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Tubi is a video streaming platform that provides free and easy access to thousands of videos, shows, music, series, and other interesting video content. To access the media of Tubi you will have to first activate it on your TV by visiting the link tibutv.com/activate. You can telecast the entire Tubi media services on your big screen TV just by downloading and activating your account on it. Let us check the various devices on which you can enjoy and watch Tubi video content.

Compatibility of Tubi on your Smart TV

Here is the list of smart televisions that are compatible with Tubi video services. You have to download and install the Tubi app on your TV first, and then activate it on tubitv.com/activate. Check the list below:

  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Play Station
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Roku TV
  • iOS TV

Tubi is available free of cost on all these devices. You can access the entire media content without any additional cost. You just need an active internet connection to access the media services of Tubi, and activation at tubi.com/activate. Tubi TV will not demand you any cost for its subscription. You can watch and access it entirely on your big screen television.

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How do I activate Tubi on my TV? – Visit tubitv.com/activate

You have to first activate your device to access the video streaming services on the Tubi platform. Before the activation process, you have to follow up with the registration process to get the activation code corresponding to your device. You can complete Tubi Tv activation in two broader steps, including:

Setting Tubi TV Account

You have to follow a series of steps to register your account on Tubi TV.

  • Open your device, and visit the browser on your device. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the browser. Open the registration page for Tubi TV. You have to open the official home page of Tubi TV for registration, and the web link tubitv.com/activate for its activation process.
  • Now, perform the Sign-Up process. To sign-up, you can add your email address. It also provides you with an option to sign-up using your Facebook account.
  • Now, proceed with the password creation step. Choose and type the password for your account.
  • Hit the ‘Register’ button to complete the registration process.

Now, that your registration step is complete, proceed further with the activation step to enjoy and watch the Tubi TV media content. Follow the next step for the activation process.

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Activating the Tubi TV Account

To activate your Tubi account on a smart TV, you have to follow a series of simple steps.

  • Switch your device ON.
  • Now, visit the App Store or Play Store on your device. Search for the Tubi TV app to download and install it on your smart TV. You can also download the application from the official website.
  • Upon successful download of the application, then click on the link to install the app on your smart TV.
  • Perform the Sign-In operation to proceed further for activation.
  • As soon as you will open the app, the system will generate and display an activation code on the screen. Note the code or write it somewhere for future use.
  • Now, open the web browser. Type the link tubitv.com/activate on the search bar and hit the enter key.
  • The search engine will open up an official Tubi TV activation where. The screen will display a blank field in which you have to write down the activation code corresponding to your Smart TV app.
  • Enter the exact code. Make sure that the code matches exactly for successful activation.
  • Click on the ‘Activate’ button.
  • Wait for the account activation.

You can freely access the entire media services after the completion of the above steps. Get access to thousands of TV shows, movies, songs, videos, series, and much more.

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Preventive Measures While TubiTV Activation

You can now watch and enjoy the media services of Tubi TV on your smart TV. To avoid any faults and failure in the activation process, you must follow the following preventive measures:

  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection while following up on the activation step at tubitv.com/activate.
    • Make sure that the smart TV on which you are activating the Tubi TV media services, is compatible with Tubi.
    • Always use an updated version of the browser to open the link tubitv.com/activate and perform the activation step there.
    • Check that you have login using the correct login credentials, including email and password.
    • Always open the web browser on a separate device and visit the activation link. Also, make sure that your TV and the device on which you perform activation are connected to the same network.
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