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Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD

Don’t Know How To Do Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD? Follow Reliable Setup Methods Now!


Accidentally misplace or lost your installation CD that comes with the wireless adapter? If yes, then don’t get tensed as it is the most common issues that we have to face. But what to do when you don’t have a Cd and wanted to do the setup of your Netgear adapter? Well, it is not essential to have a disk while setting up your Netgear adapter. Users can manually install a wireless adapter from the official website and perform Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD instantly.

If you don’t know how to do Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD then don’t worry as it is one of the most easiest ways to get back your devices online. You just need to follow all the steps and reliable methods carefully so that you didn’t get any technical issues. In case, you face any issues you can get assistance from the certified technicians as well. They assist you with the most genuine and authentic step by step assistance and guide you in a way that you can perform the setup process easily.

Reliable Methods To Do Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD!

Don’t get tensed if you have lost your setup CD and wanted to do Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD. The setup process can be done easily using Netgear genie and smart wizard software for older versions of adaptors. The setup process can be totally depend on wireless security. So just follow below-listed steps carefully:

Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD For WEP Encryption 

  • First of all select start option and head to all programs. After that search for Netgear wireless adaptor and choose the Netgear smart wizard folder.
  • Now all the utility programmes and features will appear on the desktops display.
  • After that select, the network tab and this will automatically scan for all the wireless networks available nearby your device,
  • Then choose the SSID of the wireless network that you want to connect, after that choose the connect option.
  • Now head to the setting tad and select WEP option available under the security option and enter your network key manually.
  • Make sure that if the network key has 10 characters, then set it to 64 Bits, if the key consist of 26 characters set it to 128 Bits.
  • Then enter your network key.
  • Now after entering the key you get the profile filed, if you wanted to remember the wireless settings in the future then assign any preferred name to it and click on save.
  • Then select apply to validate the settings.
  • When your adapter connected successfully head to the about tab and check the IP address.

Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD For WPA Encryption

  • Start the process by selecting the start option and head to all programs. Search for the Netgear wireless adapter folder and choose Netgear wizard option.
  • Now you get the utility option on the desktop screen.
  • After that click on the network tab and move ahead, it automatically scans for available networks within the range of your device.
  • Then choose the SSID if your wireless network and continue to next step by pressing the select button.
  • Now choose WPA available in the security option on the security tab.
  • Now enter the WPA password carefully in the WPA drop-down menu.
  • If you want to save your wireless network settings then choose the profile fields and assign the desired name and save it.
  • Now choose apply option to validate the modified settings.
  • When you are connected successfully then head to about section and check for the IP address.

How To Do Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without Cd With The Help Of Ethernet Connection!

To start the Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD with the help of Ethernet connection make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection.

  • First of all, plug in your desktop with the help of Ethernet cable directly to the router.
  • Now plug in the adapter into the port adequately.
  • You get a notification on the taskbars stating that new device could not be installed properly.
  • Click on that notification and select the option change settings. Now you can get access to the default settings which don’t allow you to automatically update the drivers, now select the appropriate settings and install required divers. 
  • As you change the settings, the installation process started, wait for some time until it’s done after that close the window
  • After that select network icon available in the taskbar or system tray and check the list of available networks.
  • Choose your network and enter the wireless network key that you set up and complete the process. 

If you get issues while performing Netgear Wireless Adapter Setup Without CD then reach out to our helpdesk for seamless assistance.

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