How Geek Squad Canada Stands Out From The Rest?

Geek Squad Canada offers you the quickest of services with respect to all your gadget related issues. No one can do without gadgets in this uber advanced era of tech. And the more you use the tech the more your devices are bound to come up with errors. You can rely on Geek Squad Canada for assistance with these errors. We do not just offer you help with repair the Geek Squad Canada team also specializes in providing top notch replacement and home delivery of gadgets services too.
Every gadget, be it a smartphone or something you use in your kitchen like the refrigerator, needs overhauling on quite a regular basis. These gadgets are used extensively which causes their machinery to act up. And to keep these gadgets working, it is important that you also maintain the machinery within each device. You can reach out to the Geek Squad Canada team for all these overhauling and other similar services.
The team consists of people who have been working in their respective field for years. Their expertise in the fields are unmatched. In addition, Geek Squad Canada team makes sure you are not overcharged for any service that you avail from us. Our prices have been planned and fixed after rigorous research and have been optimized to suit everyone’s needs. All in all, availing the services from the Geek Squad Canada team would not burn a hole in your pocket.

Products Covered By The Geek Squad Canada Team –

We understand our customers and their requirements. With ever so evolving times, our necessities and needs also expand. Taking these requirements in mind, we have covered possibly all the gadgets in our list of services. Some of the most essential ones are here –

  • Laptops, Smartphones, computers, and tablets
  • Kitchen appliances like refrigerator, freezer, and oven.
  • Cell phones
  • Office supplies
  • Printers, Ink, and toner supplies
  • Smart watches, Fitness trackers
  • Video games and consoles
  • Security cameras, smart locks, Security alarms and sensors
  • Television sets, HDMI cables, home theatres and sound bars
  • Dishwashers
  • VR Sets, Home speakers
  • Dash cameras
  • GPS and related accessories.

These are some of the most used and acquired products from Geek Squad Canada. We offer varied brands and ranges of all these items. You would not have to worry about the prices or the variety of the product. You can choose from a wide range of price and technology model.

Installation And Setup –

The Geek Squad Canada team will help you with your device installation and setup. If you have just bought a gadget and you do not know how to set it up, you can reach out to the team for the same. We take it upon ourselves to unpack, assemble and install your devices. Our share of service does not just end at setup or installation, we also walk our customers through the know-how of their devices. The team tells them of every minute and basic detail of their gadget.

Repairing The Gadgets –

Extensive use of gadgets makes them prone to various glitches. With Geek Squad Canada at your service, you would not have to bother yourself with depending on numerous services and helplines. We arrive at your doorstep and take on the complete responsibility of fixing your gadget there on.
For instance, if the television set in your home is acting up, you can reach out to us. You can bring the TV set at our office or the team can visit you in person. We start off by inspecting the television set and once we figure out the cause behind the snag, we work on it.

Follow Up Support –

What makes the Geek Squad Canada better than the rest is our follow up services after even after we finish off with our task. You can enroll yourself into our special membership plans that offers you with more advantageous services.
Repaired devices and appliances tend to reencounter the same errors over and over. But with Geek Squad Canada you would not have to worry about it, you can depend on our follow up services for any error that your respective gadget might face in the future. 

Smartphone Repair And Replacement –

Smartphones are used so commonly and extensively that they often run into glitches. All the different errors and problems relating to your smartphone are dealt with at Geek Squad Canada. We have different plans for every aspect.
You can register yourself for covering your losses due to wear and tear, theft, etc. We also offer you with the service of replacing parts of the smartphone, like the screen, battery, earphones, charger, etc. You can also replace your old and damaged phone with a new one at the most optimum cost.

Office Supplies –

If you are running and office and need items in bulk, you can reach out to out Geek Squad Canada team for the same. Printers are a basic in every office. We offer a wide variety of printer at different prices. You can order –

  • Super tank printers
  • Scanners
  • Inkjet printers
  • Laser printers

Apart from the printers, we also supply other items essential to the office. These items include, ink and toner, which are often supplied with printers too, pencils, markers, pens, calculators, batteries. The charges on these items are lesser than what others charge. And buying these items in bulk would mean more saving.
Other essential items for your office such as workstations, office chair and desks are also available at Geek Squad Canada. We also help you with delivering other items like Telephone accessories, two way radios, internet phones and corded phones.

Television Sets And Home Theatres –

Television sets are probably the most sought-after entertainment gadget. People of all ages heavily rely on television sets for entertainment and pastime. And considering the surging demand of TVs, manufactures have been making numbers of TV models with varied features and prices. We offer every brand of Television set and in different price ranges. You can visit us and see for yourself all the models and their features. We offer additional warranty on your Television sets. The said warranty covers more damage and longer periods than what the manufacturers provide.
Very often, the overheating in these devices due to overuse, causes the machinery to stop working abruptly. And our team handles all the overhauling and monthly or quarterly servicing of your TV sets and other gadgets.

Protection From Online Security Threat –

Surfing the web is one of the most basic part of our daily routine. And almost everything we do has something to do with online websites and applications. And these activities often result in us being victim of various online cyber security threats.
Team at Geek Squad Canada ensures protection from these threats. With our security services you can browse the web all you want without having to fear the threats. If you are having trouble getting your laptop or computer to work, you can rely on us to get it fixed. We offer renewal of your old antivirus software. In addition to that, we also offer fresh subscription to various antivirus software. You can choose from the wide range of software that we offer. The costs are based on the duration of its validity and number of devices you need the software for.
We also help you fix the malware, or any other threat that has paved its way into your computer or laptop. We start off by diagnosing the issue and work to remove it thereof.
Our team members have expertise in their field, and they can help your retrieve even your lost data or files. Once you reach out to us, you no longer have to bother yourself with the any of the functions related to the problem. We even back up the data that might be at the risk of loss during the process of virus removal.

Network Operation –

Network operation often seems like a tough job. But our Geek Squad Canada team has been working in the network operation field for years. These years have made the network operation function easier for us. If you are starting a new business and need our help with managing all the computers in the office, you can reach out to us.
No matter the number of computers we set them all up in the shortest time possible. What makes Geek Squad Canada the number 1 choice is the fact that we take the shortest time to fix up the whole system. We even keep a track of the progress and faults, if ever, in the systems. These faults or errors are usually fixed at no extra cost. We take care of all the related services, from tune-ups to endpoint connectivity and repair services.

Connectivity Services At Your Home –

If you need all your devices at your home to be connected to one source, you can count on our team at the Geek Squad Canada. You can acquire the telephones and cell phones from us and can reach out to us to connect all these devices to a single source.
We will fix up your telephone and cell phones. This is often needed at homes with bigger families. Our tasks are completed in the most effective way possible taking the least time possible.

Information Technology Services –

If you run a business and need to install antivirus software for your computers and laptops, we provide just that in lesser price than that of the others. Following are some of the most basic services that come under this head –

  • Transferring data between two or more devices
  • Updating the operating system on your computer or laptop
  • Retrieving lost data or files or documents
  • Installing hardware or software updates
  • Transferring applications between two or more devices
  • Walking you through all the functions and basic technicalities of your gadgets and system
  • Installing anti-virus software
  • Renewing your old anti-virus software

These services are apt for businesses as well as homes. Although, if you want these services for your home the scale of operation is usually smaller. Our utmost priority with every service is to make sure that your data is safe and secured from all threats. We ensure beforehand to keep a backup of your necessary files. And in case you have lost any of your important files, you can count on the expertise of our team members. They will work to retrieve the lost data in no time at all.

The Protection Plan At Geek Squad Canada –

Our Protection plan offers you warranty on numerous of your gadgets. This warranty often exceeds the duration of the warranty offered by the manufacturer company. You can reach out to us for part repair or replacement of your device.
For instance, if you have a broken screen on your smartphone, you can get the benefit of replacing the screen using the Protection Plan. We also cover the wear and tear of various devices. The wear and tear is something that most of our contemporaries do not consider while offering you with their additional plans.
What makes the Geek Squad Canada even better is the costs involved in the protection plan. We charge only the minimum amount of money.
Once you enroll yourself in the Geek Squad Canada Protection plan, you can rely on us for all your tech related needs. You have easy and cost effective access to all our plans and warranty schemes.

  • Replacing the batteries on your devices like, phone, camera, remote control etc.
  • Repairing your devices for free for cost.
  • Replacing the accessories at lowest cost possible.
  • Renewing anti-virus software at no cost.
  • Installing operating system at the lowest cost.

Most of these services are free of cost once you sign up for the Protection Plan. The Protection plan itself has varied features and types. You can choose one that suits your needs the best.

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