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Fitbit Blaze Not Charging – The Case

Remain in maximum fitness and health with stylish and apt Fitbit blaze, a smart fitness watch that assists you make the most of every workout session every day. With cutting-edge technology in a great design, features and functionality, this revolutionary watch is made to monitor your performance stats, track your workouts as well as gauge your progress. Fitbit Blaze Not Charging is an issue that rarely happens. It may leave you stranded with your device until some easy steps to get this issue eliminated is done.


If your Fitbit Blaze won’t charge properly, there are a number of things you can try to get it working again. Making sure that Fitbit charging contacts and hardware connection points are clean and dry do help, yet other issues might still hold it back. Trying to getting to the crux of the problem makes for the best possible solution for the issue of Fitbit Blaze Not Charging issue.

Why won’t my Fitbit charge? There Are Ways to Resolve it?

With the routine trouble that most fitness trackers face sometimes, Fitbit Blaze Not Charging is one of them. But as a rule, all Fitbit gadgets operate without any malfunctions for years. There are times, however, you might come across this issue when trying to charge your Fitbit. If your Fitbit doesn’t charge properly, here are the most common causes that lead to it, and the ways to fix them.

  • Fitbit Blaze Has Not Been Charged For a Long time

First of all, it’s worth a note that your Fitbit Blaze watch might just take a bit long time to charge. If you have not used, worn or charged it for a long time — such as many months — you need to leave it plugged in a socket to charge for longer than you think you require to. It could need a half hour or longer for it to even begin n to charge. In case, you’re sure this isn’t the case for Fitbit Blaze Not Charging, though, then there are other points to consider.

  • The charging contacts are not cleaned properly

You should make it sure to clean the charging contacts on your Fitbit Blaze more often. This is, without doubt, the most regular issue that leads to Fitbit Blaze Not Charging properly. It’s always easy for your watch strap to attract dirt, especially if you wear it while working out outdoors. You can use a rubbing alcohol on toothbrush and then a dry cloth to wipe down the contacts. Noticeably, they should look bronze or gold color when clean.

  • The pins aren’t aligned The way they should be

Always ensure the charger is securely connected to the device. Maybe you attempted charging a Fitbit Blaze overnight only to find it end up as a dead fitness band. Many times, the issue is as simple as badly aligned charging pins. Otherwise, what we may call as the charger isn’t connected to your Fitbit properly. Always double-check that the Fitbit is sealed in properly in its charger to avoid Fitbit Blaze Not Charging. You might require to fully remove it and then reconnect it to the line up the pins and contacts appropriately.

  • The Fitbit is Damp

Whether you believe it or not or even if you don’t like it, a wet Fitbit Blaze watch – Whether with water, moisture or wet sweat – can lead to a troubled charging situation. Dry it thoroughly and try again to get rid of the issue of Fitbit Blaze Not Charging.

  • The Fitbit needs to be started again

Despite its dimensions and size, your Fitbit is after all a computer. And as the computer functions, rebooting or restarting your Fitbit Blaze can often resolve any issue whatsoever you’re experiencing. If your Fitbit watch still has a bit of battery life left but is simply not starting to charge, it might be experiencing some software malfunction that needs to be taken care of by restarting the system. The way for restart your Fitbit Blaze differs from model to model, but often is as simple as pressing down one or more buttons to get rid of the Fitbit Blaze Not Charging issue.

  • Your charger or USB port might not be working

It’s not hard to imagine and not heard of frequently for a USB port to cut out or otherwise stop functioning. If that occurs, any charger you plug within it will not work. The best solution for that issue is to try plugging your Fitbit Blaze charger into a changed USB port. If you’re utilizing a USB port on your PC or Mac, you can also try restarting the device altogether. If you know that the USB port is functioning, there might be an issue with your charger system.

You may try all the steps given above, and if it still Fitbit Blaze Not Charging happens, try a new charger. Or at best, you may contact us at Best Buy Geek Squad Phone Number  or call out specialists for help.


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