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AT&T is an American Bell Telephone Company that offers various wireless services related to cell phones, networks, digital television, landline telecommunication, and the internet to serve its customers worldwide. It also helps to manage your wireless services by appointing skilled professionals related to your services. To control the service, you have to Schedule AT&T Appointment.

Suppose you are enquiring about any difficulty regarding your service. In that case, you ask the technician of AT&T to implement the service and configure the services related to your device. To Schedule an Appointment, you can follow the easy online procedure for it. You can make any changes to your appointment anytime before its actual scheduling date and time.

Schedule AT&T Appointment Online

The online scheduling of an AT&T appointment follows up with an easy procedure to resolve any issues regarding your wireless product. You will be served at your place itself by experienced professionals in a short period. Hence, AT&T appointment services are always said to be reliable. The steps followed are:

  • Visit the home page of the official AT&T website and scroll down directly to the bottom of the home page.
  • There you will get a link that says “Make a store Appointment”. Click on the link.
  • Now, a window will open up on which there are two icons, one of which is a calendar icon for scheduling an appointment and another one is a clock icon for changing your previous bookings.
  • Click on the calendar icon to Schedule AT&T Appointment.
  • Now, here open another page that says “Appointment Reason”, where you have to state the reason for your appointment.
    • Select the customer type, whether consumer or business.
    • Now select the appointment reason from the drop-down list provided.
    • Click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • The next page asks to “Select a Location”, where you have to find an AT&T store nearby your place.  It will make you enter the pin code of your location. After entering the pin code, press the ‘search button. It will show the list of the AT&T stores corresponding to your location. Select the one that is suitable to you, and press the button that says “select this store”.
  • Another page will open up to select the date and timing when you want to Schedule AT&T Appointment. Here, the system will show you a table listing all the available slots for your appointment. Select the appropriate place and select the time for your booking.
  • Now add your personal information, including full name, last name, email address, and contact number. And tick the check box which says, “I give AT&T permission to call or text this AT&T wireless number with information about my service and appointment reminders”.
  • Click on the “Submit Changes” button.
  • By pressing the Submit changes button, you have now Scheduled AT&T Appointment, and they will confirm your appointment via text message.
  • For a traditional phone, follow the steps.
    • After entering your details, select “Check Trouble Report Status” and schedule it.
    • Now sign in to your account with either of the following, your phone number and the corresponding last four digits of your social security number that belongs to the account owner or simply by adding the username and password of the related account.

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Schedule AT&T Implementation Appointment

In scheduling an implementation appointment, the AT&T experienced advisors will help you resolve any implementation or running issues. The advisor will guide you to resolve any problems arising in implementing your AT&T product and also helps in configuring these issues. The following steps are there for this:

  • Firstly, set up your account on AT&T’s official website. Then, schedule an AT&T appointment on the confirmation page.
  • Now select “Schedule Event”. The implementation appointment can be related to various services like Fixed Wireless Internet, AT&T Television, Direct television, U-Verse Television, and AT&T internet.
  • Once the appointment window opens up, it will then ask you to enter the date and time corresponding to the appointment you want to schedule.
  • Select your time zone and preferred day on the calendar for your implementation appointment.
  • You can only schedule an appointment within thirty days of your account activation.
  • Now enter your details, and confirm it after that.

You can also reschedule, change your cancel your appointment, for which you have to log in to your account and select the appropriate option for rescheduling or canceling the booking. If you opt to reschedule the appointment, add the new date and time to the calendar and click the ‘reschedule’ button.  For canceling the booking, click the cancel button, and then state the reason for your cancellation and click ‘OK’.

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Schedule AT&T Appointment Offline

If you are configuring any issue regarding your wireless device, go can directly call on the AT&T official number to schedule your appointment. The wireless support number is 800.331.0500 or 611. For support or issues regarding the Internet or Television, the support number is 800.288.2020.

AT&T provides you with a tracking option to track the technician going to serve you. You can do this by selecting “Track your Tech”, which is present just above your scheduling details. You will also be provided with the technician’s name and phone number so that you can follow up on your service directly with him.

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