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Paramount Plus is a high demanding premium network that telecasts video and media content such as series, shows, movies, entertainment, live events, and a lot more. The company belongs to America and delivers its services all around the country. It works on the demand of the customers and provides the services accordingly. To watch Paramount plus videos and media content, you need to subscribe to the streaming services and activate it online at The online activation process is open to all and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can apply and activate your device anytime over the day or night.

Paramount Plus Activate – Device Compatibility

There are a large number of devices that can run the Paramount Plus channels and videos seamlessly. You have to subscribe and activate online at But, before the activation, you need to make sure that your device fits well with the requirements of the streaming platform. Here is the list of devices that are compatible with the Paramount Plus streaming services:

  • All Web browsers
  • All iOS devices
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku TV
  • Smart TV of all brands
  • Tablets
  • PS3/PS4/PS5
  • Xbox gaming console
  • PlayStations
  • Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV
  • Xfinity
  • DirecTV

For the activation process, you have to first check the device for its compatibility and then visit online to submit the activation code corresponding to your device. Finally, if the code matches, then you can start the streaming services reliably. So, these devices work for the streaming services where you can telecast the video content on your big screen device and enjoy unlimited watching.

How To Activate Paramount Plus Services at paramountplus com/activate?

To activate the Paramount Plus services on your device, you have to download and install its application and then activate it online at the official website. Also, make sure that your device is running with a high-speed internet connection at the time of activation. So, it is a quick and simple to step process for the activation of the Paramount services, such as

  1. Download and Install Paramount Plus
  2. Activate Online at

Install and Activate Paramount Plus at

Firstly, arrange a device that is compatible with the streaming services and is capable of the connection process with Paramount Plus. The device can be any smart device that can telecast videos. After that, connect the device with the active internet connection. Make sure to place the device close to the router for high-speed internet. Also, disconnect all other devices that connect to the same network for a stable connection. After that, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, visit the App Store, Play Store, or channel store of the device. Now, search for the ‘Paramount Plus’ application.
  2. Hit the ‘Download’ button to start downloading the application. If you already have the paramount plus app on your device, then skip the downloading process.
  3. After that, open the downloaded link to install the application. Go with the flow of the installer to complete the installation process.
  4. Now, open the app on your device using the icon on the home screen.
  5. As soon as you open it, it will ask you for the login.
  6. In case you have any previous accounts, you can log in using your credentials. If no, then click on the ‘Create an Account button and submit your details for the account registration.
  7. Now, log in to the app using your account id and password.
  8. After that, the system will show you a unique activation code for the first time you log in to the app. Remember the code till the end of the process, or you can write the code somewhere for your reference later.
  9. Then, take another computer or system.
  10. Open the web browser and visit the link
  11. Submit the same activation code in the blank field. It will be a seven-digit code that you get on the screen of the streaming device.
  12. Lastly, hit the activate button.
  13. The system will now match for the activation code and on a successful match; it will navigate you to the sign-in screen.
  14. Enter your details, and hit the enter key.

Finally, you are all set to stream the Paramount Plus channels and videos on your device.

Troubleshoot and Resolve ParamountPlus Activation Code Issues

You may also end up with the activation failure of the entire process. There can be several factors that are responsible for the failure of the activation process. For this, you need to troubleshoot the issue and fix the problem. After that, you again have to follow up with the activation process at So, follow the steps below to resolve the problem:

  • Check the internet connection and make sure it is running actively. If not, then try to improve the internet speed and again perform the activation.
  • Check for the exact match of the code. If you are not able to activate the previous code, then discard it. After that, again follow the activation procedure from scratch and generate a new code to activate your device. Moreover, you can also use to regenerate the code using the option on the activation page.
  • Check for any server issues. If the server is down, then wait for the server to respond back and then follow up with the activation process again.
  • Also, in case of an activation failure at, you can check for any pending updates relating to the Paramount Plus application. In case there are pending updates, perform it first and then follow the activation process again.
  • If still, you are facing the issue, then you can try to perform the activation steps using the Incognito mode of the web browser.

So, these are the various ways by which you can fix the activation issues in your device and follow up with seamless streaming services. You can also apply for the Paramount Plus free trial service for 7 days.

How to Get Paramount Plus on Roku?

It is worth a note that Paramount Plus comes as a standalone Roku channel, simplifying the installation process. Here are the steps that need to be followed:

  • First, you need to go ahead and sign up for Paramount Plus.
  • Next, switch to your Roku media streaming device.
  • Utilizing the Roku remote, you need to navigate to the Home Screen of your device.
  • Choose ‘Streaming Channels‘ from the left-hand side.
  • Once you have selected the ‘Search Channels,’ you can use the services of the virtual keyboard on the screen to key in ‘Paramount Plus.’
  • Select Paramount Plus from among the search results to click and launch the channel overview.
  • Next, come to the top and use the ‘Add Channel‘ button to install Paramount Plus.
  • Once you are through, you can go ahead and open the newly installed Roku channel.
  • Now, use your Paramount Plus identification credentials to sign in and go through the Paramount Plus Activate process to access the channel.

In case you are using the Roku mobile app, there is an even quicker way to add Paramount Plus to your Roku device click on activate link to start streaming.

  • First, go to the ‘Channel Store’
  • Click on the tab called ‘Channels’
  • Come to the ‘TV & Movies’ category,
  • From there, add Paramount Plus by clicking on ‘Add Channel’.
What are the various steps to activate the platform?

When you need to activate the Paramount Network on your Roku device, these are the best steps:

  • Once the Paramount Plus channel gets downloaded to your account, you need to power on your Computer
  • Next, use your mouse and click to open the Google Chrome Browser as the next step for the Paramount Plus Activate process.
  • Next, type in the inside the URL bar
  • Further, tap the enter key, and you will be taken to the website where you will have to enter the activation code
  • Next, click the continue option
  • This activates the channel and you start using the services.

You also need to create a separate identity for the Paramount Network app to access the content that you need.

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