How To Reset Fitbit Charge 2? Read More!!

Just like all other fitness trackers, Fitbit Charge 2 also does the same activities. The device would record your daily step counts, sleep pattern, calories burned, distance travelled. It also keeps a track of your heart rate. You can also see notifications from your calendar. It also alerts you on call and messages. All you have to do, is sync it to your smartphone.

How To Reset Fitbit Charge 2

In addition to this, the Fitbit Charge 2 keeps records of your workout. It includes running, biking, walking, running, hiking etc. Wondering ‘How To Reset Fitbit Charge 2’ if the fitness tracker fails to perform these functions? Resetting the device is the easiest and the most effective method.

A new feature on the Fitbit Charge 2 is the Cardio Fitness Score. It is a combination of hardware and software feature. The tracker uses your activity ratios and data and comes up with a health score. It will record your sleep pattern, your walking speed, heart rate and it will assign a heart-health score. You can find it in the heart rate feature. This feature is available on the application of Fitbit Charge 2.

The application is free of cost, which is very unlikely in case of trackers. The application runs on Windows, iOS, and android. You can also use the application on your computer. You would not have to compromise on any of the features.

The user-friendly interface makes is better than the rest of fitness tracker brand and models. Your steps of the day are displayed at the top of the dashboard. And you can use the arrow to move to the previous day. All the activities are separately shown under their respective heads. You can also customize these features as per your choice.

The Fitbit Charge 2 lasts for about a week after a charge, which is a drawback on its part. And the regular errors are often caused by the software. You can reach out to the Fitbit team and report your grievance. The issue can be resolved in no time.

Why Reset The Fitbit Charge 2?

If you use Fitbit Charge 2, you must have seen it come across numerous glitches. Most of these glitches can be fixed by a simple reset.

Some of the most common issues that can be fixed by resetting the Fitbit Charge 2 are –

  • If Fitbit Charge 2 Won’t Sync with the smartphone or your computer.
  • If the Fitbit Charge 2 device does not track your daily steps and other activities.
  • If the device would not turn on even after charging.
  • If the Fitbit Charge 2 would not respond to taps, touch, or swipes.
  • If it would not track your heart rate.

These are some issues that a Fitbit Charge 2 user has to face on a regular basis. Typical as these issues sound, you can fix them all in few easy steps. These glitches can make you think over ‘How To Reset Fitbit Charge 2’. The steps mentioned below here will help you get rid of the trouble.

Whatever the issue, you can always get your Fitbit running after resetting it.

  • Put the Fitbit Charge 2 in its charging cradle. And connect it to the power source using the USB cable.
  • Press and hold the single button on the side of the Fitbit Charge 2. The Fitbit logo will pop up on the Fitbit Charge 2 screen in around 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Release the button when the Fitbit logo disappears again. Unplug the USB cable.

This simple method is all it takes to answer the ‘How To Reset Fitbit Charge 2’ question. If the issue still has not been fixed, you should try resetting the Fitbit Charge 2 to factory default settings.

Follow these steps to Factory Reset Your Fitbit Charge 2

  • Attach the charging cable. Plug the other end of the cable into the charging outlet. Turn on the switch.
  • Press and hold the button on the side of the tracker.
  • Without letting go off the button, disconnect the USB cable.
  • Wat for around eight to ten seconds after you disconnect the USB cable.
  • Release the button afterwards.
  • Press and hold the button again.
  • You will see ALT on the screen. Release the button when the screen flashes white. This is an important step in the process to solve the ‘How To Reset Fitbit Charge 2’ question.
  • Press and hold the button third time. The Fitbit Charge 2 will vibrate. Release the button when it vibrates.
  • Press and hold the button. ‘Error’ message will flash on the screen. Let go of the button afterwards.
  • Hold down the button one more time. You will see ‘Erase’ on the device screen. Release the button. The tracker will shut off.
  • Tu turn the device back on. Press the same button and hold it for few seconds. You can also connect the USB cable to the tracker. Ensure that both the ends of the USB cable are fixed.
    The screen will read 0:00. This suggests that the reset was successful.
  • Further, Log in to your Fitbit account and inform it that you are adding in a new device. If you are using the Fitbit application, tap the ‘Account’ icon. And select the ‘Set up a device’ option. The instructions will be flashed on the applications.
  • You can also go to the Fitbit website and learn more about the same.

Overworked gadgets are prone to lots of errors. If you want the Fitbit Charge 2 to be free of all these errors, make sure not to overuse it. And if ever you come across any error, ‘How To Reset Fitbit Charge 2’ also being one of them, resetting the Fitbit Charge 2 will most likely help you with it.

You can also reset the device to factory default settings. Although this will erase all the previous records set in the tracker. Resort to this method only if the other methods do not work.

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