GreatCall Customer Service

GreatCall offers you health and safety services and helps the customers to make a secure connection. You can now connect with your family and friends without any hassle and with easy-to-use products and services. GreatCall Customer Service is always there for you to get the most out of it. You can contact Great Call anytime on their customer service number. GreatCall offers simple to use mobile phones having in-built alert buttons, urgent response devices, and other applications corresponding to health management. You can also get the service on social media applications. GreatCall also has an online presence to handle the queries of customers.

Why do People call GreatCall Customer Service?

There are various reasons for calling the GreatCall Customer helpdesk number. It is mainly subjective to senior citizens who are in great need of any help or service. Other people call to activate their account or to get the GreatCall services. Below are the reasons why people call GreatCall Customer Service.

• For Activation of Phone
• Cancellation of the Service
• Regarding any payments or additional charges
• Requesting any information
• Questioning for any product or service
• Difficulty in accessing the settings
• The query for the staff members
• Management of the Account
• Information corresponding to Credit card
• Rectifying a blocked Phone Number
• Accessing Account Number or Pin
• Connection Issue
• Support Services
• Overcharge on an account, and many more.

So, these are the circumstances when you want to connect to the GreatCall Customer Service and discuss your problems.

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Managing Services Using MyGreatCall

There are various services like:
• Editing Personal Profile
• Managing the access of your location
• Locating your device or someone with your device
• Recording the notes ‘Just In Case’
• Managing your Account

GreatCall Customer Service Support – Online and Offline

GreatCall provides their customer full support over the services and products they offer. They offer a method for providing support and also have advance procedures for both online and offline support. Customers can opt for the services, as per their preference.
Below are the methods for GreatCall Customer Service Support:

  1. Online Customer Service: GreatCall offers online service to their customers by raising a query on their official website. Follow the steps below for handling your query online.
    • Go to the Official website of GreatCall.
    • Navigate to ‘Support’.
    • On the support page, scroll a little and navigate to ‘Quick Links and Resources. There are also options for “Need Help with Your Phone?”, “Need Help with Your Medical Alert?”
    • Choose the correct option corresponding to your issue.
    • It will then navigate you to a page where there will be a list of questions and their answers for your help.
    • You can choose the one which relates to your query and can get the answer from there.
  2. Online Contact Form: Another way you can get the GreatCall Customer Service is through the online form on their official website. Follow the steps below for this:
    • Open the web browser and go to the Official website of GreatCall.
    • Now navigate to the ‘Contact Us page.
    • Now fill in all the fields corresponding to the form. It includes department, name, mobile number, email address and a message field. In the message field, you will have to elaborate on the issue for which you want GreatCall Customer Service.
    • Finally, click on the submit button.
    • The system will then send you an email for your service and help you to provide the service you demanded.
  3. GreatCall Customer Service Phone Number: The company also handles and offers its services on the customer service phone number. You have to dial the toll-free number anytime, anywhere throughout the year. The GreatCall expert will pick your call and will provide you with the service on call. They will provide you with the best guidance in no time. This is the most efficient way to get the GreatCall service. The straightaway service from the professional without any hassle can be by calling on their customer service phone number.
  4. GreatCall Customer Service on Social Media Platform: GreatCall also offers its services through social media applications. You can post your service on the wall, or you can message them on social media accounts. An expert executive will be there to offer you the service you want. The various social media platform on which the GreatCall handles your services are:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • Google+

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Expert Customer Service Troubleshooting By GreatCall Professionals

Below is the list of various troubleshooting fixes that the GreatCall professional handles in his daily routine.

  1. Making a Test Call
    Many people queries relate to the Test Call. If you facing any issue like this, then you can take the advice of an expert GreatCall professional. Also, you can try the steps below to make a test call.
    There are two methods of making a Test Call.
    • Online Method: In this method, you have to log in to Then, you will have to send a test call. For this, you must have an active account on If not, then follow the steps below:
    o Open your browser and visit
    o Locate and click on the ‘Register’ button.
    o Now, add your login credentials and go with the flow of the instructions.
    o Now, locate and navigate to the ‘5Star Overview’ page.
    o There, you will see a button that says, ‘Send Text Call’. Click on the button.
    o It will send you a Test Call on your phone, and you can check there.

• Offline Method: You can directly call the GreatCall Customer Service toll-free number and ask the professional to send you a Test Call. The professional will respond to your service by sending you a Test Call on your device.

  1. Editing Personal Profile
    For managing the personal profile, you will first have to log in to Follow the steps below:
    • Log in to the official website using your email address and your password.
    • Now, the system will open the “5 Star Overview Page”.
    • For Managing your profile, you will see two options on that page.
    o For editing, one section at a time, select the “Manage your Profile” section.
    o Click on the ‘Complete Setup Link” for the complete process.
  2. Setting up the Account:
    For setting up your account, you can take the help of GreatCall Customer Service either online or offline. Follow the steps below to set up the account.
    • First, enter the serial number of the device. Also, enter its account information.
    • Now, enter the payment information you wish to choose.
    • The next step is to fill in the contact number in case of an emergency.
    • Review all the information for the above steps,
    • Now, click on the ‘Confirm’ button and get the confirmation.
    • After activating the account, you have to turn ON the responder for the first time. Follow the steps below for completing the activation process.
    o Turn the backside of your device and remove its sticker. Now press the power button, and after some time, you will hear a voice message. It says, “Setting up Responder, please wait”.
    o The indicator light on the top will start to blink. This means that the device is working properly.
    o After successfully turning the device ON, your responder will receive a call. It confirms your activation.
    o Attend the call and confirm the activation.
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