Netflix error code: m7353-5101

What Causes The Netflix Error Code m7353-5101 To Pop Up

The primary reason for the Netflix Error Code m7353-5101 to pop up on your computer is a faulty extension on your web browser. A Web browser extension is a software module that helps you customize the browser.

The primary reason for the Netflix Error Code m7353-5101 to pop up on your computer is a faulty extension on your web browser. A Web browser extension is a software module that helps you customize the browser. Or You can contact Our Geeks for any help with this issue.

If you are using Chrome –

Turn Off Chrome Extensions to Fix Error m7353-5101

Unnecessary add-ons can in the Chrome web browser can cause the Error Code: m7353-5101 to pop up. Therefore, it is advised that you disable this unwanted ass-on.

  • Open the Chrome web browser and type chrome://extensions in the address bar.
  • This process will direct the web browser to display the list of extensions.  From among the item on this list, select the ones that are turned on currently.

Pay attention to the extensions listed under the Chrome application. These extensions are harmless and do not need to be disabled.

  • Open Netflix once again. The Error code: m7353-5101 is most likely gone.

If the Netflix Error code: m7353-5101 persists, you can try fixing it by updating the Chrome web browser.

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Updating Google Chrome

  • Go to the ‘Menu’ icon on the top-left corner of your web browser. Select ‘Help’ therefrom.
  • Three different options will be shown there namely, ‘About Google Chrome’, ‘Help Centre’ and ‘Report An Issue’. Select ‘About Google Chrome’ from among these options.
  • The Chrome web browser will show you the current version. And if there is any update available, Chrome will install it on its own.
  • Tap ‘Relaunch’. This will complete the up-gradation process.
  • Open and try running Netflix.
    An updated Google Chrome is most certain of getting your system rid of ‘Error code: m7353-5101’.

Restart Your Computer to Fix Netflix Error Code m7353-5101

If the Netflix Error code: m7353-5101 still has not gone away, you can try restarting your computer. Overworked computers can often result in Netflix acting up.

Shut down your computer for a few minutes. And restart it.
Open Netflix again.

Clear Netflix Cookies from Your Web Browser
  • Go to Once you have opened the link, you will be signed out of your Netflix account.
  • Thereof, select ‘Sign in’. Type in your email address and the password and hit ‘Sign in’.
  • The cookies have been erased.
  • When you have logged into the Netflix account, try playing some videos. The Netflix Error code: m7353-5101 must have been fixed.
Disconnect Any Additional Display From The Computer

If you have connected your computer to some TV set or other monitor, try removing them. If the monitor or the TV set does not support HDCP the Error code: m7353-5101 is likely to come up unless you remove them.

Security Software Installation

Antivirus software is necessary for computers although it can sometimes interfere with Netflix streaming. This interference is often unintentional. This could be due to the fact that the antivirus software is unable to identify the Netflix program.

Since this antivirus Software is important for the safety and security of the computer, instead of removing them, you can try temporarily disabling the software.
Another effective solution is to update the software.

  • Check for the antivirus software updates on your computer. If the update is available, download and install it.
    The manufacturers must have already fixed the bug in the software that could have been interfering with Netflix.
  • Try temporarily disabling the antivirus software. Once the software is disabled, open Netflix again, if the Netflix Error code: m7353-5101 has disappeared, it is a possibility that your antivirus software was outdated or that it was unintentionally interfering with the Netflix programming.
    Once you have gauged the problem, inform your antivirus software provider of the same.

If You Are Using Windows 10 –

The steps are similar to those of Windows 8. With minor modulations, you can fix the Error code: m7353-5101 for Windows 10.

Update Windows –

  • Start with updating the OS on your computer. Press the ‘Windows key’ on your keyboard.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and further to ‘Update and security.
  • Windows is programmed to automatically check for updates, but in case it fails to do so, you can tap the ‘Check for updates option.
  • The updates will be downloaded and installed within a few minutes. Restart the computer. And open Netflix.

These troubleshooting steps will help you solve the Netflix Error code: m7353-5101. As already mentioned, the most probable reason for the Netflix Error code: m7353-5101 to arise is unnecessary extensions in your web browser. Since they enable us to customize Chrome as per our needs, their presence puts a burden on the browser hence it starts acting up. It ultimately results in interference with Netflix.
Therefore, try removing these extensions from the web browser. 

If none of them worked for you try contacting our Geeks squad tech help team for help

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