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How to Update Garmin Without Computer

A Garmin GPS receiver takes up the signal transmitted by satellites way above the earth and utilizes this signal to confirm your location by triangulation. What any Garmin GPS does is that picks up messages via satellites that orbit and encircle our earth two times a day and finally transmitting the signals back to them.

The Garmin GPS system is significant for drivers and motorists trying to navigate their way on the road. It simply cuts off the necessity for Siri or of asking fellow travelers around for any specific location.  With the Garmin GPS system, you just have to say your location address, and it will help you in reaching your destination. Updating for this system is important from time to time. We can help with ‘How To Update Garmin Without Computer?’ when you need one.

Why update your Garmin

A Garmin GPS System needs updating from time to time in order to make it work accurately. The real reason for updating is that the names of streets and routes keep changing from time to time. There is always the risk of ending up on a dead-end road if you don’t go on updating it from time to time. Although your computer helps with updating the Garmin system, the real issue arises when you need to know ‘How To Update Garmin Without Computer?’

This is important because it should have a comprehensive and current list of all mapped roads and highways around the geographical area it covers. This way, it will the best companion to help you all the time if you venture across to a new location. 

When to update Garmin

Do you need lifetime maps for your GPS? If you do, you need to be able to stay with the latest and all current updates each time they’re available.  If you don’t possess it, you may buy a one-time update or lifetime maps. 

You might also want to use the lifetime updates if you live in a fast-developing place where streets and road names change frequently.  Or you may have to live with outdated maps that can interfere with your driving.

You must update your Garmin GPS if you’re traveling outside the USA.   This is best suited when you are moving across the Southern Americas. Then you need to buy the maps separately if you do not know How To Update Garmin Without Computer.

Method 1: How To Update Garmin Without Computer?

update garmin without computer

Keeping your Garmin in the latest mode is easy using the Express software that helps well.  You can use it update with whatever Garmin system you have, such as Drive, DriveAssistor Nuvi.  But, when you don’t have easy and direct computer connectivity, what is the best way to do it?

Normally, most GPS devices for trucks and cars working with a screen map system can be updated using a USB connection to your computer. While there are new versions like DriveSmart 51 and other utilities meant for non-drivers that need Wi-Fi connectivity.  In order to get hold of the user updates and information, you must connect your device to the same wireless system that the Garmin Express is running on. This is a way to go about with ‘How To Update Garmin Without Computer?’

Otherwise, your mobile phone is another way out. Garmin adventure sports based products for hiking and sailing as well as some models like Approach Edge and Forerunner can execute and connect via Bluetooth to a mobile phone via the Connect Mobile app. Using this system, you can update anywhere when you are connected with the mobile cellular signal. This is a good method to answer your question of ‘How To Update Garmin Without Computer’.

Method 2:  Updating Without A Serial Port

Some models and make of the Garmin GPS device allow updating even without using a USB data cable or a serial port.  All you need to do is to select the update from the Garmin website for the specific device you want to install. Select that option that allows you to update your Garmin GPS system using satellite. Then simply key in your Garmin GPS’ serial number. Then, wait for the notification announcement that the update has been accomplished. Now you may turn off the unit. This also helps with ‘How To Update Garmin Without Computer’.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you may feel that he answer to this ‘How To Update Garmin Without Computer?’ is so easy. With these methods, you can remain updated with your GPS and avoid the frustration of using outdated maps systems. This ensures a smooth driving experience. If you’ve more questions regarding garmin contact our online support team for help

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