Geek Squad Protection Plan – A Complete Overview

Geek Squad offers a wide variety of protection plans that allows the user to manage their device and make it work properly. There are a large number of services under these plans and you can enjoy uninterrupted services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Geek Squad Protection renders brilliantly safe antivirus, web security, and gear security, which are effective in handling fatal threats responsible for deteriorating the performance of your devices. There is flexible and reliable service that enhances the life of the product and makes the customer feel free to enjoy their unlimited services. Connect with our professionals at our toll-free number, who are accessible, the whole day and night to help you out in settling the issues of any intensity, and activate the Geek Squad plan.

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Is Geek Squad Protection Plan Worth It?

Is Geek Squad Worth It, Lets check the services. The best buy offers expert services for all the tech glitches and professional assistance for resolving all the concerns with the device. The protection plan act as the extended warranty for your device, hence protecting it and making it function appropriately. The various benefits of Geek Squad Warranty include:

  • Unlimited s24X7 Support Services
  • Expert repairing solutions for thousands of products and devices
  • In-Store, remote, and In-Home expert services
  • Workmanship guarantees all repairing services
  • Easy transfer of protection plan
  • Fully-fledge support coverage

Why Choose Geek Squad Protection Plan?

In this era of web and innovation, every gadget is set at a comparable risk. This risk can get through the web, or different offline sources, yet surely harm the merit of the gadget. Screening your gadgets and information from any kind of cyber assault, malware or some other danger is as rudimentary as any other primary necessity of our life. Our experts provide you with Geek Squad Protection to make sure the safety of your devices.

The experts are adequately experienced to manage every issue concerning the debilitation of electronic systems. As we’re especially mindful of the ways to manage any problem recognized with the safety and execution of your gadgets. Furthermore, at whichever point you’re confronting any of the issues, just contact our experts at our helpline number for activating the execution of Geek Squad Protection, where our executives are consistently accessible to serve you 24X7. At our customer service, we have got a team of the best professionals who encompass the entire world that is particularly helpful to provide you the solutions at the perfect place, so that every one of our customers is contented with the appropriate solutions.

Geek Squad is a team of professionals that are dedicated to handling the entire tech support services. The expert team is also dedicated to handling smart home products, electronic and electrical appliances, and other office and home devices. You can demand any service at any time. Geek Squad offers all these services with flexible terms and conditions. You can get the desired services at budget prices depending upon your suitability. You can apply for the various protection plans that match your products and services. To apply for the protection plans, follow up with the steps at protected. You can then enjoy the priority and quick services at reasonable fares. The main features of these protection plans are as follows:

  • Expert repairs and other services
  • Free setup and installation services
  • Low prices guaranteed
  • On-site availability of services
  • No added extra cost for any service
  • Priority handling of services
  • Service warranty
  • Easy Cancellations
  • Automatic renewal of plans
  • Easy transferable of policy
  • On-Spot In-Store Services

Products and Accessories Covered under Geek Squad Protection at protected

Geek Squad offers various protection plans to apply online and enjoy the protection of different devices. It entirely covers the entire products and devices at your home or office. You can apply for the protection of one or more devices at a time. The geek squad protection plans are available on a monthly, and annually basis. The plans at protected covers up the entire products and devices that you use personally, family, household, professionally, outdoor, etc. The wide ranges of these products are as follows:

  • Computers and Tablets
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Networking devices
  • Routers and Modems
  • TV and home theatre
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electronic devices
  • Cell phones
  • Cameras and Camcorders
  • Drones
  • Automobiles
  • Wearable tech devices
  • Portable audio and video devices
  • Games and Gaming consoles

You can manage the setup, installation, security, maintenance, protection, repair and restore, anti-theft, and other services for all these products and devices under your protection plan. You need to follow a quick and easy process of subscription to start the protection services under your plan at protected.

List of Geek Squad Protection Plans – Visit online at protected

There are various plans the Company offers depending upon the products and services you wish. You can choose any plan depending upon your needs and convenience.

  1. Service Replacement and Total Plans

The plan covers up the entire services of the product for the time it is in the warranty period. The plan also ensures the replacement of the device if the issue is unrepairable. It deals with the overall protection of the device with timely and hassle-free service. Also, if there is a repair of the device more than three times, then you can demand the free replacement of the product. The expert professionals provide both in-store and in-home service depending on this plan. The user will get the extra plan benefits and offers timely.

  1. Geek Squad Total Protection Plan

It covers the total protection of the device. You can demand any service including, setup and installation, repair, restore, maintenance and other protection services. You may choose any device under this plan with full supportability. There is a free cancellation service in case you are not satisfied with the services. The protection plan at protected stays that you can apply for the monthly or annual subscription and pay in instalments for your convenience.

  1. Geek Squad Protection for Wireless Products

The Geek Squad Protection for Wireless plan includes the protection subscription for the devices that work wirelessly. You may use wireless products in your daily routine. These products are more prone to theft attacks and other connection failures. To maintain the integrity of the device and to work it like a new one every time you face an issue, you can apply for this plan and enjoy free services till the maturity of the protection plan. All the wireless products and network operating products are valid for this protection plan.

  1. Geek Squad Home Membership

You can also apply for the Geek Squad Home Membership to secure the entire products of your home. The Geek Squad experts will run a checkup and maintenance of all the products at your home. It is the best plan to live in a smart home that requires regular maintenance. The Geek Squad experts will also handle the repair of various devices that are not working properly at your home. There are timely offers, gift cards and other benefits under this plan.

How To Purchase Geek Squad Protection Plan?

The customers can check the list of Geek Squad protection plans online at protected and apply for the one that is suitable for their product or device. You can get the entire details of the plan online. There is also the flexibility to choose the plan based on the time, payment and service. You can apply for the monthly subscription or the annual subscription.

The first option to purchase the plan is by visiting the Geek Squad store nearby your place. Talk to the agent directly and it will help you apply for the plan under proper guidelines. You have to submit the documents and your personal information for a subscription to the plan. The files and documents are kept secure and authorized by the expert agents.

Secondly, you can also call the agent and schedule a meet at your place. The agent will come to your place directly at the date and time of your choice. Ask the agent to help you with the subscription of the plan of your choice.

Lastly, you can also purchase and apply for the subscription online at protected. Read out the terms and the conditions and follow up with the registration and payment process.

What Products Comes Under Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Geek Squad provides support and tech services to a large range of products that customers use in their offices, at home, or in business. They handle a large range of products under one roof such as:

  • Computers and Tablets
  • Printer and Scanner
  • Smart Home WIFI and Security
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Games and Gaming Consoles
  • VR games
  • Cameras and Camcorders
  • Wearable tech devices
  • Audio and Video devices
  • Drones
  • TV and Home Theatre
  • Smart Phones
  • Scooters, bikes, and hoverboards

What Does Geek Squad Protection plan Help With?

This plan covers repairs and services which the manufacturer’s contract may not cover. By buying this Plan you don’t need to worry about repair and replacement. If your product is not worth repairing, we will trade it for you. Services included in Geek Squad Protection are listed below:

Coverage for Parts & Labor– The plan offers coverage for labor and coverage which are required to keep your device running smoothly. To get to know about the services, go through the policy of Geek Squad Protection.

Substitution with 3rd repair– If the product has gone through the repair that too 3 times in a row, the technician will replace it. With the Plan of Geek Squad Protection, you are not trapped with the faulty product. We will provide you with the new product. So, get your devices secured with Geek Squad Protection.

Safety from Power Gush– We all know that power surges can happen at any time which can cause serious damage to the device. The Plan of Geek Squad Protection covers power surges which many of the manufacturers’ warranties don’t.

Handy Coverage– You can relocate your handling to the new owner if you are selling it. You only have to call us and give us detailed information about the person you are relocating to the plan.

Reliability with Guarantee– We take all the responsibility and guarantee the customer the value of repair for up to 90 days.

Get Instant Support with Our Experts for Any Issue – What Does Geek Squad Warranty Covers?

We provide instant support to our customers whether it’s day or night. We are always available for them and make sure to resolve their queries and problems instantly. Below are some points which can help you in knowing about our services in a better way.

24/7 Immediate Support (English & French)- Got some queries or concerns? Contact us any time. We’re here at your service to assist you 24*7. The executives of our customer service are friendly and will help you in the right way.

Excellent International Coverage– We understand that it is tough when your device suddenly stops working or gets broken during traveling. For this purpose, Geek Squad Protection Plan gives global coverage. For support and help, you can give ring our toll-free helpline number.

Best In-Store Service– The customers only need to bring their product to the store location, and our specialists will take care of the rest.

No, Any Hidden Cost– There are no hidden fees and no extra costs in our plan. We shall recompense all the costs regarding a concealed claim. You don’t have to pay any amount at all.

What is the Best Buy Geek Squad Extended Warranty?

The protection plan under Geek Squad acts as an extended warranty for the device. It is optional for the customer to purchase the warranty plan. But it is always better to purchase it as it adds value to the product and protects your device against any power surges, damages, and other failures. The customers can apply for the extended warranty within 30 days of the product purchase.  

What are Various Geek Squad Protection Plans for Extended Warranty?

There are a lot of Geek Squad Extended Warranty Plans from which the user can choose as per its choice and the demand of the device. These are as follows:

  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Wireless Device
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Major Appliances
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Televisions
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Laptops
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Desktop Computers
  • Geek Squad Protection Plan – Carry-In
  • Geek Squad Home Membership
  • Geek Squad Protection Replacement Plans 

What Does Geek Squad Extended Warranty Covers?

There are a lot of services that the Geek Squad covers up in their warranty and protection plan. It covers various damages, wears and tear, and other failures of the product. The experts handle the product’s diagnosis and troubleshooting of various issues under the Best Buy Extended Warranty period. Check the list below for the warranty coverage services

Geek Squad Warranty IncludesGeek Squad Warranty Does Not Include
Repair of old or new partsCosmetic damages
Free replacement services in case of frequent repairsMisusing of Product
Rebuild using new partsWeather Damages
Accidental and Other DamagesAbuses
Wear and TearDamage due to Incorrect Use
 Loss or theft

How To Submit the Request For Any Service Under Geek Squad Extended Warranty?

There is a quick and simple process online to apply for any service under your plan. The customers can apply online for this process at the official website. The three steps process includes:

  1. Product details: firstly, arrange the details of the product for which you need to apply for the Geek Squad Extended Warranty. The expert technician will ask for the entire details of the product, including the model, functionality, and other essential details.
  • Problem with Product: Secondly, you need to mention the problem which the product is facing. You need to provide a detailed description of the problem for the executive to diagnose the problem perfectly and troubleshoot it.
  • Verification of Contact: Lastly, you need to verify and confirm your contact details and your information.

Geek Squad Extended Warranty Customer Service Phone Number

To avail of the Geek Squad Warranty services, you can call the assistance and support team member at 1800 433 5778. The team members are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the services. Customers can call for subscribing to the protection plans, demanding any service for the product under warranty, cancellation of the plans, refunds, and other enquires relating to the warranty. Here are the complete details for the Geek Squad Phone number.

Geek Squad Extended Warranty Phone Number1800 433 5778
Call Pick By Real personYes
Call back AvailableYes
DepartmentGeek Squad Customer Service
Quality of Communication84%
Quality of Help82%
Alternative MethodsWeb, social media, In-store, Live Chat

Benefits of Geek Squad Protection Plan – Extended Warranty

There are various benefits that you can get by applying for the extended warranty of your device. All in all, you can increase the life span of your device and make it run like a new one. In addition, the customers can work with more functionality of the device and avail of its services under the budget. So, here are some of the benefits:

  • Coverage of any accidental damage to the product under the expert and skilled professionals.
  • Coverage of in-box accessories of the product such as charger, earbuds, mouse, cables, etc.
  • One-time replacement of the battery in case it is not charging.
  • Repairing of the screen in the case at least three of its pixels are not working or are bad.
  • Repair of the device from normal wear and tear.
  • Handling failures and errors of the device
  • Transferring the Geek Squad Plans.
  • 24X7 support services for any problem

Service Cost For Geek Squad Extended Warranty – How Much Does it Cost?

Geek Squad provides budget plans so that it is reachable to every customer. You can apply for the Geek Squad Extended Warranty for the products depending on 1 year and 2 year plan. Check the list below for the service fees:

Device Cost1 Year Plan2 Year PlanService Fees
$0 – $49.99$15.99$24.99$9.99
$50 – $99.99$19.99$39.99$19.99
$100 – $149.99$29.99$79.99$29.99
$150 – $199.99$39.99$79.99$39.99
$200 – $249.99$49.99$84.99$49.99
$250 – $299.99$59.99$89.99$69.99
$300 – $349.99$69.99$109.99$79.99
$350 – $399.99$79.99$119.99$89.99
$400 – $449.99$89.99$129.99$109.99
$450 – $499.99$99.99$149.99$119.99
$500 – $799.98NA$169.99$149.99
$799.99 – $1199.99NA$169.99$199.99
$1200 and UpNA$219.99$199.99
How Do I Check My Geek Squad Warranty?

To check the Geek Squad Extended Warranty you can call the executive at the phone number 1 888 237 8289. The agent will help you and provide the details of the warranty plan which you are using. You can check the availability of the plan by calling the agent. Also, you can chat with the agent on a live chat box available on the official Geek Squad website. The customers can chat with the agent on the chatbox to get the details of the plan and check its warranty period.

Can We Cancel Best Buy Extended Warranty?

The customer can cancel the warranty anytime after the purchase. Any cancellations within thirty days may result in a full refund of the plan. After that, the refund varies depending on the device and the services you avail yourself of. 

How to Apply for Geek Squad Warranty?

We have three convenient options for customers so they can purchase the Geek Squad Protection Plan quickly and easily. Those are listed below:

  • Online Purchase– You can visit and purchase the protection plan for your devices.
  • In-Store Purchase – You can contact our sales associate for adding this Plan. You can plan it through sales or at check-out.
  • 30 Days After activation – If you have not purchased coverage when buying the product, you only need to visit any store within 30 days and we will add Geek Squad Protection to your product.

Get your devices secure and protected through Geek Squad Protection. Our customer service will assist and guide you about its coverage and services. You can avail of great offers and discounts on this plan.

How Many products can we add to Geek Squad Protection?

Geek Squad Protection Plan corresponds to the number of devices at the same time. There is no limit on the number of devices that you can add to your plan. There is a full support service for all the devices that comes under your plan. The well-trained technicians provide solutions and tech support to every device if it faces any issue. Only the accidental coverage plan corresponds to one device per plan. You have to apply for different accidental damage for every device. For full support services and coverage of your devices under the Geek Squad Protection Plan, call the executive at 800-433-5778.


How Long does the Geek Squad Protection Plan Last?

Yes, there is a time limit to purchase the plan corresponding to the device that you have purchased. There is a time limit of a maximum of 30 days. For some of the devices, the limit extends to 60 days. You can contact the Geek Squad agents to know about the time limitation for your device. If you exceed the time limit, then you cannot include all the services covered under your plan.

Can we Transfer Geek Squad Protection Plan to Another?

Yes, you can easily transfer the Geek Squad Protection Plan. When you sell your product to someone else, then the Protection Plan also goes along with the device. You can change the name of the holder to which the Protection Plan belongs. No additional fee is required to transfer the plan, and it gets transferred automatically with the device. The person who has purchased the device along with the plan can call the Geek Squad agent and submit other details including phone number, email address, and address details. The agent will also ask for the account information of that person to get the payment for the next installment corresponding to the next month, or year.

How Much is the Geek Squad Protection Plan?

The cost of the basic Geek Squad plan for the protection of your device starts from $69.99, with 1 year of validity of the plan. Also, for the 2 Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection Plan, the cost starts from $109.99 and varies as per the actual cost of the product and the services of the plan.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Geek Squad?

To cancel the Geek Squad Protection plan subscription, you can call the executive at 1800 433 5778. After the automated system starts, say Cancel my Plan. Go with the instruction flow and Cancel the Geek Squad Protection plan anytime.

How Do I Contact Geek Squad For Protection services?

Customers can call the Geek Squad representative on its official toll-free phone number. The Geek Squad agent is available at 1800-433-5778. The customer can call anytime 24X7 for protection services. Also, you may connect with the agent on the live chat online. The agent will provide the Geek Squad Protection services on the chat with full reliability and flexibility.

Geek Squad Customer Care1800 433 5778
Call back AvailableYes
Call Pick by a real personYes
DepartmentGeek Squad Protection Phone Number
Best Time to Call2:30 PM
Quality of Communication82%
Quality of Help85%
Alternate methods for contactLive chat, social media, web, email
What is covered by Accidental Geek Squad Protection?

Geek Squad Protection Plan covers all types of accidental damage to the device. The expert executive handles your device like a professional and resolves all its glitches from accidental damage. It uses genuine products and the latest techniques to provide the services. Geek Squad accidental coverage includes:

  • Failure from normal wear and tear
  • Battery damage
  • Pixel Damage
  • Screen Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Fluid Damage

The accidental coverage for the protection plan starts from the date of purchase of the plan and lasts for 12 months.

How Much is Best Buy Geek Squad Protection?

Best Buy offers comparatively low costs for all the services by Geek Squad. It works on the customer-oriented approach to handle and manage the services flexibly. You can demand the protection service for as low as $49.99. Also, some of the services under the Geek Squad Protection Plan are free of cost and you can enjoy other unlimited services at great offers and discounts. The service cost depends on the actual cost of the device and the service you are demanding under the protection plan. You can also go for Geek Squad Renewal Plan after your device gets out of warranty. Refer to the example below:

Cost of Computer1 Year Protection Plan2 Year Protection Plan3-Year Protection Plan
 $10.83 per month$7.92 per month$6.39 per month
Does Geek Squad Warranty Covers Physical Damage?

Geek Squad Protection Plan covers all physical damage to your device for any wear or tears caused to its hardware and different parts. It will repair all the parts that are broken or suffering from any hardware damage to the device.

Does Best Buy Cover Broken Screen?

Geek Squad Warranty covers any damage to your screen if happened accidentally under its protection plan. If your screen is damaged, its pixels are damaged, or any other issue with the screen, you can handle the device to the Geek Squad technician for its repairing service.

How Long Does Geek Squad take to Repair a Computer Screen?

In case of simple repairs to the computer screen, the expert will take no more than three days. However, if the computer screen is highly damaged, then the technician can take more than a week for its service.

How Do I Claim My Best Buy Warranty?

To claim the Geek Squad Warranty, you can call on the toll-free phone number at 1800-433-5778. The helpline number is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the help and support services of Geek Squad Protection Plan.

How Long is Geek Squad Warranty?

Geek Squad Warranty services last for one year (365 days). You can claim any service under your protection plan for one year. Also, you can apply for the 2-Year plan or 3-Year plan and enjoy uninterrupted services over that period.

Does Geek Squad Have a Cancellation Fee?

To Cancel Geek Squad Protection, you do not need to pay any additional charges. The customer can directly call on the Geek Squad Warranty phone number 1800-433-5778 for cancellation and refund.

How Long Does Best Buy Refund Take After Cancel Geek Squad Protection?

Geek Squad normally refunds your amount after the confirmation of the cancellation of the Geek Squad Protection Plan. The refund takes 7 to 1 business day to reflect in your account.