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Primevideo com/help | Troubleshooting and Help

Amazon Prime Videos is a platform where you can watch unlimited video content on your device. You can also download the videos and watch them anywhere, anytime. There are thousands and thousands of movies and other entertainment shows that come up with Amazon Prime. So, Amazon Prime lets you stream your favorite videos with a single subscription. But, on the other hand, you can configure some guidance, help, or troubleshooting solutions while streaming at Amazon Prime. The company welcomes you with open hands and assists you with expert solutions on If you are encountering any issue while opening this link, then you have an alternate one,

Why do Users Visit

You can get the Amazon Professional solutions and guidance at There is a list of several topics on this page, where you can go and find the solutions and guidance directly, without any hassle. Search for your concern, and there is a 90 percent possibility that you will get it on the list.

So, now, you don’t have to follow up on the call with the Amazon executive or schedule a meeting for your problems. You will have to open a single link to Amazon’s official website as You will certainly get all your solutions there. The procedure to work on this is also straightforward.

The Main listing mainly includes topics like:

  • Installing, Downloading, and Setting Up Prime Video
  • Casting Videos on other Devices
  • Amazon Prime Gaming
  • Cancellation of Prime Video Subscription
  • Setting Up Restriction on Various devices, like Android, iOS, Web, etc.
  • Setting Parental Control
  • Reporting Content Grievance
  • Issues with Renting and Buying
  • Payment Issues
  • Troubleshooting with Live Streaming
  • Sign In and Sign Out Concerns
  • Troubleshooting Various Error Codes, like 2063, 5004, 7235, and many more.
  • Troubleshooting – Force Stop on various devices
  • Solving Internet Connection Issues
  • Working with Subtitles and captions
  • Guidance and Troubleshooting on Prime Video Watch Party
  • Creating and Managing Prime Video Profiles
  • Device compatibility and Support
  • Prime Video Channel

You can also get the same help with Amazon Prime Video on another official link address,  The listings on both pages are the same. You can follow anyone. These links are totally user-friendly, and you will save a lot of time following up with your concern and help directly on these links.

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Expert Advice On – Know Your Services, Work On Your Troubles

As per our above discussion, there are various concerns on which Amazon guides you with the help of listing on But, some topics are most popular, and so many users take the advice of Amazon guidance. We will be discussing all these topics here,

Install Prime Video on Your Devices

You can install Prime Video over a range of devices like television, phones, Amazon devices, Android devices, Apple devices, Gaming Consoles, Play Stations, and all other devices that allow media streaming. You will have to install the Amazon Prime Application on these devices to allow access to the video content. Follow the procedure below to install the app on the device. You can also refer to for the procedure.

  1. Open the device, and open the Play Store or App Store in it.
  2. Search for the Amazon Prime Video App. When your search is complete, the screen will show an official app. Download and install the application on your phone by hitting the ‘Download’ button.
  3. Now, go to your home screen, and tap the icon of Amazon Prime Video to open it.
  4. Now, register your device by hitting the button, “Register on Amazon Website”. The system will provide you with the activation code to type on the official website.
  5.  Upon Activation, you are now free to use your streaming service. For more guidance and help, you can follow


Keyboard Shortcuts On Prime Videos

If you are watching a prime video on your web browser, and you want to control your operations with a single key, then Amazon Prime offers various shortcuts which you can use to control the operations. You can get the entire list of shortcuts at We are listing here some of the shortcuts that you require while streaming Amazon Prime videos:

  • For Play and Pause – SPACE BAR
    • To Enter or Exit Full-Screen Mode – ‘F’ key
    • To Exit Playback or Full Screen – ‘Esc’ Key
    • Rewind the Video 10 seconds – ‘Left Arrow’ Key
    • Forward the video 10 seconds – ‘Right Arrow’ key
    • For increasing volume – ‘Up Arrow’ Key
    • For decreasing volume – ‘Down Arrow’ Key
    • To mute the video – ‘M’ Key
    • To make caption On and OFF, and to swap the language – ‘C’ Key
    • Audio tracks toggle – ‘A’ Key

You can use these keys to directly control your functions while you are watching Amazon Prime Videos. For more guidance, you can visit the official link Here, you can configure various shortcuts that will make your streaming easier and hassle-free.

Creating and Managing Prime Video Profiles

Amazon’s Official website is the best place where you can create and manage your profile. A single Amazon account corresponds to a maximum of six different profiles. You can take the help and support to manage these profiles at

Here we will be discussing how to edit or delete the prime video profile.

  • Open the home page of Amazon Prime Video.
  • Locate and Navigate to ‘Who’s Watching’.
  • Select the profile name which you want to edit or delete.
  • For creating the new profile, you can click on the ‘Add New’ button.
  • Give the New Name to the new profile and save it.
  • Now, for editing, click on the button with the label, ‘Manage Profile’.
  • A new page will open up. Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button.
  • Now choose the profile which you want to edit.
  • After making the suitable changes, hit the ‘Save’ button.
  • You can also remove any profile, selecting the name of the profile, and pressing the ‘Remove Profile’ button.

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How Do I Cast Prime Video to My TV?

Another main support concern that most people search for is “How to Caste Prime Video On TV”. The procedure for this is simple and you can follow it on, or Here, we will also be discussing the same procedure:

  • Switch On your TV. Make sure that your Smart TV is compatible with Amazon Prime Video.
  • Open the Amazon Prime Video App on your device. Perform the Sign In operation.
  • Make sure to connect the device and the TV with the same internet connection.
  • Now, go to the prime video application, and press the ‘Cast Icon’ available on the app.
  • Now, your TV screen will show a title as ‘Ready To Cast’.
  • Now, choose the devices that you want to use.
  • Next step, you have to choose the title that you want to cast and watch.
  • The screen will show the message that your “Chrome cast is connected to the mobile device”. You can now watch the Amazon Prime Videos directly on your big screen without any hassle.

For more help and support you can open the link “” in your web browser.

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