2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection Plan

For desktops, tablets or laptops, for car electronics, for smartphones, or for any your needs smart home, there is always a service to make your association with your product strong and durable. Come to 2-Year Best Buy Protection Plan. It is a facility that gives options to subscribers to take care of their items of utility with easy and reasonable plans for products that qualify. Geek Squad total tech support has many benefits to make your life easier when you need care and coverage against regular or accidental damage to your product. The 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection component of this Best Buy protection plan helps you when you’re worried that your computer has a virus, your entertainment system is down, or your smart home needs some component help.

When you are happy about buying a new computer, make sure you make the best arrangements for its protection in advance. Geek Squad Protection plans invariably enhances the manufacturer warranty of your product and cover you for accidental damage. 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection membership is the finest for every appliance and device in your home and office whether you have purchased it from a Best Buy store or not. Such as your new DSLR or mirrorless camera – make sure to protect it. Geek Squad Protection not only seeks to stretch your manufacturer warranty but covers you for accidental damage. This is true in this case for your new camera flash or lens – in case they develop some snag or simply got it damaged accidentally.

What 2-Year Accidental Best Buy Geek Squad Protection Plan Covers?

Among its stated objective, Geek Squad Protection Plan aims to give its subscribers and customers a guaranteed operational and accidental protection benefit for appliances and devices at your home or place of business. This goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for things such as microwave, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, or any device that qualify for coverage. Our 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection plans to take care of and protect most of the services and items you get at your home and office for day-to-day functioning. These include:

  • Smart Home
  • Wearable Technology
  • Computers & Tablets
  • Cell Phones
  • Portable Audio
  • Car Electronics
  • TV & Home Theater
  • Video Games
  • Music Equipment
  • Drones       
  • Cameras & Camcorders
  • Other Appliances

You will be protected for your favorite products depending on which item and 2-Year Best Buy Protection Plan you got it covered. Plus, your coverage will vary depending on the duration and time of your purchase.

What Are You Are Protected Against?

The 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection warranties and extended warranties are given with most devices— laptops, smartphones, TVs, and home appliances –  with a lot of money and time-saving schemes and benefits. This is the way to protect your electrical/electronic items without spending any extra cash.

2-Year Best Buy Protection Plan is a general plan coverage that applies to computers/portable computing devices, electronic items, mobile devices as well as major/minor appliances. The plan covers labor costs and parts to repair your product in the event your product accidentally gets damaged or fails to operate properly due to:

  • Internal humidity/condensation, dust, internal overheating
  • A power surge or fluctuation
  • Defects in workmanship or materials
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Image burn-in for all screen items regardless of the product category
  • Faulty pixels for those products that have displays that are pixel-based with 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection.

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How Geek Squad Protection Plan Helps With Accidental Damages

In case, you damage your product accidentally while operating it, we’ll take care of that. Accidental coverage is available for varied categories of products, that include:

  • Smart home products
  • Computer/TV monitors and screens
  • Printers and scanners
  • and several more that qualify for 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection.

In-Home Service

Apart from the small appliances and devices that you can carry to Best Buy stores for repair or replacement, we’ll visit your home to repair large appliances such as TV sets and refrigerators on accidental damage. You can book geek squad appointment for an insurance check etc.

Product replacement

For accidental stoppages and snags such as when your product stops working, a store or replacement credit will be provided at a Best Buy store or through the mail.

Burn-In and Pixel Repair Coverage for TVs

On the 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection plan, we’ll take care to get your TV screen back to its original condition if your pixels look strange or a shadow image appears.

Power surge

With 2-Year Best Buy Protection Plan, we cover device failure caused by a power fluctuation or surge.

Recalibration and Reinstallation

If we called to originally deliver or installed your TV, we’ll take care to reinstall your TV when we repair it. Here, we will also take care to recalibrate your TV that we repair in case you have bought TV calibration with your Plan.

Normal wear and tear

Includes replacement due to defects in materials or workmanship, normal wear and tear, and snags caused by internal heat, dust, or humidity.

Full Parts and Labor

There are no hidden charges in the clause that states that 100% of parts and labor are covered in the accidental plan.

We provide annual maintenance for your mirrorless or DSLRs

Under this plan, when you bring your camera to any Best Buy store once a year, we’ll check its functionality and properly clean it.


When you transfer your 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection plans to anyone with the covered product, that person will be able to obtain service under the Protection Plan. This is provided without any additional charges.

Convenient claim support

We provide customers support when you have some queries on the accidental plans or when something goes wrong in its execution.

Accidental Damage from Handling

If you accidentally spill or drop your equipment or device, a replacement or store credit is provided according to the plan at the Best Buy store or via mail.

The Accidental Damage from Handling includes plans for product replacement along with other benefits on the 2-Year Best Buy Protection Plan for the following products:

  • Computer accessories, that include keyboards and mice
  • Remote controls of Home theaters
  • Small kitchen equipment that includes blenders and coffee makers
  • Wireless speakers
  • Headphones
  • Video game accessories such as headsets and controllers
  • E-readers
  • Tablets under $100
  • Select camera accessories, including digital photo frames and stabilizers with 2-Year Accidental Geek Squad Protection plans.

For more information, you can dial geek squad phone number.

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