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What Is Best Buy Total Tech Membership?

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Best Buy Total Tech Support is subscription-based services by which users can get an unmatched, instant and reliable tech support services from certified technicians for most of the technical devices they have. To get this convenient hands-on services users need to pay annual charges of around $200. Apart from delivering the support services users can also get assistance from experts related to most of the in-store and doorsteps services. Total Tech Support By Best Buy allows you to get the reliable assistance associated with the desktops, printers appliances and other connected devices as well.

We have numerous gadgets and electronic appliances at our residential or commercial places. These devices help us in getting desired results easily but when they get any technical issues they affect our peace of mind as well. In these type of cases getting subscribed to Total Tech Support By Best Buy is a reliable option as the experts offering tech support services are dedicated to offering you the instant support for covered devices even in the odd timings. So, with the help of Total Tech Support plans you can easily get answers for all your technical issues related to your device. 

Best Buy The Total Tech Support – The Devices Covered

If you already subscribed or in future wanted to subscribe for the Best Buy Total Tech and wanted to know about the covered gadgets then don’t worry as this plan includes a large number of technical devices. Apart from that, you are going to save an additional amount when it comes to tech, support, troubleshooting and repairing of these devices. For your reference, we have listed some of the essential devices and electronic appliances covered in the Total Tech Support By Best Buy plans:

Appliances – If you already choose Total Tech Support By Best Buy plan for your appliances and don’t know which type of appliances are covered in the plan then don’t get tensed as most of the appliances including – dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, gas dryer, gas range, air conditioner, garbage disposal, washing machine and many more devices are installed, repaired, troubleshoot and set up without any hassles. 

Smartphones – One of the most essential things we use on daily basis is smartphones when they get any issues with the screens, speakers or data loss we get tensed. If you wanted to choose Total Tech Support By Best Buy then don’t worry as data transfer, recovery, and display shield is covered under the programme. No matter for which brand and operating systems you subscribed, exerts present at the total tech support helpdesk make sure that you get the reliable solutions instantly.

Computer Devices & Peripherals – Computer and its supported devices are major devices that are covered in the Total Tech Support By Best Buy plan. Users can get reliable instant services from experts related to data backup and transfer services, setup and tune-up services, data recovery, troubleshooting of various supported device like a printer, home theatre. Apart from these services users and expect some software related services like – email setup, drivers installations, operating systems installations and Pc virus removal services. You need to reach out to the experts and let them know about the exact issues you are facing.

Smart Home Devices – If you wanted to get reliable service from experts related to Wi-Fi setup, Wi-Fi camera installations, home security devices installations and all other required devices then getting your hands on the Total Tech Support By Best Buy plan help you in saving desirable amount for most of the setup and installation services.

Best Buy Total Tech – The Services Covered

Computer Repair Services

  • Basic Data Transfer & Data Backup
  • Home Network Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
  • Software Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Operating System Install
  • Software Install
  • PC Virus Removal
  • Restore Media Creation
  • Email Setup
  • Computer Tune-up
  • Password Reset
  • Tablets & Devices With Total Tech Support By Best Buy

Printer & Tablet Repair Services

  • Printer Troubleshooting
  • Tablet Setup
  • Printer Setup

Car Electronics – Only Available In Store

  • Satellite Radio Install
  • Car Speaker Install
  • System or Keyless Entry Install
  • Car Amp Install
  • Car Radio Install
  • Car GPS Install/Setup
  • Remote Start, Security

In-Home Services With Total Tech Support By Best Buy

In this, we Visit your home for $49.99 per service.

  • Dishwasher Install
  • Refrigerator Install with New Waterline Connection
  • Over-the-Range Microwave Install
  • Standalone Haul-Away 
  • Gas Dryer Install
  • Gas Range Install
  • Garbage Disposal Install
  • AC Install (window or room unit)
  • Home Theater Installation & Repair
  • Programming
  • TV Calibration
  • Smart Hub Setup
  • Oculus VR Setup
  • Cord Cutting with antenna and streaming device
  • TV Connect & Mounting
  • PlayStation VR Setup
  • Harmony Remote Control
  • Furniture Assembly 
  • Network Audio Hub Setup
  • Basic Audio or Soundbar Setup
  • Remote Start, Security
  • Voice Control Setup
  • Smart Doorbell Install
  • Smart Thermostat Install
  • Smart Lighting Setup
  • Smart Door Lock Install
  • Wi-Fi Camera Install – up to 2 cameras
  • Home Wi-FI
  • Setup/Troubleshooting
  • Smart Garage Door Control

Advantages of a Total Tech Support membership

  • Many well-known tasks encompass its membership

You’ll get many car services and computer repair services for no extra cost.

  • 20% off on advanced repair services

Our technicians will handle the complex issue, that include major appliance wiring and repairs of security cameras.

  • Unlimited Tech Support

The key feature of Total Tech Support provide you unlimited assistance for all your appliances and tech, no matter where you might gave purchased them. Get assistance over the phone, in store and 24×7 online. We’re here to answer your queries and assist you use your instruments properly. This is all done by Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

  • Only $49.99 for in-home services

We’ll arrive at your doorstep and provide a helping hand with Home Wi-Fi Setup, TV Mounting, and much more.

  • 20% off AppleCare Products and Geek Squad Protection

Get the best peace of mind at a minimum cost. Can save massively on product Protection Plans.

  • Internet security application is included

Help protect your system against spyware, viruses and ransomware. The application is great for up to 10 appliances with Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

20% Off On Geek Squad and AppleCare Protection Plans With Total Tech Support By Best Buy

By combining Total Tech Support and Protection Plans, you get complete tech resolution.

  • Offer alternative additional safety for spills, drops and cracks.
  • Provide extra coverage above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Cover replacement and repairs of your items owing to wear and tear or defects up to 5 years.

Best Buy provides various tech support plans to its users. You can subscribe to these plans to maintain and protect your device. Now, initially, you subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Upon the maturity of these plans, users have to follow up with the Best Buy Renewal to extend the protection services corresponding to their plan. The renewal of the plan includes entire services which were running earlier. Each plan corresponds to different services and devices for which it is meant. On renewal of these plans, you may also enjoy some additional benefits, offers, and services on your extended plan. There is a need to follow up with the renewal procedure before the end of your plan.

Why Choose Best Buy Total Tech Over Others?

Best Buy Total Tech Support offers easy access to its customers to renew their plans for uninterrupted services by experts. You can apply for Geek Squad Membership automatic renewal or manual renewals for all your plans and subscriptions to enjoy unlimited support services and other features such as:

  • Expert solutions
  • Wide Support for the devices
  • Efficient working of the device
  • Resolving flaws and glitches of the device
  • Enjoy Replacement and Exchange benefits
  • Insurance benefits
  • Quick repair solutions
  • Discounted services
  • 24X7 VIP access on call or chat
  • Flexible bookings

Best Buy Total Tech Renewal – Can I Renew My Geek Squad Membership?

Geek Squad Membership Renewal applies to all its plans, whether monthly or annually. You may call the Geek Squad agent anytime 24 hours a day to follow up with the renewal process. The various services that compensate in the renewal plans are as follows:

Monthly Best Buy RenewalsAnnual Best Buy Renewals
Geek Squad Tech SupportGeek Squad Tech Support
Webroot Subscription SoftwareWebroot Subscription Software
Trend MicroTrend Micro
Geek Squad Support SubscriptionGeek Squad Protection
 Geek Squad Tech Support
 SmartCare under the Protection Plan
 Cell Phone and Gaming Protection Plan

You can subscribe to these statement charges as per the monthly or annual renewals. It depends on the users whether it wants to extend the subscription plan and use the Best Buy Geek Squad protection services or not. You can also cancel your plan anytime when you do not feel comfortable with the services.

What Does Best Buy Cost for Its Renewals? Best Buy Membership Renewal Charges

Best Buy has a facility for automatic renewal of your protection and tech support plans. It will renew your services automatically and will charge $299.99 from the same account that you used while subscribing to the plan. Before following up with the subscription, the agents will try to contact you and confirm the renewal. In case, you are not available, the agents will perform the automatic updates which you can cancel anytime and get your cashback to your wallet.

The agents will remind you of your Best Buy Renewals a few days before their maturity. They will message you or drop you an email for the renewals. It then totally depends on the customer whether to proceed with the renewals or not. The agents will also inform you about the pricing policy for the renewals, or the changes in the payment of the plan you are using.

Best Buy Auto-Renewal Services of your Protection Plans

To maintain the integrity and security of your device, Best Buy makes sure to continue to extend your plan upon maturity by using its auto-renew services. It maintains the automatic Best Buy Renewal to provide its customers uninterrupted services and to maintain the security of the device’s continuity. Before following up with the auto-renewal process, the agent will message or mail you to confirm it. If you agree on its terms, then only it will proceed with the renewal process, otherwise, it will end up with the protection services upon maturity of your previous plan.

You can follow up with the automatic Best Buy Renewal Richfield MN services by making a call to the expert agent, and discussing the renewal. The agent will guide you on the pricing details, features, protection facilities, and other terms and conditions for the renewal process. It will then take the necessary action as per your suitability and will charge you accordingly.

You will get the auto-renew message or mail with the full details of the date of renewal, and the payment for renewal. If you are busy and unable to respond to the mail, it will carry on with the auto-renew process. It will deduct the payment from the account that you use while subscribing to the protection and support plan.

How to Cancel the Best Buy Auto Renewal?

Best Buy also provides you with an opportunity to cancel your Geek Squad Membership plans or subscription plans. You can call the best buy agent on its official toll-free number (1-888-237-8289), and ask for the cancellation of the policy. You may also follow up with the cancellation process online by filling up the form. You can chat with the assistant online about the cancellation process.

When you cancel the plan within thirty days of purchase, then you can get the refund back to your account for an annual plan. Also, for the monthly plan, you can get a refund within fourteen days of cancellation. You can manage the cancellation policy online or offline as per your choice. The on-call geek squad tech support is available 24 hours a day, and the agent will proceed with your cancellation without further queries to provide you with immediate service.

How to Renew your Geek Squad Membership?

Firstly, to be clear, Geek Squad Renewal is no longer an automated service. However, that doesn’t mean your devices will go unprotected. That is to say; you can simply repurchase a Geek Squad plan that suits your need.

However, we know that your time is very valuable. And you’d have better use for your time than to go surf the internet to buy the Geek Squad Plan. So, we insist you let us take the trouble. That is to say, all you need to do, is contact us, tell us details about your product & requirement. Then, let our team do the research and select the best plan for your devices.

So, don’t wait around for your plan to expire; just contact our representative & let us deal with the hassle.

Geek Squad Renewal Charges Under Best Buy Total Tech Membership

Another critical question for you might be, how much will Geek Squad Renewal cost me? Well, don’t worry, we will tell you the average cost of plans for some prominent products.

Device NameGeek Squad Protection Plan Price
Smartphones$15.99 – $99.99
Laptop$29.99 – $279.99
Refrigerator$24.99 – $239.99
Television$14.99 – $5,499.99
Samsung Smart Watch$39.99 – $79.99

Although there are a lot more items that Geek Squad plans cover, the price of the plan depends on:

  1. Price of the Product
  2. Validity Period of the Plan
  3. Brand
  4. Product Specifications, etc.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to go online and waste your time looking. That is why we are here; we’ll do the work for you.

What’s Covered Under The Geek Squad Membership?

In short, Geek Squad ensures that your device remains in optimal condition throughout its life. In addition, they also provide coverage for your device against damage repair, etc. So, let’s discuss these services.

Accidental Damage

To summarize, with Geek Squad renewal, you’ll get coverage for your devices regarding any damage. That is to say; the plan will cover the repair cost in case it is damaged accidentally.

Up-To-Date Antivirus

In the modern age, the threats of malicious software & bugs are always present. Therefore, it is necessary to have your system protected against such threats. That is why, with Geek Squad Renewal, you’ll get an up-to-date antivirus.

Wireless Security

One of the services is to ensure the security of your wireless devices and network.

Data Transfer

In case you are switching over to another device, you’ll have to spend hours copying your data to a storage device. Then, copy it again into your new device. Well, after your Geek Squad Renewal is done, you won’t have to worry about this. That is to say; the plan will cover data transfer from one device to another.


Also, Geek Squad will optimize your device by deleting thrash data, removing bugs, etc. Thus, ensuring that your device runs optimally.

Set Up & Installation

In addition to optimization, you also don’t need to worry about setting up your device. That is to say, just complete the purchase, and Geek Squad will set up your system in your home.

How to Unsubscribe/Cancel Geek Squad Plan?

There is an easy and quick process for the Geek Squad Unsubscribe the plans you are using currently and get your refunds back to your account. You can directly connect with the company’s representative and ask for the cancellation by providing all the essential details. So, follow the steps below to proceed:

  • Firstly, make a call at Geek Squad’s official phone number, 1800-433-5778.
  • Then, follow up with the automated series of steps and speak with the executive.
  • After that, tell the executive about your account number and other customer information.
  • Then, request the agent for Geek Squad Unsubscribe plan its payments.
  • Lastly, confirm your un-subscription over the email or text.
  • Follow up and check for the refunds to your account or initial payment process.

What are the various ways to for Geek Squad Unsubscribe Plan?

To unsubscribe or cancel the Geek Squad membership, you can connect with the agent in so many ways as per your suitability. You can then cancel the plan under the guidance of the executive. The various ways are as follows:

  • Calling on Phone Number: Call the agent to cancel your plan on 1800 433 5778.
  • Letter: Mail the letter to the official address of Geek Squad for any cancellations.
  • Visiting the Best Buy Store: Visit the store nearby your place to cancel the plan.  
  • Online cancellations: Follow up with the online process at the official website.
  • Live chat: Chat with the live agent using the online chat box and cancel your plan.

Geek Squad Unsubscribe Plan via Live Chat with the Agent

The customers can also Unsubscribe/Cancel Geek Squad Plan by chatting with the live agent on the chatbox. It is a quick and reliable process for the cancellation and refund process. So, follow the steps below for Geek Squad Unsubscribe Plan:

  • Firstly, go to the Best Buy website online.
  • After that, click on the Service menu item.
  • The drop-down menu will open up on the screen. Click on “Chat with the Geek Squad Agent” from the list.
  • A new chat window will appear on the screen.
  • After that, type in your email address and click on the chat now button.
  • Ask the agent for the cancellation of the plan.
  • Tell the agent about the details of the plan.
  • Lastly, follow up with the confirmation and the refund process.

For the Geek Squad Unsubscribe, this is the most preferred method as it is a reliable and quick process. There is no wastage of time in this process and also the user does not have to follow up with long automated processes.

Unsubscribe/Cancel Geek Squad Plan over the Email

Another method that the user can use to Geek Squad Unsubscribe plan is by following up over the mail letter. You can send the letter to the Company’s official address and wait for the agent to respond to you back. However, it is a time-consuming process and not preferable in emergency cases. So, you need to provide essential details in the mail letter such as:

  • Contact details
  • The original receipt of the plan
  • Cancellation request and details.

The user can send the mail to the address:

AWG / GSPPlans

ATTN: Cancellations

P.O.Box 9312

Minneapolis, MN 55440-9312

Geek Squad Cancellations – Visit the Best Buy Store and Meet the Expert Agent

Apart from following up online or calling the agent the user can also directly visit the store and meet the executive for the cancellation process. You can take the help of Google to configure the store near to your place. After that, take the plan receipt and documents and meet the in-store person. Ask the executive for the cancellation of the plan and its refunds. The expert will handle your query as soon as your reach the store without any delays. So, it is also a reliable and quick process for the Geek Squad Unsubscribe.

Geek Squad Vs Total Tech Support

Best Buy Geek Squad offers a high range of plans and services that the customers can avail of for your products and devices. The most popular plans include the Geek Squad protection plan and Total tech Support plan. Most customers misunderstand two plans to be the same. However, there is a great difference between the two. Here, we will discuss the Geek Squad Vs Total Tech Support plan. The Geek Squad protection plan is restricted to a single device and the total tech support plan includes the entire range of devices under the plan services. In addition, there are other differences which we will discuss further.

What is Geek Squad Protection?

Geek Squad protection covers the protection of the single device or product for which you avail of its services. It acts as an extended warranty plan for your device. It provides expert support for 24X7X365 days.

What is Total Tech Support Plan?

It is an annual membership plan that offers unlimited support services for all the products and devices at your place. Moreover, the customers can get expert support 24X7X365. The plan does not depend on where the customer purchases the product. So, you can start the plan for any product. It offers 2 years of protection along with free services.

What is the Difference Between Geek Squad Protection and Total Tech Support Plan?

Geek Squad provides protection and a total support plan for their customers to secure and protect their devices and handle all their problems within the period of the device. The expert technicians handle your device in both of these plans and make it run like a new one every time you may face a problem. However, there are a lot of differences between these two plans. Let us check Geek Squad Vs Total Tech Support:

Geek Squad Protection PlanTotal Tech Support Plan
Unlimited expert support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Unlimited expert support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Free delivery and installation services for the products that you bought from Best Buy.It costs $49.99 for the standard delivery and installation charges
Additional 20 percent discount on all the repairs and other advanced services. Also, an additional 10 percent off on custom repairs.Additional 20 percent discount on all the repairs and other advanced services.
Does not includes Internet Security SoftwareIncludes Internet security software by Best Buy Geek Squad.
It protects your product for 24 months in case of an active membership plan.Avail 20 percent off on Geek Squad membership plans.
It protects your product for 24 months in case of an active AppleCare+ plan.Avail 20 percent off on Geek Squad AppleCare+ plans
Expert services on a priority basis for the device under the plan.Expert services on a priority basis for all the devices.
VIP services are included in this planVIP services are not included in this plan
Access to VIP services on phone and chats.No access to VIP services on phone and chats
It includes Exclusive member pricing benefits.It does not include Exclusive member pricing benefits.
Free shipping for 2 days of delivery with unlimited purchasesNo free and easier shipping services.  
Returns and Exchange of products for 60 days of validityNo returns and exchanges
Free haul-away services on TVs and other appliances in case of replacements.Free haul-away services on TVs and other appliances in case of replacements.
Covers In-home and In-store flexible bookings without any additional cost.Covers In-home and In-store flexible bookings at no additional cost

Is Total Tech and Geek Squad the same?

Most of the Geek Squad plan services are included in the Total tech support services, but they are not entirely the same. There is a great difference between the two plans. You can choose the best as per the requirements of your product or device. Geek Squad Vs Total tech Support is based on the products and services that the user avails. Both the plans are valid for the full range of devices such as computing, networking, electronics, electrical, smart home, outdoor, audio-visual, car electronics, satellites, thermostat, home security, and power sports services. Only there is a major difference between the services that matter in these plans. Also, the two plans provide a different range of discounts and offer on your products included under the support.

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Geek Squad Vs Total Tech Support – Free Assistance For Your Device Range

Geek Squad Protection plan and Total Tech Support plan covers the free assistance for all the device and services with the expert. You can contact an expert which will assist you with all the problems you are facing with the device. Geek Squad protection covers only a specific product. So if you wish to avail the protection services for only one product then you can choose the Geek Squad Protection plan. On the other hand, Total Tech Support covers the range of devices present at your place. In case of any bulk protection of devices, you can choose the Total Tech Support plan.

Cancellations of Plans – Geek Squad Vs Total Tech Support

The customer can cancel the plan anytime irrespective of the period of the plan. Both the plans are valid for cancellations and refunds. However, there are different cancellation policies for the two plans.

In case of any cancellation within sixty days of purchase of the plan, the customer can get the full refund back to their account if not demanded any service corresponding to the plan. It is valid for the Total Tech Support plan. However, in the case of the Geek Squad Protection Plan, the cancellation entirely depends on the device and the services to which the plan belongs. You can get the refunds depending on the services you have enjoyed till the cancellation.


How Do I Get a Refund on Geek Squad Cancel or Unsubscribe Plan

For any Geek Squad Cancellation of the plan, you can ask the agent for the refunds. The refund will reflect the actual account that you use at the time of purchasing the plan. The users can call the Geek Squad agent for the refunds and follow up with the simple documentary process. The company will check the time after the purchase of the plan, the services offered, and the plan status. After that, it will decide the refund amount and reflect it in your account within a few business days.

How do I Cancel Auto-Renewal At Best Buy?

For the Unsubscribe/Cancel Geek Squad Plan, you need to visit your account and go to the setting of your plan. There you can uncheck the checkbox corresponding to “Auto-Renew”. It will cancel your auto-renew of the Geek Squad plan. There is an online method for the cancellation so that you can follow up easily and quickly. Apart from that, Geek Squad Unsubscribe or cancel the auto-renew of the plan, you can talk to the agent or initiate

How much is a Geek Squad subscription?

In short, the cost of Geek Squad subscriptions differs from product to product. That being said, the cost can range from $15.99 per year to $5,499.99 per year per product.

How does Geek Squad membership work?

To summarize, Geek Squad provides plans/subscriptions to ensure the safety & maintenance of your device. That is to say; once you buy a plan, then Geek Squad will offer you a variety of services for your devices. Also, if your device is damaged, they will cover its repair cost too.

How do I cancel my Geek Squad renewal?

In order to cancel your Geek Squad renewal, you have to get in contact with Geek Squad. So, just dial 1-800-433-5778, and get in touch with a Geek Squad representative. On the other hand, you can visit the nearest BestBuy store and make the request in person.

Why Am I Getting a Best Buy Renewal Charge?

The customer may be subject to Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal charge on purchase of its services or membership such as Tech Support, Trend Micro or Webroot Subscription, Home or Personal Support, and others. The renewal charges may be monthly or annually depending on the subscription.

Can Geek Squad Protection be Renewed?

The customer can either apply for the automatic renewal of the plan or also choose to renew the plan manually. To renew the protection, you can call on the phone number 1800-433-5778.

How Much is Best Buy Total Tech Renewal?

The cost of Best Buy Total Tech Renewal is $199.99 per year. These charges correspond to unlimited services with priority bookings. You can renew your either automatically or manually for your membership.

Does Best Buy Have a Renewal Fee?

The Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal has a fixed amount of fee $199.99, plus the tax for the renewal. You can call on the phone number 1800-433-5778 to talk to the agent for your Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal.

How to Cancel the Best Buy Renewal Services on Call to Agent?

To cancel your plan quickly and hassle-free, you can call the executive on the toll-free phone number. You can call any time of the day or night 24X7 for help and support. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Arrange all the Protection Plan documents in one place.
  • Call Best Buy agent at their toll-free number: 1-800-433-5778.
  • Now, Follow the voice prompts by saying ‘Protection Plan’
  • Again say ‘Cancel My Plan’.
  • The phone automated system will work and go with the flow of the instructions to cancel your plan.
  • An agent will talk to you to confirm your cancellation by asking you for certain details relating to the plan.
  • Also, follow up with the same agent for your refund amount. The agent will tell you about the amount that you will get back as a refund upon cancellation. The refunds will reflect in your account within sixty days after the confirmation of the complete process.
  • Tell the agent to provide you with the confirmation form on your email detailing the cancellation of your renewal.

Can You Get a Refund For Best Buy Total Tech Membership?

Best Buy plans are applicable for cancellation anytime depending on the choice of the customers. Upon cancellation, the company provides the refund of the plan as per the services granted and the period elapsed. Here is the refund policy:

  • In case of any cancellation within 30 days of purchase of a yearly plan, you will get a full refund back.
  • In case of any cancellation after 30 days of purchase of a yearly plan, you will get the prorated refund, minus the charges of the services already demanded.
  • For the cancellation of a monthly plan, the refund policy applies only if you cancel your plan within 14 days of the purchase.

How Do I Turn OFF Auto-Renewal on Best Buy?

If the customer applies to auto-renewal services for any subscription, then the protection services extend and the renewal charges get deducted automatically from your account. However, if you do not want to extend the protection services, you need to turn off the automatic renewal. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Firstly, open your Best Buy account and log in using your credentials.
  2. Then, visit the profile icon and go to settings.
  3. After that, navigate to My plans
  4. Choose the plan which you want to access for stopping the auto-renewal.
  5. Finally, move the slider to the OFF position. It will stop the automatic renewal services and you will get the confirmation over your email.

Alternatively, you can also call the Best Buy Renewal customer service phone number for managing any changes to your renewal services. The agent will help you to turn off the renewal quickly and immediately.

Is Best Buy Total Tech Membership Refundable?

Best Buy plans are refundable anytime during the lifetime of the plan. If you face any inconvenience with the plans or you feel unsatisfied, then you can cancel it anytime by connecting with the agent. After the successful cancellation, you will get a refund depending on the policy of the plan.

For any plan cancellation within 30 days of purchase, there is a full refund irrespective of the fact you did not demand any service over that time. After 30 days, you will get the prorated refund of your plan as per the guidelines.

Does Geek Squad Protection Renew?

Geek Squad provides the best renewal services for all your products and devices. You can choose the automatic Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal when you are purchasing the membership plan. In another case, you can also choose the manual protection plan. Also, you can use the payment process that you use earlier for the renewal.

How do I Renew My Geek Squad?

For the Geek Squad Renewal, the user may call the official toll-free phone number, 1800 433 5778. The expert executive will talk to you and help you with the entire process.

Why I Am Getting the Best Buy Renewal Charge?

While subscribing to the Best Buy protection plan, you might have checked the automatic renewal of the plan. In this case, you will be getting the Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal charge. To unsubscribe from the services, you have to uncheck the checkbox corresponding to the automatic renewal.

What is the Best Buy Renewal Charge?

The customer can apply for the Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal after the maturity of the current plan. There is a minimum charge of $199.99 for every renewal for one year. After each year, you need to pay $199.99 for every renewal. There is overall support for each renewal by the Geek Squad experts.

Is Total Tech Support same as Protection Plan?    

Total Tech Support is not the same as a Protection Plan or an extended warranty plan like AppleCare and Geek Squad Protection Products. While it provides a markdown on mending and many of the Protection Plans, a Total Tech Support subscription by itself will not include repairs for your devices in case they fail or break.

Does Total Tech Support membership cover more than one address?    

The Total Tech Support subscription for $199.99 includes only one service address. However, you can buy a Total Tech Support 2nd Residence Membership for $349.99 to encompass 2 service addresses. Within the Total Tech Support By Best Buy, the 2nd Residence Membership can only be bought in store.

Is my Total Tech Support membership transferrable to someone else?    

Yes, it is possible to do so. In fact, when you need to transfer your Tech Support membership, you have to call our Best Buy toll-free number meant for the purpose. This will help us update our records. Any service receipts as well as the original purchase receipts and need to be transferred to the new owner of the plan. Post transfer, the new owner will have to create a My Best Buy account in case they have not created as yet.

Can a Total Tech Support Subscription be returned?    

As a matter of fact, Total Tech Support membership cannot be returned. However, it can be canceled. You can cancel your subscription by calling our Best Buy toll-free number or you can remain out of auto-renewal service by handling your subscriptions on your profile. You won’t be able to cancel your membership at a Best Buy store as a rule for Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

For a yearly subscription, if you speak to our agents within 30 days of buying the plan, you will get a refund for the full value of your subscription plan, minus any membership discounts you may have got. If you feel like canceling after 30 days, you will get a prorated refund, deducted by any membership benefits or discounts you may have got.

What is the mechanism of auto-renewal process with Total Tech Support?    

Any included benefits, such as internet security, or Total Tech Support renew by itself every year and your selected card will be recharged at the prevailing price on your yearly renewal date. Here, we will send you an advance intimation of renewal of subscription to your email address that includes notice of any price changes. This is the auto-renewal by Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

Why is a credit card needed to activate Total Tech Support subscription?    

Total Tech Support is a self-renewing membership, and a credit card is needed so that your benefits are not interrupted. You can get rid of this auto-renewal of the membership of Total Tech Support By Best Buy at any chosen time. With this there is no charge on your credit card without prior reminder through email.

Why isn’t my membership visible on my Best Buy account?    

This happens when you set up multiple Best Buy accounts. To get rid of this situation, you need to have your Total Tech Support put under the under the correct account or call Best Buy toll-free for help.

Can any of my acquaintances use my membership?

Yes, your Total Tech Support subscription includes any device for any individual living at your home under the service address. This is one of the facilities of the Total Tech Support By Best Buy.

During an in-home visit, does $49.99 cover more than one services?    

No, you need to pay $49.99 for every standard in-home visit that is a part of your subscription, even if more than one services are done during that one visit. Charges for any required accessories or parts such as brackets, mounts or permits will be taken apart from the $49.99 for each in-home service. Additionally, a trip cost may be charged for outside travel of any metro locations. This is the way to go with Total Tech Support By Best Buy.