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Xfinity, as the trade name of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, is a reputed brand dealing in Internet services, telephone services, consumer cable television as well as wireless utility services throughout the United States. When you want to pay your bill, pick up or return equipment or add or alter your services with Xfinity, you can get any help with all of these and much other assistance at the Xfinity Store. To avail of this, you can schedule an Xfinity Appointment by going to your nearest Xfinity Store or by using the online Xfinity store locator.

How to Schedule Xfinity Appointment?

You can call the customer service team. There are two ways to schedule an appointment with Xfinity:

  • Scheduling an appointment via online chat.
  • Visiting your local Xfinity Store to schedule your appointment.

Scheduling an Appointment Online

For this, you need to visit the Xfinity store locator link and go on following the steps to comfortably schedule an Xfinity Appointment online.

  • Enter your location and click on the screen magnifying glass, or choose the “Use current location” button to search for an Xfinity store near you.
  • You will find the closest Xfinity stores appearing for you to select from. Choose an Xfinity store by clicking on the tile in the search area or the link that says “View store details”.
  • Click the button for “Book an Appointment”.
  • Choose the “appointment type” from the list of types that show up and click on Continue.
  • Choose a time and date and click on Continue.
  • Key in your contact details (phone number, first and last name, email address, etc.) in the requisite fields. In case, you’d like to get a text message reminder for your appointment, you can put a checkmark on the box. Additionally, you have the option to add particulars on why you want to schedule an Xfinity Appointment. Then click on “Schedule It”.
  • You’ll see a confirmation screen with your Schedule Xfinity Appointment information.
  • Moreover, you’ll receive a confirmation email on the email address you gave on the contact details screen. To cancel the Xfinity Appointment, you simply have to click the link given in the email.
  • Once you are done with scheduling the appointment online and presented yourself at the Xfinity Store, you can meet an Xfinity representative to check in on your issue.

Customer Service Appointment Scheduling Using the My Account App

With our mission that, every customer interaction with us is convenient, fast, and easy, you can schedule an appointment with Xfinity on your mobile device as well.

  • When going through any issue with your service, Xfinity customers can now Schedule Xfinity Appointments using the My Account app, online as well as on their mobile devices.
  • While you use the interactive troubleshooting instructions on the My Account app, a Premise Health Test runs automatically on your device.
  • Customers whose service is identified as having an issue or gets detected to be offline, have the option of Xfinity “schedule a service appointment” via the app.
  • Upon scheduling of service, clients with a mobile number linked to their Xfinity account will receive a text confirmation automatically of the Xfinity Appointment accompanied by real-time updates of the arrival of the Xfinity technician. Moreover, customers have a way to request a prior appointment, reschedule their current appointment or cancel their scheduled appointment from the text alert.

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Signing Up for Appointment Waitlist

When you tried for Xfinity Appointment and didn’t get the appointment time that you preferred there is a way out. The Appointment Waitlist link lets you easily and quickly request chosen times and dates for your upcoming appointment. When your suggested time slot becomes available, you be sent a text message for confirmation.

Signing Up for Appointment Waitlist in My Account

After you Schedule Xfinity Appointment online, you’ll come across a section at the lower end of the screen that asks, “Was the time available you wanted?” Click on “Join the waitlist” for your preferred slot.

Select your chosen appointment time and date.

Click on Join Waitlist.

Next, you will find a confirmation page with the information that you’ve been added to the waitlist for an Xfinity appointment for your desired time and date. Click on Done.

Next, you will get a text message if your preferred appointment time slot gets available. This happens at least one day in advance of your latest appointment. To accept you have to reply to Y in the next 30 min. Or else reply N to remain with the original appointment.

In the scenario that your waitlist time and date don’t get available or you don’t want to accept the waitlist time by validating your current Xfinity Appointment, you’ll stay with your original appointment time and date.

Your latest appointment time and date will come into My Account when you Schedule Xfinity Appointments in this manner.

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Signing Up for Appointment Waitlist via Text Message
  • For this, you must ensure that you have added your mobile number to your Xfinity account. You can see add or later the number on your Xfinity account.
  • Once you have validated your mobile number, you need to text WAITLIST to 266278 to call for a text message regarding the Xfinity Appointment Waitlist.
  • After this, you’ll receive a text to validate that you need to be added to the Waitlist and to choose your desired date and time of appointment.
  • Now, you’ll get a different text message if your preferred appointment with Xfinity timeslot becomes available. This happens at least a day in advance of your latest appointment. Reply Y to accept the new Schedule Xfinity Appointment within the next 30 mins. Reply N to go with the original appointment.
  • If your waitlist time and date don’t come up available or you don’t go with the waitlist spot by validating your current appointment, you stay with your original appointment time and date.`
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