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HP Spectre X360 Not Charging

HP laptops are reliable and efficient working machines that can perform simpler and more complex tasks. These laptops come up with different specifications to meet the needs of the customers. HP Spectra X360 has great battery power and a powerful mechanism. But sometimes you may face HP Spectra X360 not Charging issue. The issue can be due to the charger or the laptop itself. Here we will discuss the causes and the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue and work smoothly with the HP laptop. The main issue relates to the battery or the charger and you need to check both of them to configure the real cause of the problem.

Why is My HP Spectre X360 not Charging?

There can be various reasons for the charging issue with your HP Spectra X360 laptop. You need to configure the exact reason to get the desired solution to the problem. Here are the main causes:

  • Faulty Charger
  • Faulty Battery
  • Laptop Cleaning Issue
  • Power Cord hardware issues
  • Incompatible Charger
  • Software malfunction
  • Declining Battery health

So, these are the main causes that may end up with the HP Spectre X360 not Charging issue with your device. You need to figure out the issue and then follow the troubleshooting steps to resolve it.

Troubleshoot and Resolve HP Spectre X360 not Charging

To resolve the charging issue with the HP laptop, you need to work on the problem and then follow the troubleshooting steps to resolve it. We will focus on each factor responsible for the issue and try to fix it by following some simple troubleshooting steps:

The charger is Not Working

The very common cause of the HP Spectre X360 not Charging issue is the faulty charger. If your charger is destroyed or there is a spark in its wire, then it may not work appropriately. Also, make sure that your charger connections are tight and secure from both ends to make it work and charge the laptop properly. If the charger is faulty and not working, then you need to consult the technician for resolving the issue. Else, you can purchase a new charger and use it.

Faulty Battery

Sometimes, charging issues can also be due to inappropriate batteries. Each battery comes up with a lifetime. After its expiration, it may not function appropriately. If your charger is working properly and you can see the charging light, then the issue pertains to the battery. In this case, replacing the old battery with the new one is recommended.

Also, check if the battery is not loose. The battery connections must be tight enough to work properly. So, if your battery is not expired, then check its connections to be tight and secure.

Laptop Cleaning Issue

The HP Spectre X360 not Charging issue can also be due to dust or dirt inside the laptop. The dust may not allow the charger to work with full power and thus leading to charging issues with the laptop. So, to resolve the problem take your laptop to the authorized store and tell an expert for a deep clean. After that, use the charger and check for success.

Power Cord hardware issues

Another reason for HP Spectre X360 not Charging issue is the faulty power cord of the charger. If the charger wire is damaged or torn, then also it will not charge. In this case, you need to purchase a new charger and use it for charging your device.

Incompatible Charger

If you are not using the charger that you got with the laptop, then check its compatibility with the device. If the charger is not compatible, it will not generate enough power to charge your laptop and you may face an issue. To resolve the problem, take another charger that is compatible with HP Spectra X360.

Software malfunction

Any malfunction of the software or failure can also lead to a charging issue. Make sure that the laptop software is working with full accuracy and support. Also, there can be a certain issue with the computer’s settings and configuration. Apart from that, the software malfunction can also be due to any outdated driver. So, check that all the software drivers and updated with the latest version.

Declining Battery health

The charger may stop charging if the battery life is declining to death. Laptop batteries do not live forever. With time they start degrading their performance and lastly, you may face HP Spectre X360 not Charging issue. In such a case, you need to purchase a new battery compatible with the device and then proceed with the charging successfully.

Why is My HP Laptop Plugged in but not Charging?

There can be an issue with the battery or the laptop charger due to which you are facing an issue. To fix it, follow the steps below:

  • Plug in the charger and check the connections are secure and tight.
  • Check that you have plugged the charger into the right port.
  • Check the charger wire for any breaks or damages.
  • Update the laptop drivers.
  • Check the battery life at last.
How do I Reset the Battery on my HP Spectra X360?

To resolve the issue HP Spectre X360 not Charging, you can also reset the battery and check for success as below:

  • Unplug the laptop from the main power source.
  • Also, unplug all the external devices connected to it using a USB.
  • Switch ON the laptop.
  • Press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds.
  • After that, connect the charger to the laptop.
  • Lastly, turn ON the laptop and check for success.
Why is my laptop battery not charging but Plugged In?

The charging issue with HP laptops is common just like other laptops. The battery life and the charger hardware faults can be the main cause of the issue. However, there can also be certain other reasons associated with it such as outdated drivers, software issues, overheating, incompatible devices, and much more.

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