Linksys RE6500 Setup

What Is Linksys –

Linksys is an American brand that sells data networking hardware products. They mostly design their products for homes and small business needs. We will talk about Linksys RE6500 Setup in this blog.

The Linksys RE6500 is a dual band wi-fi extender. The device covers up to 10000 square feet of area and helps eliminates dead zones for wi-fi network.

Linksys RE6500 Setup –

The Setup process can usually be completed in a short time. Users also do not need to bother themselves of learning too many technical terms. You can undertake the Linksys RE6500 Setup process even if you have not acquainted yourself with all the terms.

You can follow these steps to complete the Linksys RE6500 Setup process.

  • Set Up The RE6500 Extender –

Start off the Linksys RE6500 Setup process by fixing the extender device. Connect the two antennas on the router. And plug the power cable in the cable port on the rear of the extender.

  • Place the Extender –

Fixate the extender somewhere between the Wi-fi router and your computer or laptop. Make sure that the extender is placed far from the computer or the router. This will weaken the signal strength even before the setup process completes.

  • Power To The Extender –

Put the other end of the power cable into a power outlet and turn the switch on. Also press and hold the Power button on the router.

Once the extender has enough power, the bright light on the router will light up.

These steps elaborate the process of setting up the hardware of your Linksys extender.

Hardware setup is just as important as the Wi-fi network configuration. Make sure you place the extender close enough to the router so as to make the extender capable of processing the signal.

Setup with the Wi-fi Protected Setup Button –

You can use the Wi-fi Protected Setup Button on the router and the extender to complete the Setup process.

  • Press and hold the Wi-fi Protected Setup push button on the Linksys extender.
  • If the Wi-fi Protected Setup screen on your computer or laptop shows the ‘Wi-fi protected Setup Button’, click on it. And if it does not, you can press the Wi-fi Protected Setup push button on the router itself. Press this button and hold it for four to five seconds.
  • Once the configuration process is complete the, Power LED on the extender will light.
  • If you used The Wi-fi Protected Setup screen, Click ‘Ok’ within two minutes after the configuration finishes.

Linksys RE6500 Setup Using The PIN On The Extender –

Follow these steps if you wish to complete the Setup process using the PIN method.

  • The Personal Identification Number or the PIN is usually written on the bottom of the device. Find the PIN of your extender on the product label at the bottom. You can also reach out to the company in case you could not find the PIN on your device or anywhere in the user guide provided with the extender.
  • You can use the PIN method only if your router has the Wi-fi Protected Setup menu.
  • Once the Wi-fi protected screen pops up, fill in the required information. Click ‘Register’ thereafter.
  • The extender will take few minutes to connect to the Wi-fi router. Once the connection is established the Power LED on the extender will light.
  • Next, Click ‘Ok’.

Using The Conventional Method For the Linksys RE6500 Setup –

  • Open a web browser on your computer and go to the website of Linksys Extender. You will be directed to the Setup Wizard page.
  • Once you are on the Setup Wizard page, click ‘Start’.
  • On the next screen, select ‘As a wireless range extender’ and then ‘Next’.
  • You will see a list of all the networks that are available around the Extender device. From the list, select the name of your Wi-fi network.

If you use a dual band network, you will see the names of both the bands on your screen.

In case you have hidden the name of your network, you can access it by scrolling to the bottom of the options and selecting the ‘Manually enter The network Name and password’.

  • Further, you will have to enter the password to your wi-fi network. Enter the password in the appropriate field and click ‘Next’.
  • The next screen will prompt you to configure the device to the wi-fi network.
  • You always have the option of changing the name of your extended network. Once you are done changing the names click ‘Next’.
  • Next, the Spot Finder will determine if the signal strength is strong or not. It will tell you if the extender is placed too far or too close to the router.
    You can make the necessary changes thereafter.

Once the Linksys RE6500 Setup process is complete, the ‘Your Extender is set up’ page will be displayed on the screen.

As mentioned above, the Linksys RE6500 Setup is easy to complete it also does not involve too much hassle. Follow the steps and complete the Setup process without any trouble.