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Verizon is an MNC Telecommunication Company and is the world’s leading provider of mobile phones. It also provides data, voice, and video services on a large scale. It carries its services on secure platforms and networks. Whenever you feel any trouble with the Verizon device, you can simply file a claim for the device for replacement or repairmen. It will be easier for you to claim and manage your device using the protections plans by Verizon. The most demanded product of Verizon is its mobile phones. You can file a claim for your mobile online on the official Verizon website at phoneclaim/verizon. The agent will handle your online request and resolve it in not more than a day.

You have to enroll for a Verizon Protection plan to get a claim if there is any loss or damage to your product. Thereafter, you can apply for any replacement, repair, or tech support for your device. Users have to first follow certain online steps to file and claim and then submit the appropriate documents for successful replacement or repair of the device.

How Do I File a Verizon Mobile Claim at phoneclaim/verizon?

To file a claim, you must first check that your products are not missing or damaged for more than sixty days. Also, make sure that you are enrolled on the protection plan with Verizon. You must be the owner or the manager of the online account to file a claim, as it requires valid user details and account PIN.

Users can file a claim only in the condition of any lost, damaged or stolen mobile phone. You can call the executive on the toll-free number anytime to discuss any issue while filing a claim. You can take ay help or guidance for claiming process. Follow the steps below to file a claim online:

  • Open your computer or any other smart device.
  • Connect it to an active internet connection.
  • Now visit the link phoneclaim/verizon using the web browser.
  • Click on the ‘Get Started’ button under the “Phone Trouble’ title.
  • It will take you to a new page where you can file a claim for your device.
  • Fill up all the details as asked.
  • Provide the name and PIN for your account
  • Tell in detail about the issue you are facing along with the model and name of the device.
  • Add the shipping address where you want to deliver the replaced product.
  • Now, add the card details to pay the deductible fee for your claim.
  • Follow the instructions and wait for your service.

To file a claim successfully your product must be insured under Verizon protection. If your product is not counted in any of the plans offered by the Company, then you will not be able to file a claim for the device. Also, for claiming you have to pay an additional deductible fee of a very small amount depending upon the device and its tier.

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What Deductible do I have to Pay For My Claim?

While filing a claim online at phoneclaim/Verizon, you have to pay a small amount of deductible. A deductible is applicable in case of any lost, stolen, or damaged product. The deductible is not a fixed amount and it varies according to the replacement and repair services. Also, the additional fee depends on the model of the device and its version.

The deductibles for any device do not remain fixed and change from time to time. While filing a claim, the Company will tell you about the amount you have to pay as your deductible. You can also ask for it from the Verizon executive by calling the office phone number.

For What Issues in My Device, I Can File A Claim?

You can claim for any lost, stolen, or damaged device. If your mobile screen is cracked or the device is malfunctioning you cal apply for a claim for it. The expert executive will repair your device and provide you proper functioning device which works like a new one.

You can claim for the replacement of the device if your device is stolen or lost. You must file a claim within 60 days of its loss. The Company will replace the device with one which looks very similar to your device, or the new one. It will give you a new device with the same color and features. You will also get the accessories for your device in case of any loss of it. To get the repair and replacement claim, your device must be assured with the Verison. Otherwise, you can not claim that mobile phone or device.

How Can I Track My Claim?

You can also track your claim successfully online at the official Verizon website. You must be familiar with the registered phone number to track your claim. Follow the steps below for tracking the claim:

  1. Switch ON your device and connect it to an active internet connection.
  2. Visit online on the official website phoneclaim/Verizon.
  3. Scroll down a little, and check for an option as ‘Claim Status’.
  4. Select the ‘Start Tracking’ option.
  5. Now, write your phone number in the blank field.
  6. Go with the flow of instructions and the screen will show you the tracking details of your claim.

You can also ask the Verizon executive about your tracking details if you face any difficulty in accessing it online. The on-call support service is available 24X7 throughout the day and night.


How Much Does It Take For Mobile Replacement?

When you file a claim online at phoneclaim/Verizon, it will first go for its approval. You will get the approval notification within a few minutes. Now, the Company will review your documents and get to know about your product details. It will take no more than two days for the replacement service. Most of the time, the Company will deliver your new product on the same day only to avoid any inconvenience. If there is a repairing issue, then the delivery time depends purely on the repair service. If the repair service takes less time, then it will deliver your product within two days. If the repairing services acquire more time, then it may take up to a maximum of seven business days.

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