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Great Call is a big platform where users can use its services to connect hassle-free with their friends and relatives. With Great Call, you can use the simple and easy call option in case of any emergency. It has built-in functionality to generate alerts and provide a response in need. To access all these services, you will have to activate your account, and device at This activation works based on your mobile ‘Serial Number’. You will get this serial number on the backside of your mobile phone.

Activate Your Account At ‘’ and Enjoy These Services

Great Call services mainly focus on senior citizens who are living alone and are in great need of any help. Other people call to activate their account or to get the GreatCall services. Below are the services you can enjoy by activating your Great Call account:

  • Personal Operator
  • Emergency 9-1-1 service
  • Health and Safety Services
  • Wellness Call
  • Safety call
  • Check Up Call
  • Urgent Care
  • Making a Pair
  • In-Home and Mobile Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • Enhanced GPS Location Tracking

The Great Call activation allows the user to activate your actual device to perform the call-up functions for you in case of any demand or emergency. You can activate it at

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How do I activate my great call phone?

The activation procedure is further classified into three steps, namely gathering information, setting up an account online, and Turning ON the device. Let us focus on each step and look for the proper procedure to follow each step below:

  1. Gathering Information:

The first step is to gather the necessary data and information that is compulsory for the activation process to complete. The information can corresponding to:

  1. Username, address, and Phone Details
  2. Billing Information.
  3. Email address of the person who will handle the account.
  4. A debit card or Credit card.
  5. Name and Phone Number of a responsible person in case of any emergency.
  6. The serial number is seven digits. You will easily get the serial number on the backside of the device.
  1. Setting Up an Account online at

You can make a Great Call account either online or by contacting the toll-free customer service number. The most preferable method is to contact you online at As soon as you will open this link, the system will ask you to enter the serial number. Take or refer to the serial number on the backside of the device. Enter the exact seven-digit serial number in the blank field on the web link ‘greatcall/activate’.

Now, the system will ask you to follow a series of instructions. Go with the flow of the instructions to complete your account setup.

Last, click on the confirm button and end the process.

  1. Turning ON the device:

To turn the device ‘ON’, you will have to follow the below points:

  1. Remove the sticker on which it is written: “Do not Power On before Activating”. You will get this sticker on the backside of the device.
  2. Now, press the Power button to switch ‘ON’ the device.
  3. Wait for a few minutes to let start the device properly.
  4. As soon as the device is ON, it will speak up the message “Welcome to 5Start”. After that it says, “Setting Up device, please wait”.
  5. Look at the center of the call button, there is a service indicator light. As soon as the device will start working, the light will glow and blink green in color.
  6. Now, the device activation is complete, and you will receive a phone call on your device.
  7. Now, the device will ring once for a check. Answer the call by pressing and releasing the call button.

It completes your activation process via Now, you can enjoy the emergency call service, wellness call service, safety call service, check-up, and urgent care call service with full support.


What If Online Activation Method Fails?

If you are activating your device online at, and suddenly you realize that your activation process is not working or showing some error, then you take a look at these points:

Check your Internet Connection: Make sure that your internet connection is working with full strength. Bad internet speed may lead to the failure of the activation process. You can test the speed of your network and can take preventive measures in case of low speed.

Check the full Address: There can be a possibility that you are opening the wrong web address corresponding to the site. The correct and exact web address is “”.

Mismatch of the Activation Code: Another reason why you are not able to activate your device can be the mismatch of the seven-digit activation code. Check and match the code twice before hitting the submit button. Even a change in a single digit can result in failures.

In case you are still not able to activate your account online at, then you can choose an alternative method. You can call the Great Call customer care number and take the help of the technician or expert executive to activate your account. The expert will guide you and help you to get success in the activation process within a short period.

You can also demand your activation process on the various social media sites supported by Great Call. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can post any service on their wall, and within a short period, a technical executive will be there to chat with you and offer you a suitable service.


Checking Great Call Activation Status

You can check your activation status in a few simple steps. Follow the series of steps below to check the Great Call activation status:

  • Move to and select the start button.
  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Now, go to the ‘Update and Security option.
  • Finally, select the ‘Activation’ option.
  • You can see the listing next to the ‘Activation’ label.
  • If you are unable to see your listing device corresponding to the ‘Activation’ option, then it means that your activation process is incomplete.
  • You can follow up with the activation process again by following every step of the procedure accurately. If still, you are not able to see the activation listing, then follow up with the troubleshooting steps above.

This is the way to check for activation status after activating it with the link. For any help contact greatcall customer service phone number.

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