Error Code: M7121-1331

Unable To Stream Your Favourite Shows On Netflix Because Of Error Code: M7121-1331?

Netflix is a popular online platform that offers hassle-free online streaming services. Users can watch various genres of movies and shows. It supports both operating systems including Mac OS, and Android, and on desktops, users can stream through any browser as well. Although users didn’t face any issues while streaming online but there are instances when they have to face some complex issues like Netflix Error Code: M7121-1331. 

Error Code: M7121-1331 affects the user’s experience when there are issues with the browser. These issues can arise because of compatibility issues or there are any unwanted cache data is stored on the browser which stops the application to play your favorite shows. If you don’t know how to eliminate the Netflix Error Code: M7121-1331 then just follow some easy troubleshooting methods and steps and eliminate these issues completely.

Reasons  For  Error Code: M7121-1331 While Streaming Netflix On Browser

There is the various reason which results in Netflix Error Code: M7121-1331. Some of them are listed below for reference:

  • One of the main reasons by which you get Netflix Error Code: M7121-1331 is an outdated version of HTML 5.
  • If you are streaming on chrome, then the additional chrome extensions stop the playback process. 
  • The user using the corrupt google chrome or it doesn’t have the proper installation files required for hassle-free streaming.
  • Unwanted cache or cookies affect the playback services. 
  • Netflix server issues.
  • An outdated version of a web browser.

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Easy Methods To Fix Netflix Error Code: M7121-1331

There are various methods by which users can resolve the Error Code: M7121-1331. Most effective resolutions are listed below:

Solution 1: Using A Supported Browser And Enabling Html 5

Netflix Error Code: M7121-1331 can be resolved without any hassle when users use suitable web browsers including – google chrome, Firefox, Microsoft edge, or apple safari. If you are streaming on an unsupported browser like a speed browser then you have to face the issues.

  • Apart from that users need to enable HTML 5. 
  • All listed supported browsers automatically enable HTML 5 when you open Netflix on them.

Solution 2: Disable Additional Chrome Extensions

Some users use additional extensions to extend the basic functionalities of the web browser. But these can create some issues when it comes to streaming Netflix services. If you don’t know how to disable the extensions then follow these steps:

  • First, open your web browser for instance- google chrome, now enter the chrome://extensions address in the dialogue box, and hit enter.
  • After that, you get a list of extensions and turn off each of them.
  • After disabling all of them, restart your web browser and visit the Netflix website again.
Solution 3: Checking And Resetting Corrupt Chrome Configurations

Error Code: M7121-1331 can be eliminated by checking and updating the chrome configurations or Widevine content decryption module. Basically, this module is used to secure the license distribution and used by Netflix to play content without any issues. TO check these users need to enter the chrome://configurations into the browsers and check for the updates. 

  • After that resetting, the cache, cookies, and history of the browser also help users in eliminating the issues completely as there are various types of cookies stored in the browser when we visit various sites. 
  • After clearing and updating everything restart your browser and visit Netflix again and the Netflix Error Code: M7121-1331 will be resolved. If it’s not then follow another method. 

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Solution 4: Updating Or Reinstalling The Web Browser (Ex – Chrome)

If any method doesn’t work for you then you need to install the latest version again and restart the desktop. If you inspected all the factors and have an updated browser then you need to reinstall it as there are chances that your browser is corrupt or it doesn’t have the essential files used to stream Netflix. 

  • Start the process by pressing the Windows + R button to open the control panel and enter appwiz.cpl in the appeared search box. 
  • Now search and locate the goggle chrome and uninstall it by right click.
  • After that restart your desktop and visit the official website of google chrome and download the updated package of the browser. 
  • After that locate the package and install it and visit Netflix. 
Solution 5: Check Netflix Server Status

If the above-listed steps don’t work for you then make sure that the Netflix server is running or not? Most of the time the Error Code: M7121-1331 can arise because of the offline server of Netflix. To check the server status visit the official website and head to the help section and choose the server option. You can also get instant help from the best buy geek squad phone number.

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