Verizon Activate New Phone

How to Activate New Phone for Verizon Network Services – Verizon Activate New Phone

Verizon is America’s most reliable network that delivers telecommunication services with 5G ultra wideband. It offers the best plans for its ultra-fast internet. You can activate the Verizon network on any device that is compatible with it. The activation process is simple and quick to perform. For the Verizon Activate New Phone, you need to visit the online section, or you may also prefer the Air activation process. Verizon is compatible t almost all mobile devices and works well in various locations around the world. It offers various other benefits along with its highly secured and ultra-fast network.

Why Choose Verizon Network For Your Mobile Phone?

Verizon is highly demanding because of its uninterrupted and efficient services. Also, it is suitable for a large number of mobile devices, whether old or new. There are various reasons for choosing this network service for Verizon Activate New Phone. These are as follows:

  • 24X7 Assistance over a call or chatbox
  • Secure and flexible features
  • Compatible with all Phones
  • Ultra high speed
  • Regular rewards and offers
  • Unlimited Data
  • 100% Fiber Optic FIOS internet
  • Ultra-Fast 5G Home Internet Plans

How Can You Activate Your Phone With Verizon Network?

Verizon offers flexible options to activate your device and enjoy unlimited data network services.  It provides three options for Verizon Activate New Phone. You can choose the one depending upon your convenience.

  1. On Phone Activation
  2. Online Activation
  3. Over Air Activation

All three method for the activation process is reliable and quick to perform. The methods rely on the following up of the on-screen instructions for the activation process. So, you do not have to do much by yourself.

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Verizon Services – Activate A New Android Phone

For Verizon Activate the New Phone, firstly you have to switch ON the old device and back up the entire content. After saving the content of the old device, power down both devices. Now, follow the steps below to proceed with the Verizon Activate New Phone.

  • Insert the SIM card in your new android phone which you want to activate with the Verizon services.
  • Also, make sure to perform the following:
    • Insert the battery properly.
    • Replace the cover of the battery if not in good condition.
    • Charge up your mobile before following up with the activate process.
  • Now, turn ON your Android phone.
  • After that, follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
  • Provide the essential details as asked.
  • Finally, transfer and save the by restoring it to your new phone.
  • Enjoy unlimited Verizon services.

Verizon Services – Activate A New iPhone

Like Android Phone, you can also activate your iPhone by following up with the simple process for activation. So, follow the steps below for Verizon Activate New Phone.

  • Back up your content on the iPhone and save it.
  • Now, power down both the phones, i.e. old and new.
  • Charge the phone completely.
  • Place the SIM card in the new iPhone.
  • Turn ON your iPhone.
  • Go with the flow of instructions.
  • Fill up all the details as asked in the process.
  • Restore the content lastly in your new iPhone.
  • Enjoy unlimited Verizon services on your new iPhone.

How to Activate Verizon By Calling Customer Care Phone Number – Verizon On Phone Activation

To activate your device using the On Phone Activation process, you have to arrange two mobile phones. One is for calling the customer care phone number and another one to perform and activate the Verizon services. After that, make a call at the customer care phone number, 866 893 7723. The system will provide you with some prompts which you need to follow up for the Verizon Activate New Phone. After that, perform the steps below:

  • Firstly, tell about the type of phone to activate, whether android, iPhone, or others.
  • Now, check the SIM card and tell the 20-digit SIM ID number.
  • After that, mention the ZIP code of your location.
  • Now, make sure that you are familiar with the phone number and unique security code. It will help you to Verizon Activate your New Phone.
  • After that, wait for a maximum of fifteen minutes to complete the activation process.
  • Now, go with the instructions as directed.
  • After that, go to Verizon’s official site and register your account.
  • Finally, check for success and use the Verizon network on your phone successfully.
Verizon Activate New Phone If It Doesn’t Activate Automatically when Turn ON

In case your phone does not perform the automatic activation when you switch it ON, then you need to follow up with the online activation process. For this, take a computer and connect it with an active internet connection. Now, follow the steps below:

  • Open the web browser and visit the official site page for Verizon Activate New Phone.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • It will help you to complete the activation of the phone.
  • On success, it will ask you for confirmation by making a call from your phone.
  • After that, mention the phone number.
  • Now, write down the security code of your device.
  • Finally, restart your mobile phone and check for the setup instructions on the screen.
  • Follow the instructions completely.
  • Firstly, open the web browser and visit the official link at
  • Complete the activation by going with the flow of on-screen instructions.
  • Wait for the confirmation and write down your phone number.
  • Also, write the security code for the activation.
  • Now, restart the phone and complete the setup instructions on the screen.
  • Now go to to follow up with the registration process.

So, you are all set with the Verizon activation on your phone. You can now use the network services completely.

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