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The most common problem people face while using Amazon prime on Samsung TV is that Samsung TV does not work accordingly. There can be various reasons for this. So, you have to visualize the problem first and then proceed with the corresponding solution. You can contact the expert executive for Amazon Video Help Samsung TV, and rectify the issue. The expert will guide you through several options to fix your problem and manage it accordingly. Let us first look at the features you can enjoy on your Samsung TV with Amazon Prime.

amazon prime video help samsung tv

Samsung TV with Amazon Prime Video Help

  • Streaming ultra HD video quality
  • Sound quality support for 5.1
  • Access to Live streaming
  • Live advertisement support
  • Access to audio description
  • Closed caption support

These are the services a user can enjoy in Amazon Prime Video. So, the problem arises corresponding to it in your Samsung TV. You can solve your problem by following up on some simple steps for Amazon Video Help Samsung TV.

Nowadays, many users are unable to access their Samsung TVs after subscribing to Amazon Prime. The major problem corresponding to this issue is the size of the RAM. Users are working under Smart TV, so they require a high ‘RAM’, for efficiently playing all the videos and other stuff. So, in the first step, make sure that your TV does not stay in standby mode; turn it OFF when not in use. There are also various other reasons why your Samsung TV stop working, and you need Amazon Prime Video Help to resolve it. Check out the points below for your help, or call the Amazon prime video 800 number (1-888-***-****) to help you find the solution.

Managing The Prime Account – Amazon Video Help Samsung TV

The main reason why your Samsung TV is not responding precisely can be one of the following from the below list:

  • The video streaming application is out of date.
  • Your membership is over, and your account is not in an active state.
  • Slow Internet connection problem.
  • Less Random Access Memory.
  • Storage of irrelevant Cache Files.
  • Software is incompatible with the device.
  • Samsung TV contains Viruses or other malware attacks.
  • The connection between the internet and the Samsung TV is not proper.
  • The HDMI cable is not in a good state.
  • The router is not compatible, and its position is correct.
  • Access the internet connection for many other tasks.

Make a check randomly and regularly for all these issues and take the necessary Amazon Video Help Samsung TV, at the initials step only. Also, contact and take Amazon Prime Video Help for these issues regularly so that you can have full access to your Amazon Prime Membership on your Samsung TV.

Amazon Prime Video Help for Fixing Issues with Samsung TV

No need to worry, if you are facing any problems with your Samsung TV. The Amazon Prime Video Help is always by your side to guide you and solve your problems in one go. You only need to call on their customer care number:

1-888-***-****; seven days a week, 24 hours a day

Alternatively, you can also call on Samsung customer care number:

800-***-****; seven days a week, 24 hours a day

Still, you want to solve your issue. Then, follow some points for Amazon Video Help Samsung TV.

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Cold Reboot by Pressing and Holding the Power Button

It is a simple solution but is very efficient to solve any problem. In this, you have to turn OFF the device and then turn it ON again. Follow the steps for the cold reboot:

Press the power button of the Samsung TV and hold it for a few seconds.

Release it as soon as your Samsung TV gets OFF.

Now unplug the cable from the power source and wait for a few more seconds, say for 30 seconds.

Plug the cable into the power source and switch ON the Samsung TV. Check if your Samsung TV is now responding or not.

Performing the Updates on Samsung TV

To follow up with the new technology, Samsung releases new software updates regularly from time to time. So, you must keep checking for these updates regularly. The software updates optimize the TV and fix the errors automatically. For updating the software, follow the steps below:

Turn ON your Samsung TV.

Now, take the TV remote control and press the home button.

Use the arrow keys and go to the heading section.

Locate and head to the ‘Support’ section.

Now, go to the ‘Software Update’ section.

Finally, select ‘update now’ on the screen.

It will start the software to update. As per Amazon Video Help Samsung TV advice, check your internet connection to be active while performing the software update. Also, updating will take some time to complete. So, keep the TV in ‘ON’ mode till the update is complete.

Now, your problem with the Samsung TV solves automatically by updating the TV software timely.

  • Re-Install Amazon Prime Video App: Another way to tackle the error in your Samsung TV is to reinstall the Amazon Prime App.  For this, you will have to uninstall the application first and then install it back again. This way, it will help us to get the new Amazon Prime Application with new updates. Also, it will make us free from the error corresponding to the old application. If you face any difficulty in reinstalling the app; then you can opt for Amazon Video Help Samsung TV. Perform the following steps for this:
    • Switch ON the Samsung television, and then use the remote keys to go to the “App” section.
    • Locate the ‘Amazon Prime App’ and then press the ‘remove’ option. It will uninstall the app.
    • Now, go to the Amazon Prime App again using the ‘search option on the screen.
    • Click on the ‘Install’ button to reinstall the application with new updates.
  • Managing High Internet Connection: If you face any issue relating to the connectivity of the Samsung TV, then Amazon Prime will crash, and your TV will not work as usual. Then you will have to rush for Amazon Video Help Samsung TV and rectify the connection problem. But, before that, you can follow the steps below to make the system work:
    • First, turn OFF your router and unplug it from the power source.
    • Now, wait for a few seconds, say for 30 seconds.
    • Plug the router again into the power source and switch it ON.
    • Now, connect the Samsung TV to the internet using your SSID credentials.
    • Check if the error persists or not.

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Make Internet Specific to Amazon Prime App-Only

You might be using an internet connection on your Samsung TV, which is busy with various tasks. There may be many users working on the same internet connection.  It will result in the starving of the internet, and you will need Amazon Prime Video Help.

The Amazon experts will recommend you disconnect all the other devices from the network and make the internet connection specific to only Amazon Prime App.

  • Problem with HDMI Cable: Another reason for this is the HDMI Cable. There is a possibility that the HDMI cable you are using, is not in good condition.  So, attach the system with a new HDMI cable to resolve the issue. If you are unfamiliar with the type of cable you have to use, then you can take Amazon Video Help Samsung TV on their customer service phone number.
  • Using a Compatible Browser:  You might be using a browser that is not compatible with the device or application. So try to use another browser and run your Samsung TV.  Always use a browser that is virus-free and safe to use. Authenticate it before using it.

If your device does not have any other browser, then you can download it from the internet. Use the only official site to download the browser apart from other insecure sites.

If you can not tackle your problem with Samsung TV all alone, then the better choice is to opt for expert help and let them solve it on your behalf. It is always a better way to let them solve your issues, as they have the full knowledge of the device, and they will handle it technically. So, go for Amazon Prime Video Help with the full details below:

Call Support Amazon Video Help Samsung TV
Amazon Customer Service Number1-888-280-4331
Call-back availableNo
The call picked up by an Amazon ExecutiveYes
DepartmentAmazon Customer Service Support
Call center hours24 hours, seven days
Best time to dial8:30 am
Rank among phone numbers1
Overall Rank1
Alternate methodsphone, email, chat, web, Facebook, Twitter
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