not own a Vudu account, choose sign up and press on ok. Then go following the on-screen guidelines. In case you decide against sign in, press exit on the remote to come out of the Vudu app.
  • In case you want to view the content present on Vudu without log in, choose Browse. In case you are in need of purchasing or renting content, Vudu will tell how to Start Vudu account by logging in or signing up for one.
  • This way by going through the procedure, you can now utilize the Vudu app services on your Fiber TV to watch Vudu content anytime.

Activating Vudu On Legacy Devices

This presents you ways of activating Roku for customers who have the older version of Fiber TV with them.

In case you have an account with Vudu, you can always relate your Google Fiber TV Box with that existing account. When you do not possess a Vudu account, you can visit or for specifications on how can it be done and on how to sign up for an account. You can sign up on your TV.

To Start Vudu there are some activation procedures to follow:

  • On the TV Box from which you need to watch Vudu content, press  on the remote control, and choose Apps & More.
  • This shows up the Apps & More screen.
  • Choose Vudu.
  • A message then tells you to sign up for membership.

If you already have a VUDU membership, select Sign In, and continue with the next step.

  • If you are not a member, you can go for by

Choosing sign Up and completing the on-screen sign-up procedure.

Choosing Browse to go through the content on Vudu. To sign up into existing Vudu account, you can choose Sign Up Now on the screen, and then go ahead with the on-screen instructions for needs.

  • Select ‘Log In next’ to the or Vudu account you want to use.
  • Your login details will be saved. This account will be charged each time you or anyone in your household goes for renting a Vudu video. So it’s always beneficial to choose the account you prefer to utilize for your Vudu rentals.
  • Next, go on following the on-screen steps to key in your login credentials for the account you chose on the screen before.
  • This way, you go ahead with procedure and Vudu links your Vudu account with the Google Fiber TV Box and displays your content.
  • You need to launch these steps for each TV Box on which you want to see content from Vudu.

After the steps to Start Vudu is done, you can browse and watch Vudu content on your own. You can destart your Vudu account for logging out of or can disable your account on any specific TV Box.


Activating VUDU app

This applies to clients and users who have the latest version of Fiber TV. In case you have the previous version of the user interface, you can view the procedure on activating Vudu by a visit to the link.

To utilize the Vudu app, first you require to start it on every Fiber TV Box on which you require to run Vudu service. This once activation links your Vudu account to the Fiber TV Box.

When you do not have Vudu account you need to visit on the site for details on how to sign up. Alternatively, you can sign up on your TV by going in for the activation steps meant for the same.

Get VUDU on your Roku

  • Visit the Channel Store – Vudu is always free of charge to attach to your Roku player. Select “Channel Store” from the Roku home screen.
  • Go to the ” TV & Movies” category – From your remote control, utilize the arrow buttons to come to the Vudu channel and choose “OK” for procedure.
  • Install/launch Vudu – Choose “Add Channel”. To instantly launch the channel, select “Go to channel.” Vudu will then be available on your home screen.
  • Setting up your Vudu Account – Follow the onscreen steps to start and sign up for Vudu account.


More about VUDU
  • You may utilize a separate Vudu account for every TV Box at your home or only one account for all your TV Boxes.
  • You can buy a Vudu movie with one TV Box and play it on another TV Box at your place. This is possible as long as both TV Boxes are linked to the same account.
  • Google Fiber TV does not self-synchronize your login with all TV boxes at your location. You need to log in to each TV Box separately by activating Vudu by link.

For technical help contact us on our toll free number.

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