What Is Syncing And How Does It Work?

Syncing is the process that lets your Fitbit Charge 2 to transfer its data to your smartphone. You can view this data on the dashboard of the Fitbit application on your phone. Fitbit trackers use the Bluetooth Low Energy also called the BLE technology to sync to smart devices like, tables, phones, and PCs.

Fitbit Charge 2 Wont Sync

All the information recorded in the Fitbit tracker is sent to the synced device throughout. You can open the application on your phone, and you will see the latest records on the dashboard of the app.

How You Can Sync Fitbit Charge 2 With Various Devices?

You can sync Fitbit to an Android phone

  • Open the Fitbit application. Select the ‘Today’ tab. Then go to ‘Your profile picture’ and then to ‘Your device image’.
  • You will see arrows next to ‘Sync now’ option. Tap this arrow.

If you wish to sync your Fitbit Charge 2 to a Windows 10 operating system, with a USB port, follow these steps –

  • Your device must have come with a dongle. Plug this dongle in the computer.
  • Open the Fitbit application and select the ‘Today’ tab.
  • Go to ‘Your profile picture’ thereof.
  • Select the ‘Advanced settings’ tab.
  • Next, select the ‘Fitbit connect classic mode’ option. And turn on the feature.

The ‘Fitbit Charge 2 Wont Sync’ Error

If you own a Fitbit Charge 2, you must have come across ‘Fitbit Charge 2 Wont Sync’ issue. This is a prevalent error. Fixing the issue is a simple process when compared to other errors.

To Sync With Your PC

Only Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Operating systems are compatible with Fitbit trackers. Make sure that the latest version of Fitbit is available for the Windows that you are using.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth. Select the ‘Start’ icon on your computer. Go to ‘Settings’. Type ‘Bluetooth’ in the Windows search box. Once you see the ‘Bluetooth and other device settings’ program, open it. The top-most option on the screen will be ‘Bluetooth’. Turn on the Bluetooth.
  • If the Bluetooth is already on, turn off the toggle and turn it back on.
  • Ensure that your Fitbit Charge 2 is connected. If you do not see it connected. Go to the ‘Remove device’ option. Delete the Fitbit Charge 2 off the list. And initiate the setup process one more time.
  • If the Bluetooth feature on your computer does not work, you can get a Bluetooth dongle from Fitbit. It will help you fix the ‘Fitbit Charge 2 Not Syncing’ issue.
  • If you have any other Fitbit device connected to the Bluetooth, try deleting them at first then re-adding them. If the ‘Fitbit Charge 2 Wont Sync’ issue persists, try removing the devices from the Fitbit application too.
  • You can also reboot your computer. This is often the first thing that we try when we come across the ‘Fitbit Charge 2 Wont Sync’ error.

If You Want To Sync Your Fitbit Charge 2 To A macOS

If you use mac operating system, and you stumble across the Fitbit Charge 2 Not Syncing Error, you can carry out these steps to make sure that the device starts syncing with the PC.

  • Ensure that you have installed the latest version of Fitbit Connect. If not, you can run the setup and install it.
  • See if the Bluetooth is on. If not, turn it on. Make sure that your Fitbit Charge 2 is paired to your computer. Go to the ‘System preferences’ and check if the ‘Bluetooth’ is in on. You can turn it off and back on.
  • If you have connected other devices to the Bluetooth, make sure to keep these devices off the computer range.

Manually Syncing The Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Wont Sync can be fixed by manually syncing the Fitbit tracker to the smart device.

  • You can automatically sync the Fitbit Charge 2 when the Fitbit application opens.
  • Tap the ‘Profile picture’ option. Go to ‘Your device tile’ therefrom. And then on to the ‘Sync Now’ feature.

Another practical solution for the Fitbit Charge 2 Not Syncing is rebooting the smartphone or the computer.

You can try turning off the computer or your smartphone. If the error has cropped up due to an overworked machine, this step will be a definite answer to the Fitbit Watch 2 Not Syncing.

Users sometimes face the Fitbit Charge 2 Not Syncing error due to the busy Fitbit server. If the application has an update, the Fitbit servers are likely to be down for some time. This can lead your tracker to come up with various errors, the ‘Fitbit Charge 2 Not Syncing’ being one of them. You can wait out the rush. The issue might be fixed once the server is off the load.

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