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Webroot is award-winning software that helps secure your online activities by dealing with threats, malware, and other attacks. To start with, register your device and then follow up with the activation process using a unique key code. To register your device, visit online on the official website at Webroot helps to manage your device with the latest protection mechanisms and techniques. It protects your device from phishing attacks, virus attacks, malicious codes, theft activities, and much more. You can securely browse and surf various sites using Webroot. The three major steps to using Webroot are

  1. Download: Download the executable file to your device.
  2. Install: Installing the software using the downloaded file and following the instructions.
  3. Activate: Submitting a unique activation code to enjoy the protection services.

How to Download Webroot Security Software at

To use the software effectively for your system, you have to download the software and then install it on your device. There are mainly two methods to download the Webroot, i.e. online and offline methods. You can choose any one of them for secure download. Make sure that you always follow up with the authorized way to proceed with the Webroot downloading and activation. It does not guarantee the perfect working of the software when installed in an unauthorized way. Let us take a look at both the procedures for downloading the Webroot successfully in your system.

  1. Offline Method to Download Webroot

You can download the Webroot offline by visiting any authorized store and purchasing from it at the appropriate cost. The store manager will provide you with the package in which the software is equipped. You can simply open the package and get access to the software. Then proceed with the downloading process directly using the package file. Upon successful downloading, head over to the installation process by going with the flow of instructions. We will further discuss the entire process of installation and activation.

  1. Online Method to Download Webroot

In case, you are not comfortable going out to the retail store and purchasing the Webroot, simply follow up with some online process to download and install the software successfully in your system. Follow the steps below:

  1. Switch ON your device and connect it with a valid network connection.
  2. Make sure that the network does not accommodate too many devices connected to it.
  3. Now, type the link ‘’ in the search bar of the web browser.
  4. Hit the enter key.
  5. The official webpage of Webroot will open up on your screen.
  6. Check the right part of the screen, where it is written ‘Enter your email and keycode’.
  7. Fill up both the fields with their respective values at
  8. If you are already a member of Webroot, then you can use your credentials to log in to the system. Otherwise, you can create a new account.
  9. Now, choose the product that suits you the best as per your preferences and device protection level.
  10. Select the subscription package that is convenient to you.
  11. The system will now allow you to download the Webroot file to your device.
  12. You can easily locate this file in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your device.

After successful finishing, the downloading process now proceeds to the installation process to install the software in your system.


Installation of Webroot Software For Device Protection

Whether you follow the online method at or the offline method for the downloading process, the installation will remain the same. Before installation, check that the system is compatible with the software by comparing the system requirements. To install the file follow the steps below:

  1. First, locate the downloaded file in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your device.
  2. Double-click on the file to open it and install it successfully.
  3. It will now, ask you for the unique code that refers to your product. You can get this code either in your online Webroot account or in the package that you got with the product. 
  4. Enter the code and follow the instructions.
  5. Accept all the terms and agreements.
  6. Finally, end the installation process by clicking the ‘Finish’ button at last.

Once finishing up the installation process actively you can now use the Webroot protection for your system. Start with the full scan of your system to detect and resolve any error or virus attack in your system. Now, you can go through any online task without bothering about the protection of your system. Webroot does it all for you even when you are online or offline. You can get the entire working help at It takes care of your system 24X7 while you are working on it. You can now share any sensitive information over the network without any harm to your data.

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What is the use of Webroot Key Code at

Webroot asks you for a key code to download and install the device in your system. The key code is a twenty-digit alphanumeric code that is unique for every device. It is mainly the identity of your Webroot. This code helps you to activate your device successfully. You can not share this code with anyone to maintain the integrity and security of your Webroot.

You can get this key code enclosed in the package if you opt to purchase the Webroot software from a retail store. In the case of online downloading of the software, you can get this key code in the ‘My Account section at Also, you can check it in the mailbox at your registered email address. The keycode is mainly required in the starting phase of the installation process to activate your product successfully before installing it on your device. If the key code is not available, then you will not be able to install and use the Webroot software by any means. For any help in accessing the keycode, visit the link, and click on the ‘visit support’ button.

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