How to Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0142

Dell Error 0142 is one the most frustrating errors that you can face as it leads to major issues with the device. This error represents the diagnostic issue with the system which needs to be resolved for the proper functioning of the device. Here, we will discuss various reasons for facing Dell Error Code 2000-0142 and the steps to fix the issue. The issue may arise in case the hard drive is dying, data corruption, booting issues, and much more. The error may also arise if there arises some error while troubleshooting.

Error Code 0142: What Does It Mean?

The Dell Error Code 2000-0142 mainly depicts the diagnostic issue or the hard drive failure. It can be due to any failure or damage to the hard drive. It is further linked to CPU failures, SSD failures, crashed operating systems, and much more. The issue may also arise if the system is trying to do the startup repair and fails to complete it. It will then throw the system in an endless loop and cause the diagnostic issue or error 0142.

Dell Error Code 2000-0142: What causes it?

There are various reasons that the user may face Dell Error 0142, these are as follows:

  • Malfunctioning of SATA Cable
  • Failed hard drive issue
  • Corrupt MBR
  • Corrupt system files
  • Bad Sectors
  • Physical Damage to the device
  • Burnt drive
  • Water damage

So, these are the possible reason for the diagnostic error. You can fix the issue by following the proper troubleshooting steps.

Dell Error Code 2000-0142 – Troubleshooting and Solutions

The Dell Error 0142 can be due to the diagnostic failure as a result of a bad drive, corrupt system, physical damage, and much more. You can contact the expert Data Recovery Service Provide to resolve the error. Alternatively, follow the steps below to fix the issue:

Connect the Hard Drive to Other Device

If there is any issue with the hard drive or it is corrupt, then follow these steps to fix the issue:

  • Pull the corrupted or damaged drive out of the system.
  • Enclose the drive to the USB enclosure
  • After that, connect the drive to the system.
  • Check that the drive is properly connected to the external drive.
  • Try to recover the data.
  • Finally, check for success.

If the issue persists, then follow the next step to fix it.

Replace the Hard Disk with SSD

Hard Disk Drives are more prone to damage and failure as they use moving heads and spinning platters. So, to avoid inconvenience and to solve the issue, the user must replace the HDD with the SSD. Solid State Drives work for a longer time and have high working performance.

Run CHKDSK Command

Another method to fix the Dell Error Code 2000-0142 is by running the CHKDSK command using the Windows Installation media. For this, you need to first check the information relating to the installed operating system in the Master Boot Record. It will show an error 2000-0142 if the MBR is corrupt. After that, follow the steps below to resolve the error.

  • Firstly, connect the drive to your Dell system and use it as an internal drive.
  • Now, switch ON the computer.
  • Press the F2 key, again and again, to enter into the BIOS setup utility.
  • Click on the ‘Boot’ menu option.
  • Now, start the Boot from Disk to USB by changing the BIOS Boot order.
  • Click on the language of your choice and then click on the Next button.
  • After that, click on Repair your computer.
  • Then, click on Troubleshoot.
  • After that, click on Command Prompt.
  • Run the prompt “chkdsk /f /r C:
  • Check for the solution to the problem.

Reinstalling the Windows

Another factor that is responsible for Dell Error Code 2000-0142 is the corrupt system file. If all other fixes fail and you still face the issue, then you need to reinstall the windows. You can delete the current windows running on your Dell computer and reinstall it using the appropriate steps. Check for the solution after reinstalling the windows.

Contact an Expert

If still you are facing an issue with your Dell PC, then you can take the help of any professional expert and ask him to fix the issue. For the Dell system, you can contact on Dell Customer care phone number and discuss the Dell Error Code. The agent will help to fix the issue actively.


How do I Fix Error Code 2000-0142 on my Dell Laptop?

To fix the error code with the dell system, you can reinstall the windows, or change the hard drive. Also, you can try to resolve the issue by running the CHKDSK command using the Windows installation media.

How do I Fix Error Code 0412?

To fix the diagnostic error code with the Dell device, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, check the hard disk connection.
  • After that, check the disk is running appropriately by running the disk check.
  • Reinstall the windows
  • If the issue persists, then replace the hard drive with a new one.
Can a corrupted Hard Drive be repaired?

To fix the corrupted hard drive, you can run the CHKDSK command in the command prompt. This command will scan and repair the drive and provide the appropriate solution. Also, you can use /f and /r attributes for resolving the corrupt hard drive and get the solution of the Dell Error Code 2000-0142.

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