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Discovery Plus is a massive library in which you can demand video content of any kind. Here you can access and watch various channels, with additional series and documentary videos. You can get access to these videos at

You can also Activate Discovery Plus via DiscoveryPlus App at the Play Store or App Store. Before activating, you will have to Sign In to your Account.

Then you can watch and enjoy the HD movie and shows on devices that are compatible with Discovery Plus.

Device On Which You Can Activate Discovery Plus

Various devices are compatible with Discovery Plus, and you can stream unlimited videos on these devices by activating your membership.

  Device Compatibility –  
AndroidAndroid 5.0 and above
AppleiPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iOS 11.0 and above
AmazonAmazon Fire TV, Fires Stick, Fire TV Cube
XboxSeries S/X, Xbox One, all Operating System
SamsungSamsung Smart TV all models
Play StationPlay Station 4(all models) and Play Station 5(all models)
Android TV DevicesSharp, Sony, Philips, Sharp, Air TV Player, MIBOX 3, MIBOX 4.
Apple TV DevicesHD and 4K; TV OS 12 and newer
XfinityFlex, Xfinity X1
Web BrowsersSafari 12.2.1; Chrome Blink 51 or newer; Firefox 47 or new; Android Webview 70.0.3 OS and newer.


Sign Up Process for

To sign up for the premium membership, you will have to perform the various steps below:

  1. Take your PC or computer, and open the web browser on it.
  2. Now, open and navigate to the web link
  3. Now, navigate to the upper right corner of the page, where you will encounter a login section.
  4.  Next step, you will have to enter your phone number. The system will generate an OTP and send it to your phone number.
  5. Now, enter this OTP on the webpage, and click on the ‘Submit button.
  6. You can also perform the login with the other options like Google, Facebook, and Apple. All these options are available on the screen under the label ‘View Other Login Options’.
  7. Go to the Discovery Plus home page, and select the Premium Tab.
  8. You can choose any option at your convenience. The system will display the options as a yearly plan or monthly plan.
  9. Now, click on the ‘Subscribe’ button.
  10. Choose the payment option at your convenience. Finally, click on the ‘Complete’ option.

This way, you will complete your payment process and have fully-fledged access to the Discovery Plus Activate and access.


What Does Discovery Plus Activate Offers You?

There are various features that you can get when you activate your membership at These are:

  • It offers you a wide range of video content, including shows, documentaries, web exclusions, specials, and many more.
  • It allows access to a high level of streaming videos that is upto1080 HD resolution.
  • It helps to adjust the quality of the video as per the network requirements.
  • It provides access to eight different languages. You can choose the language at your convenience.
  • It allows a user interface and also works on voice search commands.
  • It provides access to shirt clips for your chosen shows or videos.


Procedure to Activate Discovery Plus Using

Various devices are compatible with the discovery plus application. You have to go through several steps to enable discovery plus media on your device.

  1. Firstly, search and move to the website of Discovery Plus. Now select the option for ‘Free Trail’.
  2. Select the subscription plan as per your convenience and budget.
  3. Now you will have to make a new account. For that, fill up all the essential details showing up there on the page, including your name, email id, password, phone number, etc.
  4. Now, choose the plan suitable for you (either monthly or yearly) and fill in your billing or card details.
  5. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button.
  6. Now, switch ON your device on which you want to access the videos and activate discovery plus.
  7. Now, go to the home screen of your device. Navigate to the ‘App Store’. Move to the search field. Type and search for ‘Discovery Plus’. This step is necessary for
  8. Wait for a few minutes to download the app. Then install it on your device.
  9. Now, move to the home screen, and select and open the app icon there.
  10. Here, you will get the code to Activate Discovery Plus on your device. Make a note of this code for future use, or remember it if you can. The code must be the exact match for successfully activating the service.  
  11. After completing the installation process, you can now perform the Login by entering your name and password credentials. Now open the discovery plus app on your device.
  12. On your device, open the address bar and type the address as Here, it will ask you to enter the activation code, which you get earlier. Enter the exact six-digit activation code, and proceed by pressing the confirm button.
  13. You can stream the entire discovery plus services, watch endless video content and enjoy the music on your device seamlessly.


Troubleshooting and Fixing Issues With

To Activate Discovery Plus, you need to make sure that you perform every step from sign-in to code activation, accurately. If not, then you will surely encounter trouble or error. As a result, you will not complete your process and will be unable to access the Discovery Plus content. There can also be complaints regarding the network problem and interconnectivity issues. There are some of the measures you can follow to overcome your issue and fix it:

  • No Internet Connection: There can be a possibility that your internet is not working and you encounter an error as “No Internet Connection”. To deal with this situation, follow these steps:
    • Perform the speed test for your internet. If it is showing a low connection, then manage your internet speed.
    •  Unplug your router. Wait for a few seconds and plug it back in again. Now restart it.
    • Now, check the speed of your internet again and make sure that it working properly.
    • Now, perform the steps and end up with successful results.
    • Don’t make your internet connection work as VPN, as it may lead to degrading its speed.
  • Clearing Device Cache: If still, you are facing the problem to Activate Discovery Plus, then you can try clearing your cache memory. For this, you have to perform the following steps:
    • Open your web browser.
    • Navigate to the ‘Privacy and Security option.
    • Now, click on the “Clear Browsing Data” option.
    • Choose cookies, site data, and cache from the list to clear it.
    • Now, try to follow up with the process of acting Discovery Plus by visiting ‘’ on your device. You may end up with success now.
  • Reinstalling the Application: If the above steps did not solve your problem, then you can try to uninstall the Discovery Plus application, and install it back again. Make sure that you always prefer to download and install the application from the official and authorized sites. Do not prefer to install from other sources except the official site, App Store or Play Store.

For help contact our technical experts at toll free number.

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