HP Laptop Black Screen

If the screen of the HP Laptop is black, then the user is not able to work on the device. It can be a minor issue or a major issue with the laptop. This is a rare condition that requires professional assistance for resolving the Black screen issue with the HP laptop. Here, we will discuss various factors that may lead to HP Laptop Black Screen and how to troubleshoot and resolve them. The user has to check if the laptop is responding with a black screen or not. That means you need to check whether the lights and indicators are blinking or not.

HP Laptop Black Screen – What Does It Mean?

The black screen of the HP laptop depicts the issues with the software or the charging problems. It can represent the power surge issues with the laptop. As a result, the user is not able to see the screen working and cannot work on the device. It can mainly occur after a Windows update or the incompatibility of the updated Windows with your device specifications.

How Do I Fix a Black Screen on My HP Laptop?

There are plenty of factors responsible for the black screen issue with your laptop. These are as follows:

  • Incompatible Display Driver Software
  • Software Problems  
  • Overheating of HP Laptop
  • HP Laptop featureless screen due to in-built setting
  • Overheating of processor
  • Overheating of video card
  • Incomplete installation of Windows
  • Pending Software and Windows Updates
  • Display Damage
  • Faulty Power Supply
  • Loose Connections or forced connections
  • Virus Attacks
  • Fault in Motherboard

Black Screen on HP Laptop – When Does it Happen?

To configure the actual cause of the black screen error and to fix it accurately, you need to first check when the error occurs in your device. Here are the possible outcomes:

  • After Login
  • After Update Windows
  • On Startup
  • While Running
  • After Update Graphic Driver and Other Software

HP Laptop Black Screen After Startup: Troubleshooting

There are various ways by which the user can fix the HP Laptop Black Screen error and then work on the laptop efficiently. Depending on the outcome of the error, we can follow the step for its solution.

Recover HP Laptop Black Screen from BIOS Settings

In case you start up HP Laptop, and it shows a black screen, then follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  1. Firstly, press the power button of the laptop to turn it OFF.
  2. After that, press the Win + B key simultaneously.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.
  4. Check that the power light of your laptop is ON.
  5. The screen will show the HP BIOS Update.
  6. Wait for it to finish.
  7. Then the screen will again go black for 40 seconds.
  8. Finally, the laptop will restart and fix the error.

Safe Mode Booting of HP Laptop

Another way to fix the HP Laptop Black Screen issue after startup, we need to boot the HP laptop in safe mode. So, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, install the Windows 10 media using a USB or DVD.
  2. Then, connect the media to the HP laptop.
  3. Switch OFF the device and start the booting from the installation USB or DVD.
  4. Check the screen for the “Repair this Laptop” option.
  5. Shut down your laptop, and follow with troubleshooting.
  6. Go to ‘Advanced’ then navigate to ‘start-up settings.
  7. Click on ‘Restart’.
  8. Now, press the F5 button to enter to open safe mode.
  9. Hit on the ‘Enter’ option to open the safe mode.

HP Laptop Black Screen After Login: Troubleshooting

Sometimes, the user may face the black screen of the HP laptop after logging into your laptop. To fix the issue, there are three methods:

Restart the Laptop or Hard Reset of HP Laptop

In case of a black screen on the Hp laptop after login, follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Press and hold the start button for a few seconds to turn OFF the laptop.
  2. After that, unplug the charger from the device and remove the battery securely.
  3. Now, insert the battery and plug in the charger again.
  4. Now, press the start button and hold it for at least one minute.
  5. Finally, check for the solution to the problem.

Restarting Explorer.exe Process

If there is any issue with the explorer.exe process, then also the user may have an issue. So, follow the steps to resolve the HP Laptop Black Screen issue.

  1. Firstly, press the Alt, Ctrl, and Del keys simultaneously.
  2. Click on the ‘task manager.
  3. Locate and navigate to the ‘Detail’ tab.
  4. Click on ‘explorer.exe’
  5. After that, hit the ‘end task’ option.
  6. Finally, restart the HP laptop and check for success.
  7. Now, again open the ‘Task Manager
  8. Hit the ‘File’ option.
  9. Click on ‘Run Next Task’.
  10. Go to the Open search field and type explorer.exe.
  11. Hit the enter key.
  12. Check for the solution to the HP Laptop Black Screen issue lastly.

Update the Graphic Driver of the HP Laptop

Also, the user can try to fix the issue by updating the graphic driver of their laptop. For this, follow the steps below to continue.

  1. Firstly, click on Win + X key simultaneously
  2. Then, click on Device Manager.
  3. After that, go to Display Adapter and expand it.
  4. Right, Click on the ‘Graphic Driver’ option.
  5. Click on ‘Properties’.
  6. A pop-up window will appear on the screen.
  7. After that, click on the ‘Update Driver’ option.
  8. Hit the OK button.
  9. Finally, click on ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.
  10. Check for the solution to the black screen issue with the HP laptop.

How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen by Disabling Fast Startup

Another way to resolve the black screen error of your HP laptop is by disabling the Fast Startup. Here are the instructions to follow to disable it.

  1. Firstly, open the control panel of the system.
  2. Locate and click on ‘Power Options.
  3. Move to the left side and click on ‘choose what power buttons do.
  4. After that, click on ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  5. Tick the check box corresponding to ‘Turn ON fast Startup’.
  6. Click on ‘Save Changes.
  7. Finally, restart the HP laptop to check for the solution to the black screen issue.
How to Fix my Black Screen on My HP Laptop?

The HP Laptop Black Screen can alter the functionality of your device and restrict the user to do any task on its device. The black screen can be due to any fault in the motherboard or the hard drive. So, we need to follow proper procedures to fix the issue. Follow these instructions to resolve the black screen.

  1. Firstly, switch OFF your laptop.
  2. Unplug the power cord of the charger, battery, and other devices that are connected to your HP laptop.
  3. After that press, the power button and hold it for at least 60 seconds.
  4. Now, insert the battery again into its respective position and plug the charger wire as well.
  5. Reboot the device now.
  6. Now, unplug the laptop from the main power source and let it sit idle for a few seconds, and again plug back the laptop. This is known as a power drain.
  7. Check for the solution to the problem.
  8. If the problem persists, check the overheating of the laptop. Overheating may also lead to a black screen error in your system.
  9. Check the LED light of the Caps Lock button. If it is ON, and the power LED light is still then connect the device to an external monitor.
  10. Check for the same error to occur on the external monitor as well.
  11. Turn the laptop OFF.
  12. Press the Power + Win + B keys simultaneously and hold for two to three minutes.
  13. Release the power button after that.
  14. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions and check for success.


Why did my HP Laptop just go black?

If your laptop screen goes black, then various problems may cause it such as overheating, faulty motherboard, software issues, incompatible window updates, display errors, and much more. The actual cause of the problem depends on the time you face the black screen issue. The HP Laptop Black Screen may occur at the time of start-up, login while running, while an update is going on, and over a restart.

How do you Fix a laptop that has a Black Screen Suddenly?

To fix the black screen error of the HP laptop, you need to run the explorer.exe process. Also, the user can fix it by rebooting and hard reset of the device. Another way is to let the laptop cool down in case of overheating, and restart it after it has been cooled down. Another way that the user can try to fix the issue is by turning ON the fast Startup.

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