Streaming documentaries and other videos is a pleasure to watch for many users in today’s era. Discovery Plus is an application that specially focuses on entertainment content. If you are a Samsung TV user, you can easily access the discovery plus in your smart TV. For this, you have to visit Activate link. Activating Samsung plus will provide you with all the facilities to enjoy on the big screen and you will easily access all its services.

Download and Install Discovery Plus App on Samsung TV

To enjoy the unlimited shows, movies, videos and other entertainment media on your Samsung Smart TV, you will have to download and Activate Discovery Plus Samsung TV at the first step. Let us follow the procedure to download the discovery plus app on your smart TV:

  1. First of all, turn your Samsung smart TV ‘ON’.  
  1. Now, connect it with an active internet connection.  
  1. Now, take your remote, and click on ‘Smart Hub’.  
  1. Now, you will be able to see the App Store on the screen. Select the ‘App Section’.  
  1. Now, you will be able to see the search icon on the screen. Click on the icon to proceed further.  
  1. Type and search for discovery plus. The app corresponding to the discovery plus will be visible on the screen. Now, you will have to activate the discovery plus in your Samsung TV using, Activate.  
  1. Once the app is visible, you will have to download and install the app. After completing the download, open the app.  
  1. Now, sign in to the app using the name and password credentials.  
  1. You are all set to stream the application media on your Samsung smart TV.  

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Steps to Activate Discovery Plus Samsung TV using the Link Activate 

There are various models of Samsung Smart TV which are compatible with the discovery plus application. You have to follow the series of steps to enable the discovery of plus media on the smart TV. 

  1. First, visit the website of Discovery Plus. Now choose the option for ‘Free Trail’.  
  1. Choose the subscription plan with which you are comfortable.  
  1. Now enter the details to make a new account. The details can be corresponding to your name, email id, password, phone number, etc.  
  1. Now, enter the fields for the billing information. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button.  
  1. The next step, open your Samsung TV.  
  1. Move to the home screen of the TV. Go to the ‘App’ section. Move to the search field. Type and search for ‘Discovery Plus’. This step is necessary for Activation.  
  1. Move the icon and open the extra information which relates to it.  
  1. Navigate and choose the option for ‘Add to Home’. It will add the Discovery Plus application to your Samsung smart TV.  
  1. Wait for a few minutes to download the app. Then install it on your TV.  
  1. Here, you will get the code to Activate Discovery Plus Samsung TV. Remember the code or make a note of it for future use.  
  1. After the installation completes, you can now perform the Login by entering your name and password. Now open the discovery plus application. 
  1. Now, open your device, and in the address bar, type the address as Activate. Here, it will ask you to enter the activation code. Enter the exact six-digit activation code, and proceed to hit the confirm button.  
  1. You can stream the entire discovery plus media on your Samsung TV.  


Troubleshooting Activate Not Working 

You may encounter an issue while following the procedure to Activate Discovery Plus Samsung TV. The errors can be that the link “” not working, the app is not opening, the unable to connect using the activation code, the activation code is not matching, and many more. To deal with the situations like this, you will have to perform the troubleshooting steps and deal with them. Here are some of the steps you can use to fix your issues:  

  • Restart your device. You can get out of your issue by restarting your device or Samsung TV. Restarting solves a lot of purposes. To restart the Samsung TV, switch off the power of the TV. Now, unplug the device from the power source. Wait for a few seconds. Now, again plug in the power source of the TV, and switch ‘ON’ the power button. Try to connect the TV again with the link which you get from Activate. Check for the success of your connection, and enjoy the seamless media service on your big screen.  
  • Check The Compatibility. The activation code you get from Activate does not work well when your device is incompatible with the discovery plus. So, to fix this issue, you have to check the compatibility of your Samsung TV with the discovery plus. Your TV must be corresponding to the year 2017 or later. The Samsung TV models below the year 2017 will not work with the Activate Discovery Plus Samsung TV.  
  • Discovery Plus is Down. There are times when the web link Activate is not working due to some server issues. It might be the reason that the discovery plus is down. So, to be sure that discovery plus is down, you can check on the social media sites. There may be various complaints corresponding to it. This way you will be sure that the site is down. The only option left in this case is to wait for the site to run properly.  
  • Checking Network Connection: There are possibilities that your internet network connection is running at low speed. It causes the failure of Activate. To deal with this issue, maintain the proper bandwidth of your internet. Also, place your router in the center position or closest to the Samsung Smart TV. To rectify this issue, check by disconnecting your internet connection to Samsung TV, waiting for some time, and then connecting it back again. Now, check if you can access it or not.  


Solve the Internet connection problem using the following steps below: 
  • Go to your device.  
  • Now, move to the ‘Settings’ option, and select ‘All settings’.  
  • Now, locate and move to the ‘Settings’ option.  
  • Go to ‘Network Settings’.  
  • Now, choose and select the ‘Test Network Connection’ option.  
  • Now, restart your device after resolving the internet settings.  

Now act to activate using the Activate. It will surely lead to success in your Activate Discovery Plus Samsung TV, and you can access the unlimited media seamlessly.  

  • Another way you can opt to fix your problem is to change your account. There are times when we have a problem with our account. It can be that your account is not valid, or it has lost its verification. In these cases, the account will not work, and you will have to make a new account.  

Try to log in using a different account. You can make a new account easily. Just visit the home page using the remote control. Now click on the Sign-Up option. Enter the credentials including, your Name, Password, Email Id, Phone Number, etc. Check for the success of your connection and activation in your Samsung TV.  You can contact our tech support experts for help.

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