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Amazon Prime is a platform where you can get access to unlimited movies, videos, shows, serials and other video content. You have to subscribe for the Amazon Prime Video membership plan, and then activate your device by visiting the official link at ‘ enter code’. It will help you to enable your big screen device for Amazon Prime videos access. If you want to telecast the Amazon Prime Videos on your smart TV, then you will have to go through a series of steps. First comes downloading the Amazon Prime Video App, then installing the app. After completing the installation step, you have to follow up with the activation step.

Activating your Smart TV with the Amazon Prime Video means that you are now able to access thousands of series, shows, movies, sports, media, songs, and other content. The authority to watch and access these media content by subscribing to the plan, also helps you to enjoy other accessing services, offers, .profits and much more. enter code is a paid plan for providing membership to the users. You can apply for a monthly, half-yearly or yearly plan, depending upon your choice. Then activation goes on for your device to link your smart TV with the Prime services and let you stream the entire media services seamlessly.

Listing Smart TV’s Compatibility with Amazon Prime Video Services

For streaming Prime video services of Amazon on your big screen TV, you need to maintain a check for smart TV. Check whether your device is compatible with Amazon Prime Video Services or not. Below is the list to check your device compatibility to allow you to activate your membership plan within Amazon Prime. 

  Smart TV Compatibility – Activate at enter code  
Android TVModel 2015 or later
Sony Bravia TVModel 2014 or newer
Gaming ConsolesPS3, PS4, PS5
ChromecastSupport with iOS or Android
Apple TVApple TV 4 or later
Xfinity 1X1 & Flex
Amazon Fire Stick TVVersion or newer
Samsung TVModel 2015 or later
XboxXbox One S, Series X/S, Xbox One S

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Measures to Follow For Activation at enter code

To activate your device, the users have to first make an Amazon Prime Account, either online or on the official application. But, before activating the video streaming services on your Smart TV, you have to follow up with some measures and stick to them for successful streaming. Consider the points below:

  • Get yourself ready with an active internet connection. Low internet or network will generate an error while linking at enter code.
  • Use a browser that is compatible with the Prime Video Application. Consider this while downloading and installing the application from the official website on your device. You can also use App Store and Play Store to download the app.
  • Always fill in the accurate Sign-Up details while accessing the account, including name, password, and email id. It avoids any error for further processes and helps you to subscribe successfully.  
  • Do not forget to confirm your subscription plan in the email. The system will generate a confirmation link and will send you to the email address. You will have to respond to that link to confirm your membership.
  • Arrange a compatible PC or Phone for opening the website link enter the code, to enter the activation code for your smart TV.
  • Firstly, check if your TV contains the Prime Video App. There are various smart TVs on which this app is pre-installed.

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Follow the Steps For Prime Video Activation by linking at myTV enter code

To follow up with the Activation process, you have to first process the registration process. The registration starts with downloading the Amazon Prime Video App. You can download the application from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Upon successful downloading, then install the app. Open it and perform the Sign Up process. For Signing, you will have to enter your credentials. Enter your name, password, email id, payment card details, etc. Proceed with the flow of the instructions and complete the confirmation by clicking on the link you get in your email id. Now, follow up with the activation process at and enter the code.

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Follow the steps below for a detailed process of registration and activation:
  1. Firstly, check the compatibility of your smart TV with Prime Video App. If your TV is compatible then, switch it ‘ON’.
  2. Now, take the TV remote, and use the ‘Home’ or ‘Menu’ option in it.
  3. This will guide the screen to display the ‘configure Video App’ option. Click on this option, and finally hit the OK button.
  4. Navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store on your Smart TV using the remote keys.
  5. Go to the search bar of the store, and look for the ‘Amazon Prime Video’ App. You can also get the App from the official website. Note that you use the compatible or latest version of the browser while downloading the app from the website. Activation at enter code also corresponds with the compatible browser.  
  6. In case of a new user, first, register your account on the app, and then proceed to download it. Select the ‘Register on Amazon Device’ option.
  7. Navigate to the Prime Video app on your TV and open it using the remote keys. Enter the username and password credentials to perform the Sign-In. As soon as you open the Application, the screen will display you the activation code. It will be a six digits code number. Remember the code or make a note of it for future use.
  8. Now, take another PC or phone which is compatible with Amazon Prime. Open the browser and search for the official activation link “ enter code”. Now, hit the ‘Enter key’ option.
  9. Now, a blank field will appear where you have to enter the same activation code that you get on your smart TV screen. There are times when the system will automatically fill the code. If not, then you have to enter the code manually in the blank field. Make sure that the code matches exactly to avoid any error.
  10. Finally, hit the “Register Device” option.
  11. As soon as you enter the activation code, the system will process for a few seconds to match this code with your device’s code. If the code matches, then it will successfully activate your device for streaming the Amazon Prime Videos. If the code does not match, then the system will generate an error. After that, you will have to follow up with the troubleshooting procedures.

The main problem that occurs while performing the activation at ‘ enter code’ is the internet issue. The process of activation corresponds to full-fledged series of steps that require a high internet connection. So, you must possess a high-speed network connection before following up with the activation process at enter code. Try to get the new activation code, in case you are not able to complete your process successfully with the earlier one. Maintain your internet speed first, and then again visit the official link. Register with the new credentials and get the new code to stream the Amazon Prime Video Services successfully. For any help, you can visit

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